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    Dear Editor:

    I can’t handle the snow anymore! This winter has been crazy. I can’t believe that I’m writing this to you at the end of March on a snow day when Pesach is only 9 days away!

    Beverly Cohen

    Editor’s Note: Hang in there! Spring is around the corner.


    Dear Editor and readers of The Vues,

    In the last issue of The Vues, a press release from Councilman Deutsch was printed talking about the B82 SBS. I respect, like, and spoke to Councilman Deutsch many times, but I do believe that he’s wrong on the issue and would like to present an alternative on the subject.

    The B82 SBS would NOT take away all parking on Kings Highway. The bus lanes between Ocean Avenue and Bay Parkway wouldn’t be put on both sides of Kings Highway, always leaving one side with parking. Plus, the few bus lanes which would be installed would only be active during rush hour on weekdays (7-10am and 4-7pm). You could park on them at all other times which includes the entire day on weekends. The DOT is also creating new parking on side-streets. All in all, there will be plenty of parking left on Kings Highway even with the B82 SBS. It is just not true that the city is somehow getting rid of parking there. They’re not. That was never and is not their plan. Anyone who tries to say that they are is simply not telling the truth.

    Plus, many people in this community take this bus. Your child might take this bus to Yeshiva. Your parents might take it to the doctor. Your neighbor might take it to work. It’s an overcrowded, slow and often delayed bus. Making it an SBS could really improve the lives of the over 27k people who ride it every day. We can’t just ignore them.

    So please, don’t be afraid of the B82 SBS. I have been advocating for this bus for more than a year now and wouldn’t have done so if I wouldn’t be 100% convinced that it would positively impact this community. G-d willing it will launch in July this year.

    With best regards,

    Martin Samoylov.

    Editor’s Note: Two Jews, three opinions. I personally feel that parking is getting increasingly difficult. There is no way that the side streets will be able to pick up the slack. In addition, the bus lanes slow everything down because there is no room for passing. It sounds like another way for the city to make money by fining people drive in the bus lane.


    Dear Editor:

    I am a working mom who works at a local Yeshiva just so that I can help pay my children’s yeshiva tuition. I work on Wednesdays and get paid only when I work. Since January the school that I work at has been off 3 times for snow days, one time for Taanis Esther and one time for a school trip. That’s a lot of money that I am missing. Do you think that the yeshiva should give me anything for those days? They get paid from the students for the school year and save the money that they would pay me for these Wednesdays.

    Editor’s Note:  The yeshiva can barely make ends meet with the money they receive. I feel for you. However, the yeshiva does not have the resources to pay for days that you did not work.


    Dear Editor:

    Last week I drove to 13th Avenue to go to Amnon’s Pizza and I had a very hard time finding a parking spot. Obviously, that’s typical for 13th Avenue. What bothered me was that there was a man standing in a spot holding it for a car that was not to be seen. I told the guy to move and he told me he was saving it for someone. I told him that people cant stand in a spot saving parking spots. I began to parallel park. He hit my car with his hand and told me that the car he was waiting for had a handicapped person in it. I had rachmunis and I left the spot. I managed to find a spot across the street. I sat in my car and waited 5 minutes until a car came to take that spot. When the car parked I saw that there wasn’t a handicapped person in the car after all. I was very upset. Are people allowed to save parking spots? Was I wrong to start parallel parking into a spot with someone standing there?

    A very frustrated Yom Tov shopper

    Editor’s Note: Rabbi Steinfeld wrote an article about this in the past. According to that article, it would not be permissible to save the spot.


    Dear Editor

    In prior years you published name of person accepting chometz for needy   to distribute after Passover. If possible, can you republish the address for donations.


    Abraham  Ganz

    Editor’s Note: Great idea. If anybody can respond with the proper info, we will post it on the website.


    Dear Editor:

    According to Menachem Lubinsky:

    We’re on the verge of breaking a record this Pesach:

    100,000 Jews will be going away for Pesach to an estimated 125 properties and programs. 30,000 Jews have virtually taken over the Orlando area. Economics? When you add up hotels, food, travel, new clothing, car rentals, admission to attractions etc. and go conservative and allocate $1,000 per person…that’s $100 million right there and guess what? I suspect that it is much higher. When you put it all together, if my math is correct, Pesach is about a $1.5 billion industry. Do you think Pesach was meant to be like this? I get sick when I hear these numbers.

    LH from Boro Park

    Editor’s Note: If one can afford it, it
    may not be such a bad idea since we know the expenses for Shabbos and Yom Tov are not part of the “cheshbon.”