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    Dear Editor:

    I have heard from countless lecturers that Hashem doles out nisyonos and tribulations that an individual can tolerate. Hashem does not dish out more than a person can handle. If so, why then do people commit suicide?

    Shaina M

    Editor’s Note: Just because someone did not withstand their nisayon, does not mean they were not able to withstand their nisayon. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be a nisayon!



    Dear Editor:
    Can someone please explain to me WHY do so many people go to Uman? What is to see there?

    Yankel G

     Editor’s Note: I guess they are going to daven. They definitely aren’t going for sightseeing!



    Dear Editor:

    I recently got delayed 13 hours on a domestic United flight and as of yet (a week later) was not offered any compensation. Is this legal? If yes, why hasn’t this been changed or complained about?

    Mindy W

    Editor’s Note: You should probably contact your lawyer and find out why the airline should be more responsible for the delay than the airport they were supposed to land at?



    Dear Editor:

    Is it muttar to take a vacation to a place, where you won’t be able to daven with a minyan? Not talking about women or someone who has a unique psak for doing so (psychological, physical, etc).

    Yossel W

    Editor’s Note: I would suggest you speak to your local Orthodox rabbi since there are different scenarios where it would be permissible if it helps your ruchniyus in the future.



    Dear Editor:

    If they were to genetically modify a pig to chew its cud, would it be kosher?

    Mashie G



    Editor’s Note: The Ohr Hachaim tells us that in the times of Moshiach, the pig will chew its cud and therefore will be kosher! Based on this Ohr Hachaim it may be so that if a pig is genetically modified and chews its cud it may be kosher! A proper posek should be consulted if it is l’maaseh.



    Dear Editor:

    I saw this letter on Matzav.com 

    As the summer comes to a close, the talk shifts to the upcoming school year and tuition. I will not regurgitate all that’s been mentioned in the past about this. However, there is a new issue that has manifested itself that will raise the cost of tuition for every parent of a child attending yeshiva in New York City.

    Specifically, historically, yeshivos and congregations did not have to pay for water. Now the NYC DEP is visiting every Jewish religious institution – yeshivos and shuls – for an audit. If you have a dormitory, you have to pay for water for the dorm. If the school is not in session during the summer, you must pay for summer water. If the dining room is used for simchos as well, you have to pay.

    I have spoken to various askanim about this, but there’s no one home. What is most disconcerting is that mipi hashmuah, NYC DEP is focusing only on yeshivos and shuls.

    Rabbosai, this affects you.

    Bekitzur, if you come to speak to me about your tuition, please be prepared to tell me what effort you made to help with this.

    A Yeshiva Executive Director 

    Brooklyn, NY