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    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    Dear Vues Master:

    At risk of criticism and judgement, I wanted

    to inform our neighborhood that this past

    Shabbos was quite traumatic for the Trainer

    and Yablok families. Baruch Hashem my

    house is very busy on Shabbos and people

    come and go. This past Shabbos, edible

    candy marijuana some how made it into my

    home. The children thought it was candy as

    it was unmarked and unidentifiable and ate

    it thinking it was part of their Shabbos party.

    We are beyond grateful to hkbh that our girls

    are home asleep in their beds tonight as last

    night it was not clear that would be the case.

    The effects were horrific. They ended up in

    the emergency room. Some unresponsive for

    hours. And even after regaining consciousness

    they are not themselves yet. These are

    little Children that had 4 times the amount

    adults should have. Just because it looks and

    tasted like candy. This can happen to anyone.

    It is legal and easily accessible now

    adays, it is important than if you or anyone

    you know possesses it, you carefully mark it

    (My husband and myself did not know what

    it was) and keep it far away from children.

    In addition it is important for everyone to be

    aware that this is a problem and to be vigilant

    with your children. I hope that this can

    save anyone from the heartache we felt and

    the repercussions we are dealing with now.


    Vues Master’s Note: This is legal? I guess

    the liberals don’t care about our children.

    What a disgrace!


    Dear Vues Master:

    The דעת†זקנים†מבעלי†תו”ס†says, the reason

    יעקב†feared עשיו†, was because עשיו†had the

    זכות†* of living in ארץ†ישראל†. Perhaps, we

    in חוץ†לארץ†need to fear the secular Tziyoinim.

    They too might have the זכות†of living

    in .ארץ†ישראל


    Vues Master’s Note: It would be nice if the

    Secular Tziyonim would appreciate the land

    and not do aveiros in it!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Stimulants such as Adderall can cause symptoms

    of depersonalization/derealization in

    children. Children have difficulty describing

    such symptoms. Basically, it can make your

    child’s life a living h*** and you would never

    know about it. If your child doesn’t want

    to take his medication, there may be a reason

    for it.


    Vues Master’s Note: :It’s a good thing I took

    my meds today maybe some of my answers

    might even be funny.


    Dear Vues Master:

    I enjoy reading your paper I look forward

    to it. I would like to comment on some of the

    Vues Masters notes at the end of each letter.

    Sometimes they are extremely punny however

    not always are they in place.Sometimes there

    seems to be a great lack of sensitivity with certain

    letters . I’ll give you an example I found

    myself very pained by the letter from Miriam

    who would like to purchase a grave next to her

    parents, yet she cannot because no one could

    locate the congregation or the lawyer who took

    care of the Congregation Chaim Hagar She

    was reaching out asking for help I really felt

    her pain. You had a lot of puns in your note

    after the letter .It is not always funny to make

    cracks and to come up with puns on someone

    else’s expense sensitivity gets you much further

    I am sure you will be aware of this in the

    future. Thank you

    Devora Leitner

    Vues Master’s Note: :I don’t need my name

    in the paper. I am insensitive. I respond in a

    way that is to provoke the reader. Obviously

    I would not say this with my name signed underneath

    it! I don’t need even my initial on

    my responses. I say just learn to see the humor

    in everything you will live a lot longer

    and want to live a lot longer!


    Dear Vues Master:

    A tourist rented an apartment in

    Israel. When the air conditioner

    began leaking water nonstop, he

    complained to the landlord:



    Master’s Note: I say it is water

    under the bridge, em I mean under

    the bed!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Is it true that Rabbi Avigdor Miller

    was a strong proponent of the

    practice of writing anonymous



    Vues Master’s Note:II would

    respond to you but only anonymously.

    Since we are both not

    anonymous I will not tell you

    whether Rabbi Miller was an

    anonymous letter writer. One

    thing is for sure his shiurim and

    lectures were not anonymous!


    Dear Vues Master:

    I’m a Republican, but I want universal

    healthcare. Socialist systems

    have problems, but what we

    have right now is a system that

    somehow managed to be capitalist

    while also having the problems

    that come from a socialist system

    without any of the benefits. Once

    we’re suffering from socialism

    we might as well be able to see

    a doctor without paying through

    the nose for insurance. Thank

    you for coming to my TED talk.


    Vues Master’s Note: I am sure

    we are going to love it when the

    Socialists decide who is worth to

    keep alive and who is not. Just

    take a look at that girl in Britain

    they literally pulled the plug and

    killed her.


    Dear Vues Master:

    I got this email I wanted to share

    The Short Vort Good Morning!

    Today is Thursday the 7th

    of Kislev 5782 and November

    11th, 2021 Collect Call The

    first time I met Tara, she told me

    she was engaged to Heath Eliwatt.

    I’m pretty confident that this was

    the first time I ever met anyone

    named Tara. (Although, full disclosure,

    the name Tara did elicit

    a far-away memory about an old

    film. At present, I don’t remember

    the name of this film. Whatever

    it was, it’s now gone with

    the wind.) I asked, “Excuse me,

    what is your Chosson’s name?”

    Tara said, “Heath, you know, like

    the candy bar, the Heath Bar.” I

    looked at her with a blank expression.

    I wasn’t sure if she was being

    serious or not. Finally, she

    said, “Forget about the candy bar.

    Yes, his name is Heath.” I thought

    they were a nice couple. However,

    I better learn their names! Soon

    Tara and Heath were married

    and became part and parcel of

    my Shul. Heath became Shmuli,

    and soon he was a regular at the

    Daf Yomi and a “steady-eddy” at

    morning Minyan. As their family

    grew, the Eliwatts fulfilled a lifelong

    dream and moved to Eretz

    Yisroel. Tara became Miriam,

    and Shmuel grew spiritually and

    is a well-respected member of the

    Ramat Beit Shemesh community.

    Shmueli is the person who seeks

    out the special Chessed that others

    may be hesitant to do. Every

    Erev Yom Kippur Shemuli wakes

    up before sunrise and makes the

    rounds at all of the neighborhood

    Shuls appealing for funds for

    Lema’an Achai. The organization

    is the bedrock Chessed Mossad

    in RBS, assisting hundreds if

    not thousands of people. This

    past Erev Yom Kippur, Shemuli

    donned his mask, grabbed his

    credit card machine, and headed

    out to collect. He planned to begin

    at the Vasikin minyan and attempt

    to visit as many shuls as possible.

    One of his first stops was by the

    famed Daf Yomi Maggid Shiur

    Rav Eli Stefansky. Shemuli is a

    regular at Rav Stefansky’s Shiur,

    with dozens who learn in person

    and hundreds who tune in through

    Zoom. My 12-year-old grandson

    Yoel Moshe Eisenman is a regular

    at the Shiur. After Shemuli made

    his pitch for Lema’an Achai, he

    began to leave. Rav Stefansky

    stopped and asked, “Where are

    you going?” Shemuli answered,

    “I’m sorry Rebbe, however, I’ll

    have to make up the Daf. Today

    is the day I collect for Lema’an

    Achai.” Rabbi Stefansky is not

    a person easily dissuaded. “Shmuel!”

    Rav Stefansky roared, “Sit

    down, now it’s time for the Daf.

    Open your Gemara, and let’s learn.

    Don’t worry about collecting.

    Hashem will take care of that as

    well.” Shemuli had no choice and

    had to heed his Rebbe’s words;

    he opened the Gemara and soon

    was involved in the sweet sounds

    Abaye and Rava. After the Shiur

    finished, Shemuli got up and gathered

    his envelopes and credit card

    reader and was off raising muchneeded

    funds for Lema’an Achai.

    Yet, as he got into his car, he felt

    guilty. After all, the organization

    counted on him to raise a large

    amount of money on Erev Yom

    Kippur. Perhaps, he did the wrong

    thing by taking an hour away from

    collecting to learn? Shmueli decided

    to call Rav Avrohom Leventhal

    the executive director, to

    inform him of the missed hour of

    collecting. As soon as Rav Leventhal

    answered the call before

    Shemuli could say anything, Rav

    Leventhal screamed, “Shemuli,

    how did you do that? I can’t believe

    you did that!” Shemuli realized

    that he had made the wrong

    decision. Obviously, he should not

    have taken time off from collecting

    to attend the shiur. Shemuli

    stammered, “I’m, I’m…” before

    Shemuli could utter another word,

    Rabbi Leventhal said, “I can’t believe

    it. During the last hour, we

    received the largest pledge of the

    campaign from someone in Lakewood.

    He witnessed the entire exchange

    between Rav Eli Stefansky

    and Shemuli while watching on

    Zoom. He wrote that the pledge is

    in honor of Shmuel Eliwatt, who

    listened to his Rebbe and sat down

    to learn the Daf.” I can’t believe

    it! Do you know Shumuli what

    he is referring to?” Shemuli said,

    “Well, you see….” However, Rav

    Leventhal had many matters to

    take care of before Yom Kippur

    and said, “Shemuli, I don’t need

    to know how you brought in a donor

    from Lakewood; I just have to

    tell you to please keep it up.” Shemuli

    thought about Rav Stefansky’s

    words, “Don’t worry about

    collecting. Hashem will take care

    of that as well.” Indeed, as He

    always does, He did take care of

    everything. “If Not Now Then

    When?” Hillel Ron Yitzchok

    Eisenman Congregation Ahavas

    Israel Passaic, NJ


    Vues Master’s Note:As we used

    to say in camp, time for learning

    never ends…


    Dear Vues Master:

    A writer of כתבי†קודש†, by the

    name of יהודה†לייב†בן≠זאב†was

    walking late at night when, seeing

    a חסיד†with whom he was

    friendly, exchanged greetings

    and asked: “Have you said

    קריאת†שמע†yet?” Surprised at

    the question, the חסיד†said: “Its

    midnight! Who says קריאת†שמע

    at midnight?” בן≠זאב†answered:

    “It’s a גמרא†מפורשת†. It says:




    Vues Master’s Note: I am in the

    dark! Why is the chassid walking

    around in middle of the night?


    Dear Vues Master:

    He dreamt and behold In the

    40’s while the Nazis were murdering

    Yidden in Europe, Rav.

    Y.I.Herzog zt”l was in Bnei Brak

    and met with the Ponovezher

    Rov zt”l. The Ponovezher Rov

    showed Rav Herzog a large hill

    and told him he plans to build

    a Yeshiva for a few hundred

    בחורים†on top of that hill. Rav

    Herzog responded with just one

    word “ חלומות†” (dreams). The

    Ponovezher Rov answered back



    “You are allowed to dream but

    sleep, you may not .”


    The ( ספר†חסידים†©תמ”ז†writes,

    “if one dreamt a good dream

    בשורה†טובה) ) not to tell it to his

    wife. She might tell others and

    then the dream won’t come true”.


    Vues Master’s Note: All you need

    is a dollar and a … As long as it

    is not a nightmare.


    Dear Vues Master:

    Yaakov drew close to Yitzchak

    his father, who felt him and

    said, “The voice is Yaaov’s

    voice, but the hands are Eisav’s

    hands” Genesis 27:22 Rashi

    comments on the above verse,

    “The voice is Yaakov’s, who

    speaks gently: ‘Please, rise

    up.’ But Eisav speaks with arrogance:

    ‘Get up, father!” Rav

    Henach Leibowitz asks: How

    can it be that Eisav spoke harshly

    and disrespectfully to his father?

    The Midrash says that Eisav

    gave his father more than a

    hundred-fold the honor that the

    Talmudic sage, Rabban Shimon

    ben Gamliel, gave to his father.

    When attending his father, Eisav

    wore his finest clothing out

    of respect for his father. How

    is it, then, that he spoke disrespectfully

    to him? Rav Leibowitz’s

    answer is something

    that we should all take to heart.

    If a person becomes accustomed

    to coarse language, it may become

    so much a part of him that

    he cannot speak politely even if

    he tries. Eisav could change his

    clothes, out of respect for his

    father, but having picked up the

    coarse language of his peers he

    was unable to control the way

    he talked. – ArtScroll. Peers

    may affect how you speak but

    superiors can also affect who

    you can speak to. A red flag

    for the latter is when a superior

    tells you not to speak to your

    parents. Here’s what the my

    son’s RY wrote me and told my

    son, We feel that this need is so

    paramount for his proper development

    that it pushes aside the

    obligation to honor his father.

    We encourage him to resist you

    and stand up for himself. Your

    father has very poor judgement.

    Your father is heavy-handed

    And he said all this without

    meeting me. My ex-wife pays

    tuition to a school that indoctrinates

    my son to turn against me;

    however, her husband defends

    himself by saying, “I don’t pay

    tuition, I give a donation.”


    Vues Master’s Note: There is always

    three sides to every divorce

    the husband side the wife’s side

    and the truth!


    Dear Vues Master:


    Kreindel was the sister

    of *R. Shaya Pik Berlin and

    the wife of **R Yosef Steinhardt

    (1720–1776) She was a מלומדת

    and מחדש†חידושים† . She was

    highly educated in תורה† . Both,

    her brother & her husband quote

    some of her חידושים† in their

    ספרים† . RYPB quotes a Vort from

    his sister Kreindel on this week’s

    Parsha in his הפלאה†שבערכין

    ספר† . The גמרא† says most women

    are into witchcraft.

    רוב†נשים†מצויות†בכשפים ) ) so

    when Rochel told her father לי

    כי†דרך†נשים† she was actually telling

    him the תרפים† (the (דרך†נשים

    are לי† are with me. * He completed

    the מסורת†הש”ס† and was

    considered the greatest בקי† of his

    time. ** מחבר†ספר†זכרון†יוסף† He

    was the רבי† of two famous

    & תלמידים†הרב†מרדכי†בנעט



    Vues Master’s Note:Thanks for



    Dear Vues Master:

    With all due respect, it is naïve

    of the Vues Master to think that

    a mother nowadays can do her

    child’s homework. The Common

    Core curriculum has made

    the material very confusing for

    Gen X and Millenials. Parents

    are stuck. There are literally engineers

    who can’t do Common

    Core math.


    Vues Master’s Note: Ha! You

    can’t get an answer wrong in

    common core so long as you explain

    your reasoning you are OK.


    Dear Vues Master:

    Before he began writing his

    books, שלום†עליכם† was a successful

    businessman. Ultimately,

    his business failed and he turned

    to writing, at times struggling

    to make ends meet and relying

    on גמילת†חסדים†. Once, when a

    friend asked how he was doing,

    שלום†עליכם† replied:.




    Vues Master’s Note: All I can

    think of saying is Aleichem Sholom.


    Dear Vues Master:

    The פסיקתא†זוטרתא† gives another

    reason the מקום†קבורה

    of משה† was unknown, to prevent

    the Yidden from building

    a בית†המקדש† at his grave. The

    חזקוני† gives the reason so the

    דורשי†מתים†won’t all flock to

    the קבר† of משה†רבינו† I was just

    wondering if



    would have preferred for the

    same reasons that their קבורה

    מקום† would also have been

    לא†ידע†איש†את†קבורתם† and not to

    have grave festivals and strange

    עבודות† being practiced there.


    Vues Master’s Note: I feel that my

    burial plot should come with Wifi

    so my children will come visit.


    Dear Vues Master:


    GDP growth at record 5.7%.

    Stockmarket at all-time highs.

    Real estate values at all-time

    highs. Average earning us 4.9%.

    6 million new jobs created. Unemployment

    rate at 4.6% Trump

    never came close to these numbers.

    Biden’s infrastructure plan

    passed with bipartisan support

    and hailed by Mitch McConnel

    will invest in ports and roads so

    that Americans don’t have supply

    chain shortage filed inflation

    that is due to the inability of current

    infrastructure to handle the

    demand. If only Trump and Republicans

    had invested in infrastructure

    while in power perhaps

    our ports wouldn’t be backlogged

    and unable to unload goods purchased

    by Americans in our

    booming economy.


    Vues Master’s Note: Feel good he

    gave you stimulus for your kids.

    Despite the fact that this money

    is worth much less and has much

    less of a buying power!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Chizkuni, Genesis 22:19:1

    וישב†אברהם†אל†נעריו† , “Avraham

    returned to his lads;”

    where did Yitzchok go? According

    to Midrash hagadol,

    quoted in Torah shleymah item

    204 on our verse, he proceeded

    to study Torah during those

    three years in the academy of

    Ever. (B’reshit Rabbah 56,11)

    Learn from here that Avraham,

    the father, had determined that

    Yitzchok successfully graduated

    from his homeschooling

    and chose which yeshiva to go

    to. It is inconceivable that

    Yitzchok told his father, “Okay

    dad, it’s time for me to move

    on and to go to this yeshiva.”

    See from here how important

    the relationship is between father

    and son. Anyone who puts

    a wedge between them is going

    against the Torah. ***** The

    Gemara (Rosh Hashanah 17a)

    asks: The rebellious Jews who

    have sinned with their bodies,

    who are they? Rav said: …

    and those who cast their fear

    over the land of the living,

    who are they? Rav Ḥisda said:

    This is referring to a communal

    leader who casts excessive fear

    on the community not for the

    sake of Heaven. Rav Yehuda

    said that Rav said: Any community

    leader who casts excessive

    fear on the community not

    for the sake of Heaven will be

    punished and not see any Torah

    scholar among his sons, as

    it is stated: “Men do therefore

    fear him; he sees not any who

    are wise of heart” (Job 37:24).

    One who brings others to fear

    him will not merit having wisehearted

    people in his family. –

    Sefaria Commentary: Even

    if he does not thereby cause

    them to sin, but, to the contrary,

    guides them along the proper

    path, for the people’s intentions

    is to serve him rather than G-d

    (Shaar HaGemul p. 266). See

    Shaarei Teshuvah 3:162-67 for

    additional reasons for the severity

    of this sin. – ArtScroll


    Vues Master’s Note: Seems like

    your letters all have the same flavor.

    Your child can make his decision

    as to which Yeshiva he wants

    To go to!