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    Dear G-d,

    During the past month I blew a ram’s horn, ate a fish head, swung a chicken around my head, dressed in a suit and sneakers, then wore a white robe, prayed and fasted for 25 hours, built a tent with a bamboo ceiling and ate all my meals in it (sometimes in the rain), spent 3 consecutive days with my in laws and three more with my parents, walked around with a palm branch and a citrus fruit, whipped willow branches on the floor, ate roughly 8 lbs of meat, 2 lbs of chopped

    fish, and 3 gallons of soup with noodles and/or Matzo balls, used 7 vacation days without leaving my neighborhood and spent almost as much time in shul as I did in my office. All I ask of you is: Please let me and my loved ones repeat this

    process for many years.

    Yossi from Flatbush

    Editor’s Note: May all of Klal Yisroel be included in your request to G-d!


    Dear Editor:

    You called both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sore losers. However, of the two, only Hillary Clinton failed to become president. Barack Obama was elected for two terms. Can you clarify your remark?

    With questionable sincerity,


    Editor’s Note: The reason they were called sore losers is because most presidents do not speak out about the current president after they have already left office. Obama is a sore loser in the fact that he wished that his era would continue and that most of his policies were reversed by Trump. I therefore consider him a sore loser.


    Dear Editor:

    Now that Kavanaugh was confirmed this might have an adverse effect on the Republicans and they may lose the midterm elections. It is important to win the war not the battle.

    Josh Grossberg

    Editor’s Note: The bottom line is, everyone should get out and vote, and vote with their conscience.


    Dear Editor:

    Although I think the idea of having waiters and waitresses is silly, people who patronize establishments with waiters and waitresses must tip them properly. It will cost 15-20% of the bill. If you do not tip the waiters and waitresses, you are making a chillul Hashem. I am a Mashgiach Temidi for one of the local vaadim at one of these establishments & one of the waiters told me yesterday that Jews don’t tip properly or at all. This is a huge chillul Hashem.

    Mashgiach in Boro Park

    Editor’s Note: Waiters receive a salary and tipping is supposed to be a sign of appreciation. Since when did tipping become mandatory? In most places the tips go to the owner and the owner pays the waiters.


    Dear Editor:

    It seems that in some neighborhoods in New York, people only care about you if you are rich. When was the last time a shul or yeshiva honored an average person? In schools, if you aren’t rich and make trouble, you’ll get pushed away by your school; if you are rich and make trouble, the school will work with you. It seems every political figure we vote for has to be the ones endorsed by the rich Agudah lobbyists.

    Yoily Kurman

    Editor’s Note: The gemara brings down that Rebbi would be mechabed the rich people and said that the rich people are wealthy for a reason. If the wealthy people are ready to help our mosdos, kudos to them! No one is forcing you to vote like them.


    Dear Editor:

    Regarding the arrest at the Hachnosas Sefer Torah, I would like to comment on a side point. As I watched the video I saw that a female policewoman was trying to handcuff the man. I think that in a Haredi community like Boro Park the police should be trained that a female police should not be the one to handle something like this.

    Shaindy Goldberg

    Editor’s Note: I think you missed the point. The person got arrested for doing something wrong. Once he is in that position he cannot complain whether he is arrested by a male or a female police officer.