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    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affliated with
    the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent
    third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author
    may not refect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any
    issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.


    Dear Vues Master:
    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed going to the BJX Shabbat Project
    this past Shabbos. I saw the ad in the
    Jewish Vues with the schedule & it made
    me want to GO. Rabbi Krohn was great
    and he actually spoke about Ari Hirsch
    from The Jewish Vues when he spoke
    about Rav Dovid Feinstein zt”l frst yahrzeit. He spoke about Rav Dovid’s three
    aniyim answer to the 3 dinner guests’
    fun question. I was amazed at how many
    people showed up. I want to give a big
    Yasher Koach to Rabbi Fingerer for all
    the great work he does for Klal Yisrael.
    Vues Master’s Note: There is nothing
    like Rabbi Krohn & Yehuda Green!!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Why does it feel like every other house
    in Flatbush these days are up for sale?
    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe because
    it is. Think about it all we get is speed
    cameras and red light camera tickets.
    Vandalism with no repercussions. Landlords can’t pay taxes and can’t collect
    rent. The neighborhood is becoming really bad. Just look at history in Brownsville and East NY. Nuff said!
    Dear Vues Master:
    I can’t believe it’s been already an entire year since Rav Dovid Feinstein zt”l
    was niftar. Klal Yisrael is missing him
    Vues Master’s Note: We miss both his
    Torah and his Mentchlichkeit!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Is it just me or am I the only one not excited for any of the candidates this election week? I guess the only part of election week that I’m happy about, is that
    DeBlasio will no longer be our Mayor
    Vues Master’s Note: Problem is that
    soon is not soon enough!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Some people say that it’s best to install a
    bidet so that you save money and don’t
    have to rip as much toilet paper for
    Shabbos. I’m writing this letter to warn
    you that you shouldn’t. If you do, the
    price will go up because when demand
    goes up, price goes up. I need the price
    to go down so I can buy one.
    Master’s Note: You are forgetting with
    Biden President gas has gone up and
    there are shortages all over. The economy is down the toilet. You can fush your
    Bidet good bye the price will go up, that
    is if you can get one it is probably stuck
    at the port!
    Dear Vues Master:
    The רבי of בארדיטשוב was asked why
    חסידים have a מנהג to drink a לחיים at
    every event. He explained: “חז״ל tell us
    הקדוש ברוך הוא that
    ראשון ראשון מעביר ;that is, He lets it
    pass the frst time an עבירה is committed
    but punishes the second time. Now, the
    גמרא teaches that it is משקין ידי על that
    .ראשון לטומאה a made is שני לטומאה a
    That is why we drink משקין ,so that the
    second עבירה should become ראשון and
    הוא ברוך הקדוש will thus let it pass.”
    Vues Master’s Note:I could use a drink!
    I like that Kool Aid!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Policies and results are perceived as separated when in
    reality, they are part of one
    narrative. Supporting different healthcare initiatives
    as an example might help
    many people in future diseases. At the onset, such a result might not have been anticipated but is nevertheless
    an ideal sought. Since the
    disastrous Afghanistan exit,
    the question of the relocation of migrants has been a
    subject of conversation. For
    many Americans, their view
    has been to relocate them to
    countries nearer to Afghanistan, as it’s more similar in
    culture than relocating them
    to the USA. Others want to
    relocate them to the USA.
    Regardless of what side is
    correct, the Biden administration has taken a different approach. According
    to video footage obtained
    from the New York Post,
    Joe Biden has been fying
    thousands of migrants, including those who entered
    the US illegally from the
    US-Mexican border, into
    the USA in the middle of
    the night. Last week, Biden
    few 2000 illegals into New
    York, despite local curfew
    rules forbidding fights at
    the time. Joe Biden’s lack
    of respect for the nation’s
    immigration laws is not
    from a lack of knowledge;
    instead, it is a purposeful
    plan to add more Democrat
    voters in the future. Over
    30,000 illegals have been
    released into the country
    without a court date since
    Joe Biden took offce. Democrats claim that pointing
    out such facts is racist unless they are the ones saying
    it. Democrat Dick Durbin
    recently said about changing demographics in the US
    that “the new voters in this
    county are moving away
    from them [Republicans],
    away from Donald Trump,
    away from their party creed
    that they preach.” Democrats are saying the secret
    out loud while labeling Republicans racist for pointing
    out the obvious. Joe Biden
    is too busy importing new
    Democrat voters to America
    instead of trying to save the
    hundreds of Americans still
    stranded in Afghanistan because of Biden’s purposeful
    incompetency. Joe Biden
    might not be all there, but
    his administration knows
    exactly what they are doing.
    D S G
    Vues Master’s Note: Wait,
    what about our media who
    just don’t ask him any questions. They are in this with
    the Liberals!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Things that annoy me.
    1-You left your dirty tissues
    on the Bimah!
    2-You cross the street without looking when I have the
    green light!
    3-You Drive through a red
    light when I am crossing the
    street on a green light!
    4-You are not dressed modestly sleeveless!
    5-You honk your horn the
    second the light turns green!
    6-You’re Texting with your
    Tallis & Teffllin on!
    7-You’re talking so loudly
    on your phone in public that
    the wholeworld can hear
    8-You leave your Shul siddur & Chumash out without
    returning it!
    9- You borrow the Shul
    seforim without returning
    1o-Last but not Least;
    My favorite sports teams
    lose; the Dallas Cowboys,
    the NY Yankees, &the NY
    Knicks!(Bitul Torah)
    Vues Master’s Note: t is annoying to understand what
    annoys you. I fnd some letters annoying but yet I need
    to respond to them.
    Dear Vues Master:
    The Gemoro asks why
    were the infants brought to
    the mitzvah of הקהל .The
    Gemoro answers, to reward
    the ones who brought them.
    (the parents) From this
    Gemoro it seems, there is
    no beneft for infants, to listen and absorb the learning,
    otherwise, the simple answer would have been they
    came to listen so to have
    the Torah absorbed in them.
    How do we explain Chazal
    ( Yerushalmi Yevamos 8b)
    The mother of R. Yehoshua
    brought him in his crib (infant) into the Bais Haknesess so his ears will be attached to Torah? Harav
    Hagaon R. Shlomo Miller
    Shlita said, The Gemoro
    originally held, there actually is no beneft for a child
    who doesn’t understand to
    listen. The Torah doesn’t
    get absorbed just by listening to it if you don’t understand it. The Gemoro
    answers, Hashem rewards
    parents who bring their
    children to the Bais Hamidrash, to absorb Torah. The
    reward is that Torah does
    get absorbed in the children
    and they become Talmidei
    Chachamim. This is the
    למביאיהן שכר Since it is a
    reward to the parents, this
    Segulah works only when
    the child was brought to the
    Bais Hamidrash to listen
    and absorb Torah, therefore,
    the parents are rewarded.
    However, If the child was
    brought to Shul just so the
    mother can have a break
    etc, and not for the child to
    absorb Torah then even if
    the child will be listening,
    the child won’t beneft from
    it since there is no reason to
    reward the parent.
    Vues Master’s Note: What
    about adults who come to
    Shul for kiddush clubs and
    don’t necessarily daven?
    You got to hope for the best
    and some people and children are late bloomers.
    Dear Vues Master:
    As the date for his son’s
    wedding was approaching, Kalman told Peter, his
    chavrusa, that he wanted
    to give him a ברכה under
    the חופה .Peter thanked
    him for the honor but said
    that, unfortunately, he had
    to decline. When pressed
    as to why, Peter disclosed
    that he was actually a גוי .
    “But how could that be?”
    Kalman asked. “We’ve
    learned together for almost
    20 years and I know you’re
    Peter,” No.” “שומר מצוות
    answered, “I love to learn.
    But I know that a גוי who
    .חייב מיתה is שומר מצוות is
    I’m not שומר all the מצוות .I
    carry on שבת” “.But there’s
    an ערוב “,Kalman responded. “Yes,” said Peter, “but I
    don’t hold from the ערוב “.
    Vues Master’s Note: He
    must be from the Eirev Rav.
    Dear Vues Master:

    You cannot ask מחילה from
    a שוטה If one sins (wrongs)
    against someone, who later
    develops Alzheimer’s, Dementia etc. According to
    Rav Elyashiv Zt”l you must
    wait until he dies and go to
    his grave with a Minyan to
    ask מחילה .Once the נשמה
    separates from the גוף he is
    no longer a שוטה .
    Vues Master’s Note: I guess
    asking a Shoiteh for mechilah would be a foolish
    Dear Vues Master:
    that says ב“מ פ“ה גמרא The
    רבי was punished because
    there once was a calf who
    escaped from the שחיטה
    and hid under Rebbie’s
    coat. Rebbie told the calf to
    go back to the שחיטה because a calf was created for
    The לכך נוצרת) ) – שחיטה
    question arises: Why was
    Rebbie punished? He told
    the calf a legitimate reason
    why he should go back –
    נוצרת לכך The answer is
    that נוצרת לכך is only applicable to the calves who are
    at the slaughterhouse. Their
    purpose is to be slaughtered. However, a calf who
    hides under your coat and
    begs for your protection
    you must protect, even if he
    doesn’t deserve it. You may
    not send him back to the
    slaughterhouse and claim
    נוצרת לכך .Perhaps, that is
    Pshat in the סליחה we say
    “תחת כנפי .יו“כ & עשי“ת on
    השכינה יחביאנו צל ידו”
    “May he conceal us in the
    shelter of his hand, beneath
    the wings of the Shechina.”
    Once we are sheltered under Hashem’s wings, we
    will be בדין זוכה even if we
    don’t deserve it.
    Vues Master’s Note: May
    our tefllos get wings and fy
    up to the Kisri Hakavod!
    Dear Vues Master:
    A ספר named
    A. רב משה חפץ by thoredau was מלאכת מחשבת
    רב to whom he presented the
    ספר for his הסכמה noticed
    that it contained extraneous
    philosophical discussions
    and therefore refused to give
    his approval, saying:
    “.מלאכת מחשבת
    אסרה תורה”
    Vues Master’s Note: I am
    not maskim to this story. I
    believe he should have gotten a haskoma. If he would
    have had a philosophical
    discussion he might have
    convinced him!
    Dear Vues Master:
    While I will never understand why people leave
    their families and Eretz Yisrael to travel to Uman, those
    I know personally who go
    and I assume tens of thousands of others are perfectly
    righteous and more importantly, sincere people. But
    what kind of a rasha buys
    a fake COVID negative
    test, and worse, what kind
    of person sells them? This
    type of evil MUST be called
    out so no one else considers
    buying these, selling them
    or creating the next scam
    that can kill innocent people. Just when you thought
    people couldn’t stoop lower, someone else comes and
    shocks you.
    Vues Master’s Note: Especially now when we see vaccinated people are getting
    Covid also. Therefore if one
    forges a vaccine card he
    can bring harm! Eh! I don’t
    think so. Mandates don’t
    work it just gets people to
    be creative and do fraud!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Last week three Roshei Yeshiva of BMG in Lakewood
    condemned the visit by
    New Jersey gubernatorial
    candidate Jack Ciattarelli
    to their Yeshiva, criticizing
    the instrumentalization of
    Torah and desecration of
    G-d’s name. This comes a
    few days after they entertained incumbent Phil Murphy (Dem.) in their offce.
    Can you please explain to
    me why any politician is allowed to go into a Yeshiva?
    Vues Master’s Note: Follow the money trail. As my
    grandfather used to say, the
    world is standing on three
    things. Money, money and
    again money!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Though many people rightly despise socialists, socialists do not. Socialists believe that being socialist is
    wonderful and something
    to be proud of. That is why
    there is no need to worry
    about secret socialists.
    How do you know if your
    new neighbor is a socialist?
    He’ll tell you. Constantly.
    Worse than a vegan.
    Vues Master’s Note: Except
    when they try to convince
    you they are doing it for
    your good as you don’t have
    your own brains to realize
    what is good!
    Dear Vues Master:
    I completely understand
    America’s new desire to
    rehabilitate its relationship
    with the Palestinian Authority. America aims to end the
    Israeli-Palestinian confict
    and to bring peace to the entire region. This has been a
    goal of every. Each administration takes its own approach to the Israeli-Palestinian confict, and each has
    failed. The Biden administration is taking a unique
    approach – do no harm. It
    is insisting that each side
    not take any unilateral steps
    that would forestall a twostate solution. Yet in one
    area America keeps breaking its own rule. As part
    of its drive to rehabilitate
    America’s relationship with
    the Palestinian Authority it
    wants to change the American Embassy branch Jerusalem into a consulate for
    the Palestinians. There are
    many reasons why this is
    a bad idea, but the tension
    it’s creating with Israel tops
    the list. With so many other
    methods of rehabilitating its
    relationship with the Palestinian Authority, it’s perplexing why America is insisting on causing tension.
    As an advocate for a strong
    US-Israel relationship, and
    a strong believer in a united
    Jerusalem as the capital of
    Israel, America’s insistence
    on creating tension is bewildering and disturbing to me.
    I hope the Biden administration reverses course.
    Vues Master’s Note: Biden
    has one thing in mind to
    placate the squad and he
    will push the envelope as
    far as he can!