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    Dear Editor:

    I enjoyed dinner at Estihana with my family the other day. When I asked for the bill I was told that someone came in and paid on my behalf for my family’s meal. I don’t know who the person was. I would like to thank this generous person. I am therefore writing this letter to say, “Thank you.”

    Anonymus in Flatbush

    Editor’s Note: I wonder why you are signing off as anonymous in Flatbush. Maybe your benefactor wishes to stay anonymous too.



    Dear Editor:
    Somebody wrote a letter last week about introductory music at weddings. I always wondered why the introductory music of late has become longer and longer? The entire party is waiting for the Chosson and Kallah to come in and the music ends up killing the suspense. Shouldn’t there be shorter and more exciting music?

    Yossi B

    Editor’s Note: To the Chosson and Kallah it definitely doesn’t seem too long – it’s there time to shine. To you as a guest, I guess your main point of attending the wedding is to be mesameach Chosson and Kallah, so a little patience is in order as you wait to do so.



    Dear Editor:
    Why do shidduchim have to start with the boy first? I feel it should start with the girl first. Or at the very least, both sides should be given the names at the same time. Why should a girl have less time to check up on the boy than the boy’s side has to check up on the girl?

    Menachem Markstein

    Editor’s Note: I am not sure myself, but it seems that this is the way it has evolved. Sometimes you can’t fight City Hall.



    Dear Editor:

    I said Parshas Haman on Tuesday with Targum. What exactly is it a segulah for?

    Yankel Meth

    Editor’s Note: Reb Mendel Rimonover said that it’s a segulah for parnassah. It is quoted b’sheim the Satmar Rav that one should say it early in the morning and be on time for work. That way he will be guaranteed parnassah. He should not say it during work.



    Dear Editor:

    Are you allowed to use maser money to buy Chinese auction tickets? Do you need to give maser money from your winnings of a Chinese auction raffle?

    Dovid Derdick

    Editor’s Note: I would suggest you speak to your Rav. I would think you may use maaser money and yes, you should give maaser of your winnings.



    Dear Editor: 

    When flying next to strangers it is imperative that you learn some skills to show you are assertive in a polite way. You should definitely not let anybody else take away any of your private space. If you do not have the courage to open your mouth, get up and go over to the stewardesses and have somebody come to help advocate a fair compromise.

    Chaya Stern

    Editors Note: Sometimes disagreements between two adults cannot be adjudicated by a stewardess. Your best bet is to do what’s best for you.



    Dear Editor: 

    Why was there a government shut down? Why do we have a bunch of politics on the backs of the taxpayers funding? If the government can be shut down with our repercussions then maybe it is time to stream line the government and really close more of it for good.

    Editor’s Note: Politics as usual.



    Dear Editor: 

    Who won based on the government shutdown? To me nobody won. Nothing was accomplished. The DACA is still not resolved. We are being played for fools. We need to overhaul Congress and the Senate that if they are not profitable then they should be fired like in Corporate America.


    Editor’s Note: No one won. The only ones who lost are the taxpayers.