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    Moving the Embassy      

    The embassy was opened in Yerushalayim. Does this mean Mashiach is close by? Whoever dreamed under Obama such a thing would happen? The world is moving very quickly a couple of months ago people were scared of North Korea. It is amazing how Hashem is showing us how fast things change.

    Let us hope for the right change and the geulah.

    Mushky Turner

    Editor’s Note: There is no question about it, that our times must be the times of Moshiach. We should grab the opportunity to hasten the coming of Moshiach.

    Outrageous Prices

    Dear Editor:

    Could someone out there explain

    to me why schmaltz herring costs $22.00 a pound?

    Sheya Stern

    Editor’s Note: Kosher fish is very expensive since anasakis is found in a lot of fish. Only certain fish may be used. That is the price we must pay for eating kosher fish.

    Discrimination in the Job Market Continued

    Dear Editor:

    I don’t understand the complaints of the people who wrote in about discrimination in the job market. When somebody runs a business, they need to keep an eye on the bottom line in order for them to stay in business. If they choose the wrong person for a job they can be throwing good money down the toilet. If they make several mistakes like that their business will close before long. When a business advertises that they want young girls in their office, there are two messages being sent. Simply put, the salary is low. In addition, the girls working together creates a proper environment for frum girls. A male would not fit in that office. What is so difficult to understand about this? Are the complainers saying that when a business needs some new employees they should write, “JOB AVAILABLE” without any other specifics indicating what they are looking for? It seems to me that sometimes progressive policies just end up with stupid backward practices.

    Missing the olden days when people knew their place.

    Chana M.

    Editor’s Note:  Yes, you make a point. However, think back to real olden days when people who were Shomer Shabbos did not have any laws protecting them and were therefore unable to hold down a job while still being Shomer Shabbos. Do you want to go back to those days?