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    Dear Editor:

    On Erev Yom Tov, the second days of Pesach, I kept on getting reminders all day about making an Erev Tavshilin.  Then on Thursday night I walked into shul for mincha, opened my machzor and remembered that I forgot to make my Erev Tavshilin! I always knew that my rabbi has me in my mind if I forget, but I was davening down the block from my house so I ran back home to make the Erev Tavshilin. As I walked into my house my wife is smiling at me, telling me she realized I ran out of the house without making the Erev Tavshilin, so she made it on behalf of the house. I never had my wife do the Erev Tavshilin before and I didn’t know what to do. So I took another matzah and egg and made my own bracha. When I got back to shul, I told a friend of mine what happened and he told me that his wife always makes the Erev Tavshilin bracha in his house because she does all the cooking. It actually made a lot of sense to me. Did I make a bracha l’vatalah? Also, I missed davening mincha with a minyan because I ran back to my house. Was I completely in the wrong?

    Moshe Newman

    Editor’s Note: This is a really good question for you to present to your Rabbi. If you want my humble opinion, you could have been Yotzei with your Rov’s Erev Tavshilin; however the Mishna Berura says that this can only be done once in a lifetime. If your wife made the bracha, you definitely cannot make the bracha. That is why communication is very important in marriage. Kudos to your wife for not forgetting this important thing!


    Dear Editor:

    I can’t believe that we had a “clean” Chol Hamoed and the weather was not pleasant. I had plans to go with my family every day to go to the park and it never happened. When is Spring going to arrive already?

    Editor’s Note: You win some and you lose some. I am sure you enjoyed time with your family. Not everything is about going out. Time spent at home has the most quality.


    Dear Editor:

    Why is Trump so against Amazon? I feel like Amazon has made the market more competitive. We need more Amazon, not less.

    Yisroel Tyberg

    Editor’s Note:  I don’t understand it either. It seems like his tax cuts have hurt New York too since our taxes will only go up, not down. He may not be such a good president for NY State.



    Dear Editor:

    It seems like the goyim even know that Jews control the weath-ier. It seems like our Koach of tefilla is so widely known that an Assemblyman went off on a rant saying the the Rothchilds from previous generations are controlling the weather.

    Next he will say we control the stock market and everything else. Sounds like Germany to me. Beware of the anti-Semitic waves in the air.

    Sam Stern

    Editor’s Note: I guess Hashem is reminding us that we are still in Golus. Anti-Semitism will always rear its ugly head.


    Dear Editor:

    My children are attending wonderful schools here in Brooklyn

    and have been notified that the State Tests will be given this week. When is the Board of Education going to realize that these tests are just a waste of time and money? They waste lots of learning time to administer. The tests don’t make too much sense themselves. They are time consuming to administer and then cost a lot of money to mark. The benefits definitely do not outweigh the negative sides of it.

    Frustrated Mom

    Editor’s Note: Let’s see if Donald Trump will reverse this Common Core Nonsense and liberal testing methods which don’t help anybody. No Child Left Behind has become No Child Will Be Properly Educated.