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    Dear Editor:

    What is going on with Jewish music today. It is so rocky and “beat”y that I feel like I am listening to non-Jewish music. My kids tell me it is my age. Are my kids correct and I just am losing patience with music, or am I correct that Jewish music is just Jewish in name only.

    Shaina M.

    Editor’s Note: I think you are both correct.



    Dear Editor:

    I found your response to the Lakewood resident to be inappropriate.  First of all, he never disparaged a whole town.  It is common knowledge that Lakewood does not have enough schools to serve all of its children.  Last year the Rabbonim in Lakewood did not allow any school in Lakewood to open until the over one hundred children who did not have placement in any school were accepted to a school.  It’s the plain reality in Lakewood – not enough schools.

    Your suggestion that people moving to Lakewood should start new schools is also a bit ridiculous; not everyone has the know-how or the wherewithal to do so.  Also, what if they have both boys and girls? Do you think they should they start two schools?  What if they already have a good source of parnassah?  Should they give up their current jobs? The writer’s advice is very sound.  He speaks from personal experience.

    A person with shay’chus to Lakewood

    Editor’s Note: It is obvious you didn’t realize that the response was written in jest. Placing children in school in Lakewood is a difficult reality for many. The klal hopes that those people who are capable and financially able to start new schools will do so. May all of those in chinuch have continued siyata dishmaya in their holy work.



    Dear Editor:

    I find that a lot of Shuls in the summer don’t have the Rav there since he is on vacation or working in a camp etc. How does the oilam have their shailos answered with their Rov not in town?

    Boruch Ber K.

    Editor’s Note: There are many ways to correspond today. Cell phones and email make reaching the Rov an uncomplicated task.



    Dear Editor:

    Almost everyone agrees that the Trump/Putin summit was a disaster for the US. Conservatives are not happy with the weak stance Trump took with Putin giving him the upper hand. Currently there are a few debates concerning what the strategy was. The main thing is we’re not interested in having a weak President like Obama going around and apologizing to every country about our past strength, and bowing to them in hopes we’ll have better relations.

    That being said, the Liberals who loved Obama are also outraged. Why is that? This President seemed to have been imitating the previous policy of weakness that the liberals loved. He’s putting down America (intelligence agency), which is what Obama did and allowing Putin to be the victor. Isn’t this what they always wanted????

    Moshe Weiss

    Editor’s Note: Liberals will always complain. They do not really affect anything, they just complain.



    Dear Editor:

    I haven’t been to the mountains in a few years and I am amazed at how

    busy and how large the grocery stores are. There must be over 100,000

    Jews that come to the Catskills over the summer.

    Editor’s Note: Kein Yirbu. I hope we all go up together en masse to

    Yerushalayim with Moshiach.



    Dear Editor:

    What are we doing to alleviate the shidduch crisis? There are many

    young good girls who don’t even go out. They may get a date once every

    half a year? The boys seem to go out all the time. Something does not

    add up. If boys are constantly going out and girls very rarely, who

    are the boys going out with?

    Zorach B

    Editor’s Note: The truth is all a person needs is one person to be

    their bashert. It therefore doesn’t matter if that person goes out

    often or goes out infrequently, they just need to meet the correct

    one. It would be nice if more people would get involved in helping out

    in this area.