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    Dear Editor:

    Maybe all the students are good and the teachers use bad students as an excuse to take the easy way out.



    Editor’s Note: I do not believe any teacher goes into the line of chinuch looking for an easy way out. Teachers and Rebbeim are paid very little and therefore they did not go into this field for an easy way out. The students who may feel that school is not important enough for them and may not care enough to do the right thing may not be considered bad, but they are definitely going to make the Teachers and Rebbeim put them in their place if they act out.


    Dear Editor:

    Since the 400 school buses that travel in Boro Park every day are not being used, why is the city permitting them to park on the streets?

    Moseh Bagdaddi

    Editor’s Note: Where would you want these buses to be parked? Just be happy that there is less traffic now.



    Dear Editor:

    Please be aware that in last week’s fun question page in The Vues there

    was an inadvertent mistake with Nachum Segal’s answer.

    Question: Back in the day, what was your favorite Catskills hotel?

    The Printed Answer: “Anything but the Homowack.”

    Nachum’s REAL answer: “ Would be wrong for me to say anything but Homowack”

    We apologize for the mistake and hope Nachum will continue answering

    fun questions for The Vues in the future.The Homowack Hotel advertised for many years in The Vues and we have fond memories of it.

    Editor’s Note: That was a WACKY mistake to make! Most of us feel at HOME at the HOMOWACK.


    Dear Editor:

    Is there really such a concept of saving money according to Judaism? In the beginning of the year, it is decided how much we will gain and lose. A person putting money aside might feel they are saving money, but are they really? Many times a person might try skipping buying food or clothing in order to save money and then be hit with a traffic ticket, physically lose cash, or any other unexpected need to spend/lose that money they thought they were saving. So is putting money away just an illusion of saving it? Should we just spend as we see fit since it is something that was predetermined anyway? I know there are various sources including the Talmud on this matter so I’d like to hear what you think.

    Yankel Stern

    Editor’s Note: You raise a very tough hashkafic question. This would fall under the geder of the right balance of hishtadlus and emunah. That would vary per person. A lot has been written about this. Speak to your Rav.


    Dear Editor:

    Can someone please shed some light on the legalities of this tax.

    1). If the storeowner is giving me a free bag, how can the government legally interfere and tax me on it?

    2.) If it is indeed taxable despite the fact that its free, then why weren’t stores charging tax on these bags prior to this new law?

    Boruch Mendlowitz

    Editor note: This is not a tax, it is a fee just like we get charged an extra five cents per soda bottle. If you get soda bottles for free from store, you theoretically would still have to pay the 5 cent fee.


    Dear Editor:

    I feel that the city drivers should learn how to drive in the country. We make a chillul Hashem every time we don’t drive properly.

    Zack Pollak

    Editor’s Note: I think the same holds true for the country people when they drive in the city. Why are the city drivers the ones who get a bad rap


    Dear Editor:

    Everyone spending their summers in a bungalow colony needs to make sure that the eiruv in their colony is set up according to Halacha. Eiruvin is a very complicated sugya so be careful to consult with an expert in these halachos.

    Yossel Neuman

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Hopefully it will cause people out there to double check their eiruv before Shabbos.