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    Dear Editor:

    Is there a problem with folding your hands together (fingers of one hand between the fingers of the other hand)?

    I heard that is a goyishe zach. Is that actual halacha or something like gaaiva ?

    Rivka B

    Editor’s Note: Some say it is kabbalistically not acceptable because putting your hands together like that forms a cross. If you know that somebody is makpid about it, you should not do it in front of that person.



    Dear Editor:

    My kids were supposed to have yeshiva on Shushan Purim. The week before Purim the Yeshiva announced that since there were so few snow days this year, they were going to give the kids off for Shushan Purim. In just the last 2 weeks my kids had 2 snow days. They are off starting next Tuesday for Pesach. As a working mother how should I deal with this? Do you think the yeshiva should add another day because they missed so many days now?

    Shoshana Blumenthal

    Editor’s Note: The yeshiva will add a day if they truly had too many days off. There are quota rules to follow.


    Dear Editor:

    I love the Vues question of the week page you’ve been having the last couple of months. The questions are great and the answers are even better. Keep up the good work!

    Avi Hornstein

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for writing in! We’d love your good ideas and fun questions you may have.


    Dear Editor:

    My Rebbes and my father always told me not to whistle – “Nisht a yiddishe zach”.

    For those that don’t have email you can now mail your response to The Vues P.O. Box 330, Midwood Station Brooklyn N.Y. 11230

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    or Fax to 555-283-7100

    Does anybody know of any gedolim who say so and any sources, please? I only have one source – the Shulchan Aruch in Hilchos Shabbos Siman 338/9, where it says ‘Muttar’ [with relevance to hashmoas kol]. I haven’t seen anybody on the page who argues.

    Yankel P

    Editor’s Note: Whistling is really muttar, although it is not a refined behavior. It also shows a sign of gaava.


    Dear Editor:

    I feel we should have some common sense gun policies. Just like free speech does not include shouting fire in a movie theater so too having shotguns that can shoot 10 shots at a time should be illegal.

    Jack O

    Editor’s Note: What you are saying makes sense, but the other side of the argument will remind you that once limitations are allowed, they will limit you in ways that you will not be happy about. As in politics, everything is give and take.


    Dear Editor,

    Is it just me, or are more people going to Florida this Pesach than ever before?

    Editor’s Note: While I can’t answer for you whether or not you are going, I can’t blame those that are going to sunny, warm Florida since the weather has been so brutally cold.


    Dear Editor:

    How do people that have yeshiva tuition spend $20,000 or more to go away for Pesach? It boggles my mind.

    Esti Kineret

    Editor’s Note: Hashem is truly good and provides for those who need. It’s important not to look into or judge other people’s pocketbooks and needs.

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