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    Dear Editor:

    I find it amusing the racism voiced by “editor” in response to a letter titled “Proposal”. The editors response to the letter was “liberals will always complain. They do not really affect anything, they complain” Total bigotry, something Jews have endured forever. Yet you are guilty of the same offense. Lumping people together you don’t know or probably care about. Just like our Draft Dodging President. Thumbs down to bigotry!!!

    Michael Barnofsky. Monticello, NY

    Editor’s Note: I believe all Liberals come in all shapes and sizes; men, women, black and white. Therefore, attacking Liberals is not a racist act, although Liberals seem to think so. Attacking a belief system or a political system does not make one bigoted or racist. Thumbs up for having healthy debates.



    Dear Editor:
    Liberals are at it again. Upon hearing that the Pope has said that there should be no more death penalty in the Church’s teachings, Governor Cuomo jumped up and said he will try to take off the death penalty from NY law. I wonder if he would follow the Pope’s teachings when it comes to gay rights and right to life issues. Like a typical Liberal, he will pick and choose what he likes. I do not think I am a bigot or a racist as I am attacking a political view not a person based on their color or religion. What happened to good old-fashioned debates? If I don’t believe like you do, I am a racist? C’mon.

    Proud conservative

     Editor’s Note: Liberals will use religion as an excuse to further their agenda. They are not true believers. Otherwise, how does one reconcile religion with the LGBT community?



    Dear Editor:

    Did you hear the news that a woman was appointed to Judicial post in Chief Rabbinate beis din system. I don’t get it if halacha says a woman is not kosher for bais din or to be a witness what kind of beis din is this that goes against the Torah?

    Yoel Kohen

    Editor’s Note: You answered the question yourself. This is not a Beis Din al pi Torah.



    Dear Editor:

    I don’t understand the labor laws. You are not allowed to discriminate based on gender. What if the job at hand is gender sensitive? How is one supposed to advertise? I don’t believe liberals can convince me that there would be no difference between males and females. Political correctness has gone way overboard that one can’t even refer to a fireman as a fireman but rather fire person. How crazy is that?

    Jeremy K

    Editor’s Note: What would you rather? Have no political correctness and have every Jew wear a yellow star?



    Dear Editor:

    So it happened about a month ago where my friend was redt to a girl and everything sounded great to him after conducting some research. He said yes, and shortly after, the girl said yes as well. Later that night, the shadchan broke the news to the young bochur that the girl’s mother decided to break the shidduch. Now, the girl already said yes. The only reason the mother could offer for saying no to the shidduch was that the boy was too young. If the age wasn’t a problem for the girl and the girl was okay with everything she heard about him, is it right for the mother to step in and break it off? Should a mother be as involved as she was in this case?

    Yankel Goldman


    Editor’s Note: This is not the forum, perhaps you should speak to a shidduch expert. Many times there are things that cannot be shared and another reason is used so as not to reveal certain sensitive information. There is usually more going on than meets the eye.



    Dear Editor:

    Our president is planning on making a military parade in November that is expected to cost $12 million. As of yesterday, the US had to borrow $300 billion to stay current on our debt, which is rising by the billions. Per the GAO, our American tax collections are at a 75-year low due to cuts in corporate taxes. The US depends on China to fund loans to pay debt. I wonder if our president considers the impact of his ‘trade wars’ with China on our ability to borrow from them? This is an extremely important issue that he does not address publicly. What are your feelings about this looming financial crisis?

    Amir Z.

    Editor’s Note: At least Trump is spending national pride. He does not take a salary for his work as president whereas his predecessor took lavish vacations on the taxpayer’s dime. When it comes to spending money, I don’t think Liberals should be attacking Trump. There are other things they can find to criticize, but spending money probably should not be the thing.