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    Dear Editor:

    What is this new craze with Laurel and Yanni? Does it really matter? I heard even the White House chimed in. Is this what this world is coming to?

    Stan B.

    Editor’s Note: What do you care? If you don’t like the whole conversation, back off and stay out of it. What’s with the intensity?


    Dear Editor:

    This July 4th take a moment to think how much hakara hatov we owe the US government for the tens of millions of dollars it pays towards helping many frum families stay afloat. While medicare, food stamps, section 8 housing, and early intervention programs were not set up only to help Jews there are thousands of our brethren, both full time bnei torah and even some full time workers, who could not survive without these programs. May HKB”H bless our generous country with continued success.

    Yoel Herman

    Editor’s Note: You are 100% right. I feel we should thank the U.S. and daven on behalf of the United States government every Shabbos like they used to do in Europe.


    Dear Editor:

    Herring should not cost 22.00. Anasakis is found in many fishe and cooked out. I am forced to eat non-kosher.

    Sheya Stern

    Editor’s Note: What do you mean by that? If you don’t like the price of an individual item, don’t purchase it. How does that force you to eat not kosher food?!?! There is plenty of affordable kosher food out there on the market.


    Dear Editor:

    I recently learned that “reindeer corn” (candy corn in red, green and white) is available kosher. It it an acceptable type of candy for a Jew to eat? If not, why is there a kosher version?


    Editor’s Note:  I am not sure what the issue is concerning reindeer corn. Is the issue the candy’s name? If so, you should be able to eat it. If you are worried about the candy’s kashrus, check for the kosher symbol.


    Dear Editor:

    Do you think Trump’s business instincts will help him in negotiating with Kim Jung Un and North Korea?

    We are living in such turbulent times a couple of months ago every one was busy being scared of North Korea Nukes. Now we all are scared of Iran.

    We need Moshiach to stabilize this world.

    Malky Sternlicht

    Editor’s Note: As we always say, Lev melachim v’sarim biyad Hashem. Time will show us what Hashem has in store for the world we live in.