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    Dear Editor:

    Do you flat out deny the existence of abusive and incompetent teachers and place the blame on the student? That’s a pretty horrible thing to say.



    Editor’s Note: I don’t flat out deny it, but the knocking of teachers is blown out of proportion. Students use this excuse as an easy way out.




    Dear Editor:

    As a former reform Jew and B”H a bas yisroel for many years, I have no problem with reform people themselves (including the nice reform rabbi who ran my father’s funeral and was asking me the halachas). My problem is the evil they have caused klal yisroel. I will give 2 examples. 1. There are people that are mamzerim as the reform have given second marriages without a Get when their first marriage “happened ” to have been in an Orthodox shul…this happened to my mother thank the Lord she was past child bearing years. 2. In my kiruv work I meet SO many people who think they are Jewish and are frum baalei teshuva ready for shidduchim when they realize their mother or grandma has a reform (or conservative) conversion. Zehu. They have to go back to bais din to start conversion. (And no, it’s not a quick easy conversion if you go to a reputable bais din) so while they may be wonderful people, their ideas damage klal yisroel to such a great extent. We will only realize when moshiach comes how many mamzerim or non-Jewish generations there are that no one knew about. So, yes, I’m angry.

    Does a reform Rabbi do anything other than attend funerals?


    Editor’s Note: Shomer Pesayim Hashem. There is a gemara in Yevamos that discusses the topic of mamzerim. It’s not for this forum.


    Dear Editor:

    What a beautiful ending to the story of the two boys who were lost in Lakewood. I get nightmares of thinking what happened a few years ago when Leiby Kletzky olav hashalom went missing. The schrek that these parents must have had is indescribable. I hope that klal Yisroel stays safe and we only hear gutte besuros.

    A worried mom in Flatbush

    Editor’s Note: Chasdei Hashem ki lo samnu.


    Dear Editor:

    I find the media being very offensive to Trump. Even when he does good things like meeting the leader of North Korea, they make fun of him and say that the two dictators are meeting.

    The media is an embarrassment.

    Yehoshua B

    Editor note: We know the media is biased. They are in it to make money. I guess writing against values is what brings them money.


    Dear Editor:

    Should Trump get the nobel peace prize?

    Boruch B

    Editor’s Note: The same way Obama got the Nobel prize, Trump can get it. Where exactly was the peace process that Obama orchestrated?