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    Dear Editor:

    I know I’m probably reiterating what has been stated many times, but why is school starting SO LATE?

    Why are the girls still sitting home after more than 2 months of summer vacation? Why must my children be bored bored bored because my husband and I can’t take off more work to entertain them?
    Why have the boys started school but not the girls? Why are the day camps and “camps after camps” so exorbitantly overpriced, which I’m forced to send because of work, yet work doesn’t cover the expense and will spend the ENTIRE YEAR paying out those funds, only to be bombarded again for the following summer come Purim time?

    If the answer is busing, I’m sure many parents would prefer to have school without buses for a few days than no school.

    If the answer is that teachers need a “break”, well they’ve been on break all summer long, way more than any other working person.

    Please don’t tell me that it’s not the school’s job to “babysit” my kids because that answer is ridiculous.

    Even once school starts, there will barely be any days before Succos.

    Can we please change this system now???

    At the end of my rope.

    Name withheld upon request.

    Editor’s Note: It’s hard to fight city hall. Public schools don’t begin until September 5 so the parochial schools are somewhat in a bind to be on the same schedule. There is a reason why many women used to opt to work in the school system. That way they were on their children’s schedule.



    Dear Editor:
    It is mind boggling that in Lakewood not all girls in ninth grade have a school therefore the Rosh Yeshivos and Mashgiach have instructed the schools to remain closed until this is rectified.

    The time has come for more schools to be opened in Lakewood.

    Tzivie Stern

    Editor’s Note: You’re right. All we are looking for is the Nachshon Ben Aminadav. Lakewood can learn from the expanding community of Monsey, NY that doesn’t seem to be having the same issues.



    Dear Editor:

    I want to commend President Trump for cancelling the military parade due to high costs. In times like these the President needs to show that fiscal restraint is the way the Government should go. Keep up the good work, Mr. President.

    George Baum

    Editor’s Note: I am all for saving money. The government can learn from this to be smart in its spending.



    Dear Editor:

    I am very satisfied with the work the President and the UN ambassador of the US is doing. It is about time the Palestinians get their aid cut and spend less on terrorism. The US has cut their aid by 210 million. That might be the only way to bring them to the peace table. Hit them in their pockets.

    Susan Herman

    Editor’s Note: Just remember, it can have a boomerang effect too. The less money they get, the more they hate the West and more ISIS style organizations will sprout.



    Dear Editor:

    A judge in NJ has blocked a town from not allowing non-residents to drive through the town. This Country has a congestion problem and in order to keep the streets safe there must be rules and regulations that highway traffic should not be diverted to small city streets. Sanity must prevail. New Judges are needed.

    A New Jersey resident

    Editor’s Note: There are two sides to every story. You can’t judge a judge until you see both sides of the legal issue and how it was presented to him. Only then could you decide if the decision that was made is fair.