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    Dear Editor:

    It’s too late for this season, but I still want to voice my opinion on tipping counselors and other summer camp and day camp staff. 

    Camp staff members work hard to make the summer camp season safe and enjoyable for children. If you have a child who goes to camp, tipping is a way to show appreciation. Some parents don’t tip at all because they feel that the financial burden is too much. That is understandable, but in my opinion, it is still wrong. Even if you cannot afford to tip significant dollar amounts, you can still write a letter of appreciation or send a small gift. Years ago, when I worked a teen summer job, I actually appreciated the written thanks the most. Teens who give up their summer vacation for a minimum wage job understand that some parents have difficulty affording camp and tips, and although they definitely appreciate money, they would also appreciate thank you notes or cookies.



    Editor’s Note: I think this letter would be better off being printed before the next camping season, but the message we can all take is that expressing hakaras hatov is always appreciated. May we all have a good and successful year! Thanks to you for writing.



    Dear Editor:
    Would you go to a middle eastern restaurant called The Kosher Guys who’s name would be a knockoff of The Halal Guys?

    Brian Rosen

    Editor’s Note: Who cares what the name of the store is, as long as the food is kosher it should be okay.



    Dear Editor:

    It is mind boggling that a person loses a video game and pulls out a gun and shoots those that won. It is amazing how today we can’t determine between what is fake and what is real. We think we are in control, but we need to know that the only one in control is Hashem. It is like we are in a video game.

    Tzvi Greenberg

    Editor’s Note: I guess you can call this the “Oilam Hasheker.”



    Dear Editor:

    Who is right on “fake News” 

    According to the president, much of the media’s reporting is fake news. According to the media’s coordinated response they claim it is not. So who is right? I suppose it comes down to what the definition of “is” is.

    If you believe “fake news” is merely outright lying, it’s likely that much of the time they are not. If, however, you believe “fake news” includes more subtle tactics, such as an unflattering photo accompanying a story, a misleading, slanted headline, an incomplete or one-sided article or news report, overuse of biased sources, a program or story that fails to include opposing views, or using opinions masked as facts, then maybe Trump can make a case.

    John Perlman

    Editor’s Note: What’s normal to you may be abnormal to someone else. Everyone has and is entitled to their own opinions. Their opinion will be reflected in their writing.



    Dear Editor:

    Why did the US stop with space exploration? It seems that now other countries are ahead of us when it comes to space and that is very embarrassing for the US.

    Dov Josephs


    Editor’s Note: Hashamayim, shamayim La’shem. Why do we need space exploration? What difference will it make in your life?



    Dear Editor:

    Kudos to Trump for kicking out the last Nazi living in the USA. He is consistent and gets things done.

    Moshe Koenig

    Editor’s Note: Hakaras Hatov is always necessary especially when it comes to anti-Semites getting their due.