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    Dear Editor:
    Recently, I watched an elderly BP woman using a walker, leave her apartment building with her aide. As she walked to her double-parked car service, a line of waiting motorists angrily and repeatedly blasted their horns!  I felt so embarrassed at this. Car horns are supposed to be used for danger; that ‘s why there is a$ 350.00 dollar penalty for its misuse, and it is illegal to use otherwise!  


     Ira C. 

     Editor’s Note: Unless the people behind them were responding to an emergency, there is really is no excuse for this behavior.



    Dear Editor:

    Did you hear the latest? It seems that the new president of disarmament for the UN is none other than Syria. Are you kidding me? The same country who uses chemical weapons?!?! I wonder how stupid can the UN be? 

    Editor’s Note: The UN never ceases to amaze me, with their hypocrisy and stupidity.  




    Dear Editor:
    Eurovision is certainly not ideal for Yiddishkeit. However, stopping it from happening next year in Israel may not be possible. Should stopping the Eurovision song contest next year in Yerushalayim be considered a top priority, or is is a minor problem compared to other inappropriate public events?



    Editor’s Note: I am not sure what this Eurovision is. To me it sounds like chukos hagoy which has no place in Eretz Yisroel. However, this is really not my business unless I would be running around shutting down movie theaters in Yerushalayim as well.



    Dear Editor:

    We see that NK is playing games with Trump. I don’t believe we will get a deal with them. Look at Iran who claims they can have a nuclear bomb in two days. So much for dealing with the devil.

    Shaya Berman

    Editor’s Note: Time will tell. With our 24 hour news cycle, things get heated up really quickly. When negotiations are just beginning you have to wait for the whole process to finish.



    Dear Editor:

    What a chiLlul HaShem that supposed rabbis, not only from America, but some who actually come from Israel as well, talk bad about the land of Israel.
    What a wonderful time right now. The rest of the world is celebrating 70 years of Israel being a leader in Torah and these jokers are not even reading this week’s parsha about the meraglim and what happened when they spoke negatively about the land of Israel.
    Don’t they realize that is why we spent 40 years in the midbar and that is why we still are in galus?
    Shame on them
    From the followers of Caleb and Yehoshua

    Editor note: I don’t think these rabbis were speaking against Eretz Yisroel. They may have been speaking against the government of Israel, which many are opposed to. Zionism is a very controversial topic.



    Dear Editor:

    I would like to spread the word to any family that has a child graduating this June that perhaps they could encourage the graduate to write a note for his/her teachers to thank them for all they have done to bring the graduate to this day. A small note would really go a long way!

    Mazel Tov to all the graduates! May they all have good mazel in whatever comes next!

    Chani H.

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for writing in this note to us. Hopefully, it will engender more notes to be written. Notes of hakaras hatov to both teachers and parents.