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    Speak Your Vues


    Dear Editor:
    Is there really a need for a Visiting Day 10 days after kids leave home and 10 days before they leave camp? All this causes is kids getting more homesick and crying when their parents leave yet again. I say there should be 1 visiting day, between the two halves of the summer (after 1st half campers leave to go home to their families), and those staying get to see their parents on VD after missing them for 30 days and will see them again in another 30 days (really less since camps now skimp the summer to 7-7.5 weeks). The best part: since all the “1/2 summer” kids will be gone for the VD, there will be less traffic, easier parking and no camp congestion. This will only work if all camps do this, which is doubtful & highly unlikely 🙁
    Yossi Sharf

     Editor’s Note: What about the tips for the counselors and waiters that leave? They don’t ending up getting their tips! When that counselor or waiter is your child I am sure your opinion of Visiting Day will change drastically.



    Dear Editor:

    With Trump picking a new Supreme Court judge, do you think that they will reverse all these Toeiva laws?

    Yankel Davidov

    Editor’s Note: Time will tell. We should hope so. A lot of our problems are as a result of the toeiva laws.



    Dear Editor:

    Finally some good news. The twelve boys and their coach were rescued from the cave they were stuck in for two weeks. It is nice to see the media finally cover a nice story.

    Editor’s Note: I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s a shame we don’t have such feel good stories more often.



    Dear Editor:

    Why are any fireworks legal? 

    Seriously… and people just drive to other states to rack up illegal fireworks. Of course, people still injure themselves and others with legal fireworks too.

    When did America’s Independence Day become a day for so many accidents?

    It’s so weird. Whenever I have seen someone with a missing limb, or fingers/toes, which is a rare occurrence, I haven’t imagined a fireworks injury, but it’s possible.

    Hoping that 4th of July fireworks become a thing of the past.

    Joe B

    Editor’s Note: You bring up a good point. However, people have to use their own seichel and protect themselves. Not everything has to be regulated through laws and regulations.



    Dear Editor:

    I was worried that I would have to make a shechiyanu during the three weeks when I started reading “Speak Your Vues.”  The column in the July 6 edition had as its first letter to the editor one that was not from your favorite letter writer whom you always publish, namely RebYidd23. But B”H the second letter WAS from him, so the brocha would not have to be necessary.

    Yehuda Leib F.

    Editor note: If you write in as often as he does, we’d post your letters too. BTW, there is no problem in you making a shehechaynu during the three weeks for your letter.



    Dear Editor:

    To Berel G. I couldn’t agree more with your letter regarding the serious issue of “kosher” acapella during the 3 weeks. The whole point of the 3 weeks is to mourn our holy beis hamikdash and to make us feel different than we normally do the entire year (hence the no music part!) I listened recently to some of the tracks and even though the “music” is just vocal once it gets edited, mixed, and digitalized through the computer you can’t even tell the difference between real music and acapella (I am not talking about beat boxing or pure vocals; I believe you should ask your rav about that) but once again people consider this a loophole in halacha. I strongly disagree (once again ask your rav what he thinks) Avrohom Press

    Editor’s Note: You’re preaching to the choir, whether it is an acapella or regular one. It is forbidden to listen to acapella or music during the three weeks or sefirah.