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    Dear Editor:
    We now see Hasidim being harassed in Airmont once again. The last 3 times Airmont harassed Hasidim, the feds got involved but gave Airmont a slap on the wrist. Now it’s time for the feds to issue arrest warrants on Airmont politicians just as the feds issued arrest warrants on religious Jews in Bloomingburg! This, combined with harassment of Hasidim in Kiryas Joel, Bloomingburg (where the FBI conspired with local Christians to target religious Jews), the Catskills, Chester, Woodcliff Lake, Mahwah etc. shows there is premeditated harassment going on. It is time Hasidim used the law to fight back! There are some Federal laws that can be used to fight back. Contact the U.S. Attorney’s office in NYC and Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Washington, DC, or have your lawyers contact them and ask why Hasidim are being denied their constitutional rights of protection under the law.
    Here are some federal laws that can be used to fight back against Christian hatred: title 18 sections 241, 242, 245, 247title 42 section 3631.
    RLUIPA laws if you are being denied permits to build a religious structure. i.e. shul, mikva. yeshiva etc. Under RLUIPA laws, the town will have to pay millions of dollars in damages to the religious institution it denied building permits to when it loses the lawsuit.
    Harry Tavori

     Editor’s Note: I don’t know if suing will get you places or will just create more enemies. You probably are better off voting for different people to take office who will be sympathetic to your position.



    Dear Editor:

    I want to commend The Vues for their bravery and courage by admitting their mistake of putting the wrong response made by Nochum Segal in their fun questions article and publicly coming clean and telling their readers that they made a mistake. It’s never easy for someone to admit a mistake, especially a major outlet such as The Vues. I believe it was a great Kiddush Hashem.


    Editor’s Note: Thanks for the compliment. It definitely would be mistake not to recognize a mistake.



    Dear Editor:

    Abusive teachers choose to become teachers precisely because it is an opportunity to gain access to potential victims. Money has nothing to do with it.



    Editor’s Note: You may be right with your statement, but that is very few and far between in reality. It is unfair to use the same brush to paint the whole gamut of teachers across the board.



    Dear Editor:

    There was another shooting in a media place. Why does the media glorify this atrocity  by giving us all the details. These twisted people will do anything to get their names in the paper. The same way we want to take away gun rights from people, we should take away the freedom of the press also. They are just as complicit as gun owners by reporting and encouraging these crazy people to get attention in the papers.

    Name withheld (I don’t want attention.)

    Editor’s Note: I believe guns do not kill people. It is the people who shoot the guns who kill people. Newspapers do not kill people. People who seek attention will do so whether the paper reports it or not.



    Dear Editor:

    The three weeks are a time when we are supposed to mourn the loss of the Bais Hamikdosh. It is to my dismay that we have acappella Jewish music which is distinctly counterintuitive to what the three weeks are all about. It is terrible in the fact that it tries to unsuccessfully circumvent halacha. One should not listen to music period whether it is with instruments or not.

    Berel G

    Editor note: I couldn’t agree with you more. Your letter sounds like music to my ears.



    Dear Editor:

    Krav maga “ (karate and self-defense) should be mandatory in all yeshivos. Please tell me why this is not a thing in 2018. Anti Semitism is at an all time high. Yeshiva boys are not prepared for the physical dangers of living in galus. 

    Editor’s Note: I do not think most rabbanim would agree with your assessment. Our koach is in the mouth (tefillah and torah) and not with the chereve which would be the koach of Eisav.



    Dear Editor:

    Shulem Lemmer signed a contract with a non-Jewish record label. How Jewish is our music & singing style if Hasidic music is now popular by aino yehudim? Has Jewish music so mirrored the pop culture that it’s pleasing to their ears? Jewish music is slowly devolving into universalistic styles in order to appeal to non-Jewish audiences. The non-Jewish market is obviously much larger than we are & the lure of money & fame beckons to our entertainers.
    Maybe we have gone too far. Maybe it’s time to produce authentic Jewish music. I doubt that the ainom Yehudim will then find it pleasing.

    Boruch C

    Editor’s Note: I believe that you are 100% right. The music today will definitely not be the music of the Leviim in the Bais Hamikdash.



    Dear Editor:

    I just read this crazy piece in Matzav.com

    Matzav.com | The online voice of Torah Jewry


    President Donald Trump weighed in on the controversy surrounding the White House press secretary being asked to leave a Virginia restaurant over the weekend,…


    An Iranian general has accused Israel of causing climate change in the revolutionary Shiite Muslim republic by stealing the water out of clouds passing over the Mediterranean.

    Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization, claimed Iranian scientific centers have proven that Israel and an unnamed neighboring country were secretly cooperating to extract the moisture out of clouds bound to pass over Iran, thus robbing the country of rain and snow.

    Jalali cited a recent four-year study showing that all highlands in the region extending from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean have received snowfall except for Iran.

    It is amazing how far anti-Semitism can take them

    Yankel H

    Editor’s Note: We all know the Rashi that says Eisav hates Yaakov. They will find any excuse to find fault with Bnei Yisroel.