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Dear Editor:

I read the letter sent last week about the shtick at weddings in amazement. I think I am pretty sensitive to tzniyus issues and was surprised that the letter writer seemed to have a real problem with the “parachute” put around the kallah. Although I happen to not like this shtick for not specific reason at all, just a personal dislike, it definitely has nothing to do with thinking that it looks like a kallah’s skirt is being raised. The reason that the parachute is white instead of a typical colorful parachute is so that it will blend in with the appropriate wedding décor and colors.

Chaya M.

Editor’s Note: All I can say is, “Different strokes for different folks!”



Dear Editor:

I wish parents would not bring little children to Shul on Rosh Hashana I always seem to miss a few sounds of the shofar.

Bernard Gold

Editor’s Note: I would suggest you stand closer to the Baal Tokeya and you won’t miss a single sound! We need the children coming to shul to learn about shofar.



Dear Editor:
Last Shabbos I was at a simcha in a shul in Flatbush. I came on time and found an empty seat. I sat down. As Borchu was being said a guy comes over and kicks me out of the seat saying it is his Makom Kavua. Now I was stuck without a seat. Is that fair? If he had come on time, I would never have taken his seat.

Meilich C.

Editors Note: Try to be melamed zechus that the guy had an emergency and was unable to come on time. Perhaps it would be wise to go over the Gabbai and find out what seats are available for the taking.



Dear Editor:
In the Shul I daven in there has been an influx of people collecting money. They come from Eretz Yisroel. If I give them a dollar they want more. They become belligerent when they see I am only giving them a dollar. Some of them throw the money back to me. How am I supposed to deal with this?

Yaakov Hammer

Editor’s NoteJust be thankful that you are on the giving side, and not the taking side. Try to be compassionate; these people are desperate and are acting out of desperation.



Dear Editor:

I feel that schools give too much homework and they don’t teach young girls to do Chessed. It is almost impossible to hire a babysitter these days. Many times I had to forgo going to simchos because the high school girls say they need to study with a friend etc. What can we do about this?

Shaindy Perl

Editor’s Note: I don’t understand why these two are connected. Why can’t the girls study in your house together?




Dear Editor:

Do you know the definition of a sore loser? I would define it as Hilary Clinton. She can’t take the fact that she lost so she blames everyone else. It is amazing that she wrote a book about it and greedily expects people to buy it. Think about it! Clinton, had you not been so greedy in the first place by charging people to hear you speak, you might have won the election. You are a fraud who wants people’s money that is it.

John David

Editor’s Note: I couldn’t agree with you more, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that Trump is any better.  



Dear Editor:

The UN is back at it again. They are publishing a blacklist of companies that do business in the occupied territories. They are not busy with the civil war in Syria. No, they are busy with one thing; anti-Israel bias. Why do we even fund this building in our country, which is supposed to be here to promote peace but takes the side of the Arabs against the Jews at every opportunity? I feel that Israel should also have a bunch of votes like the Muslims and Arabs who decided that they are a bunch of different countries and therefore have a majority in the UN. The UN needs to go or get a major overhaul.

Sendy Gross

Editor’s Note: We all know that Rashi brings down a halacha one time in his whole Perush on Chumash. He did so when he wrote, “Eisav Sonei L’Yaakov.” If we close the UN they will find other ways to persecute and condemn Israel and the Jews. At least we know what we are up against. Be careful what you wish for!