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    Dear Editor:

    When a wife and husband are going for a drive, who should drive, if both have driver’s licenses? Should they base their decision on their own individual driving preferences, or should they research nationwide statistics?

    Editor’s Note: I guess each individual has to do what they feel is right.There is no right or wrong answer here.


    Dear Editor:

    What could we do to alleviate the shidduch crisis? It seems like the Nasi project never took off.

    Tzirel S.

    Editor’s Note: Like everything else in life, you gotta be patient. Give it some time and we’ll see if the results will come in,.


    Dear Editor:

    May I drink beer or not? Was there a mechirah or not? Is the mechirah

    valid or not? I am so confused with the conflicting messages that are flying around. Please enlighten me.

    Mark Goldberg

    Editor’s Note:  Speak to your local Orthodox Rabbi.


    Dear Editor:

    Where are all the global warming enthusiasts? This has been some long winter. When will we have Spring, or are we going straight to Summer?

    Yankel D.

    Editor’s Note: I guess Hashem is reminding us that we are still in Golus. Anti-Semitism will always rear its ugly head.


    Dear Editor:

    It seems like the noose is tightening against Trump. Is Mueller going to bring him down? Why is there attorney/client privilege here?

    Alan Green

    Editor’s Note:  Time will tell what happens. It could be the biggest bust ever in history or the biggest farce in history! One

    thing is sure to happen; somebody is going to come out with egg on their face.


    Dear Editor:

    I was told the reason the winter weather is not leaving us is because a mekubal promised a certain person a shidduch by the end of this winter and the person still did not find a shidduch. Memo to that

    person please find your shidduch quickly since my heating bills are too expensive and we can use some nice weather!

    Shaindy Berger

    Editor’s Note: Do you really
    believe this is the reason we are still wearing our winter coats? If this story is true then have the mekubal promise that s
    omeone will become engaged during Spring and then we will have a long Spring.