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    Dear Editor:

    Thanks for the question of “If u could have 3 dinner guests, who would you invite?” Nice answers. Btw, I like the short answers from the Editor’s Note. 

    Yisroel N.

    Editor’s Note: I’ll keep it short. Thank you!



    Dear Editor:
    This is in response to your last comment in Speak your Vues new expenses for Yeshivos. I would think it’s time for politicians who really do work very hard for us like Dov Hikind and Simcha Felder and the newly elected person who I forget his name to get active and stop this nonsense from going on. But I really think this is happening because our holy Governor Cuomo was busy taking kickbacks and is now paying back Simcha Felder for swinging the assembly to the republicans. Thank you very much. Kesiva Vachasime Tova.


     Editor’s Note: As we know, politics is all about quid pro quo. The same way Cuomo is taking revenge on Felder, the wheel will turn and Felder and his cronies will not make it easy for Cuomo. If Cuomo has his eyes on the White House he should be very careful with what games he plays.



    Dear Editor:

    Is using an image of a Rabbi for shemira allowed? I came across a wikipedia page that quoted Jews using an image of a rabbi as an amulet to protect them from various things.

    Nochum Gold

    Editor’s Note: I assume you are referring to using the picture of R’ Shayala Keristerer against mice. I don’t think that there is a problem with that since the posuk tells us, “Vehayu einecha ….es morecha.”



    Dear Editor:

    Why don’t we hear of a shidduch crisis by the Chassidim?

    Yaffa Greenberg

    Editor’s Note: Chasidim generally get married young, at age 18, and generally marry a spouse of the same age as themselves. So the Chosen and Kallah are both about 18.

    The Chasidish disparity in numbers between the number of available boys compared to girls is proportionally much smaller than that in the Litvish world. The small disparity that does exist among Chasidim is generally one of more boys than girls.

    Which is why especially among the less intense Chasidim you’ll find a lot of Chasidish boys marrying non-Chasidish girls. One of the good things about this phenomenon is that it alleviates the shidduch crisis among both Chasidim and Litvaks. It’s like a double-headed victory.



    Dear Editor:

    I heard that Pepsi bought the Israeli company Soda Stream. I hope they don’t move the company out of Israel as many people will lose jobs.

    Ehud Frand

    Editor’s Note: I am sure there will be a new start up in Israel that will provide jobs for those living in Israel. It is amazing how Waze, Soda Stream, and other big companies started off in Israel



    Dear Editor:

    Is it true that Lipa has turned over a new leaf and will come out with a nice cd?

    Editor’s Note: Time will tell. We are rooting for Lipa’s natural and heimishe talent come out and he be a source for nice enjoyable Jewish music.