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    Dear Editor:
    Last week, there was a letter asking about whether Lipa Schmeltzer is planning a new CD. I am simply writing to point out that Lipa’s father passed away last year.

    Editor’s Note: When a person makes a living in the music industry he would be able to continue his parnassa even when he is in aveilus. We hope to hear about simchos by everybody.



    Dear Editor:
    I would like to remind the public that they are obligated to stop when they see a school bus stopping to pick up and drop off children. My son was hit last year by a driver who ignored the school bus’s stop sign and continued on his way. Let us put in some more effort to keep all the children safe and sound as they go and come home from school. Thank you.

    C. Feldner

    Editor’s Note: Thank you for bringing this important matter to our attention. Hopefully this will stop future accidents.



    Dear Editor:

    Since when did selichos become a concert? I think we have to go back to the basics and learn what selichos is all about.

    Shaya Gellis

    Editor’s Note: I guess you can say that the Torah was given in seventy different ways. Chassidim and Litvacks serve Hashem differently. Hopefully they all do it L’sheim Shomayim and is niskabel biratzon. How important it is today when we are being judged ourselves that we make sure to judge others favorably.



    Dear Editor:

    Why is it that we get hit with membership fees in our shuls at the same time as the school year begins when we have to shell out heavy tuitions. To make matters worse, this comes right after the summer season which is so expensive!

    I don’t know how we make ends meet.

    Joey Herskowitz

    Editor’s Note: Remember: tzedaka and tuition don’t count against the budget! Hashem will help us all to help us afford the important things in our lives.



    Dear Editor:

    Where am I supposed to do tashlich on Rosh Hashana? The nearest lake with fish is too far to go on Yom Tov.

    Sarah Berman

     Editor’s Note: You can always wait and do Tashlich after Rosh Hashana. Then you will have an easy time driving to the nearest lake. Your other option is doing Tashlich at your sink. Let us hope that our Tashlich helps get rid of all our aveiros.



    Dear Editor:

    It seems like Trump has a problem with any media that comes out against him. He recently came out against google search results. How ridiculous is that? When will Trump grow up and act like an adult?

    Josh Howard

    Editor’s Note: So far it seems to be working for Trump so he doesn’t feel a need to change his modus operandi. He delegitimizes those that he attacks. That is how he keeps his base going. Until he doesn’t lose the midterm elections or the 2020 Presidential election, one can’t argue with success.