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    Dear Editor:

    The NYPD is still doing Profiling! They detained a guy because he’s black & was wearing a Make America Great Again Cap. Where’s the ACLU & All the Liberals?!? Don’t tell me profiling is only wrong if your victim is politically on the Left!

    Tzion Young

    Editor’s Note:  Here is another case of liberal, twisted logic. There is no possibility of ever profiling against whites even though at times whites can be a minority.


    Dear Editor:

    What is going on with the weather? I wake up in the morning to 45 degrees and in the afternoon it is 80 degrees. Seems like a wide swing. Is this what they mean by global warming?

    Alan Jacobs

    Editor’s Note: Come back to me in July and August.


    Dear Editor:

    I feel that Trump should win the Nobel peace prize. If Obama could win it without bringing peace to any region, then Trump who got South Korea and North Korea to shake hands and maybe stop the war should definitely win it.

    Sury Goldberg

    Editor’s Note: Trump will never win it. He has too much baggage.


    Dear Editor:

    Is it true that Trump is going to pardon Pollard and he will be in Israel by the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem? If that is the case, that would be amazing.

    Boruch Gordon

    Editor’s Note: Time will tell.


    Dear Editor:

    People seem to be quite bothered by the beer controversy, and I feel the need to share my opinion on this subject: Beer isn’t even that good. It tastes like soggy fermented bread, which is very similar to what it is. Its only advantage compared to other alcoholic beverages is that it tends to be cheaper. So if there is any problem with beer, there is no reason not to simply reject it. In the meantime, it is pretty fun and easy to either splurge on wine or settle for cider.



    P.S. You can also make mixed beverages by mixing vodka with other beverages. Some people may even have leftover Pesachdik vodka at home.

    Editor’s Note: Your option is a good one, but halacha still has to be addressed. It is very easy to tell people about living without something you don’t personally care for. Some people do enjoy drinking beer.


    Dear Editor:

    Netanyahu came out with documents saying that Iran broke their agreement. I saw some people claiming that the Mosaad doctored up these papers. Is there any way to confirm that Iran did indeed break their agreement?

    Iran always lied about nuclear weapons. But then again, Israel denied their nuclear capabilities also. How does one make sense of all of this?

    Brachi B

    Editor’s Note: It just proves the point of Chazal that sina mikalkel es hashura. If someone hates somebody bad enough, there is no logic.



    Dear Editor:

    Do you want to hear hypocrisy at it’s best. Our great NYC Mayor DeBlasio was requested to approve MTA cuts for the poor. He refused as he said that the money must come from the millionaires tax. DeBlasio earned last year a little over 200K. How much charity did he give? A whopping 250 dollars. I guess charity and helping the poor is only if you earn a million, otherwise you are exempt. Amazing how liberals have their own set of rules.

    Moshe Weiss

    Editor’s Note: You have me convinced. I don’t understand how the mayor is not embarrassed of himself.



    Dear Editor:

    There are rules of discrimination. It would stand to reason that one should

    not advertise for a “female only job.” Yet very often we see ads “Female Preferred” or even “we have many seminary girls” for a company job (?????) or “young women preffered” (Discrimination regarding Gender AND age.) It is HARD ENOUGH for frum people to get a job when others may very likely NOT WANT people that need to leave early every Friday and Erev Yom Tov. B”H nowadays women are doctors, lawyers, CPAs, secretaries, bookkeepers, etc. We NEED to open parnassah opportunities FOR ALL. When people are already of job age they can survive talking business with other gender members. Isn’t this obvious?

    Beth R.

    Editor’s Note: There is a time and place for everything. There are tzniyus issues that cannot be ignored. And at the end of the day an owner should have the prerogative to hire whomever he wishes to. Are you suggesting that the ad should say, “Job available” without any other specifications? Doesn’t sound smart to me.