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    Dear Editor:

    Does the concept of minhag hamakom apply today? If it does, to what extent? Many times I go to Shuls and they say that the minhag here is not to say tachnun, do I still say it or not?

    Boruch David

    Editor’s Note: This is a question you should ask your local Orthodox rabbi. It seems that this concept is overused in many different ways.


    Dear Editor:

    I was thinking about this earlier today and wanted to get havah aminas from the oilam about cloning. What are the ramifications (halachic or otherwide) if they ever started cloning humans? Does the clone get its own Neshama? Did you give birth to the clone (regarding Kibud Av V’eim)? If not, how is the clone related to you? If the clone is still considered you and it married someone, are you married to that person?

    Shloimie Stern

    Editor’s Note: I don’t have the answer to this, but I am sure the poskim will find answers in the gemara. We see the concept of Amoraim creating people in the gemara. “Ain chodosh tachas hashamesh.”


    Dear Editor:

    It is right before Purim can I please remind the young boys and men there are dangers in drinking too much wine. There is no mitzvah of yehoreg ve’al ya’avor in not drinking. Please stay safe and enjoy the Yom Tov of Purim.

    Baal Habas in Flatbush

    Editor’s Note: Couldn’t agree with you more. Everyone should be careful to stay safe and enjoy the Yom Tov properly.


    Dear Editor:

    Scott Beigel z”l is an inspiration to all of our teachers. He gave up his life trying to protect his students from the shooter. We need to stop and learn a mishna for his neshama.

    Rudy G

    Editor’s Note: Yes, he is an example of selflessness and caring for others.


    Dear Editor:

    We live in scary times where mass shootings in schools keep occurring. What can we do as a whole to avoid this? It is heart breaking for parents who think they are sending children to a safe place hear that there is a shooting going on and worry to find out if their child is alive or not.

    Rachel Klein

    Editor’s Note: All we could do is daven to Hashem who is the Shomer Yisroel.


    Dear Editor:

    It is scary how right our grandparents were. They said there will be a time when the holocaust will be denied. This week the Polish Prime Minister came out and said that the Jews were perpetrators of the holocaust. The first thing that comes to mind is that this guy is saying a Polish Joke. But no, he is the Prime Minister. It is so sad how the world will sit back and not protest what he said. This is the way Hitler rose to power as the world said we can’t take a fool seriously.

    Waiting for Moshiach in Flatbush

    Editor’s Note: True, as Rashi always says, “Esav Sonei es Yaakov.” They will do whatever they can to take the blame off themselves.


    Dear Editor:

    I think the Stop the Talking campaign has done a really spectacular job in making the oilam aware of their chatter and it has really made a difference! I see many people have become more aware and it has affected (in a positive way) their behavior in shul. May this herald in a new era of quiet davening which will surely bring Moshiach closer.

    Boruch B. Kranz

    Editor’s Note: I would not say, “quiet davening” but rather “loud davening but quiet during davening.” Chazak V’ematz!