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    Dear Editor:

    From what I read, Jews don’t support a two state solution or a one state solution in which the Arabs become Israeli citizens.

    What exactly do we want? Status quo?

    Shani Jacobs

    Editor’s Note: I believe for true peace Jews are ready to make concessions. The only reason people say we should keep the status quo is because they believe that Arabs are not ready for true peace with the Jews.


    Dear Editor:

    It is a true bracha from shamayim that the biggest Oheiv Yisroel to sit in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump, succeeded a raging Anti-Semite Barack Hussein Obama. Whereas Obama ym”s let the UN pass an anti-Israel resolution and refused to commute the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin despite bipartisan support for Rubashkin from Congress, former US Attorney Generals and many other high officials who admitted to a miscarriage of justice, President Trump gave his very first, and thus far only, commutation to a frum Yid. While most presidents issue pardons and commutations mostly only after their last presidential election or just before leaving office, President Trump issued his less than a year into his first term. And this came just after Pres. Trump issued his Jerusalem decision. And, of course, the Donald’s long history of being supportive of frum Yidden both long before he ever ran for public office as well as since running for and assuming the office of the presidency of the United States should not be ignored. Yasher Koach to President Trump on behalf of all of Klal Yisroel, particularly the Torah community.


    Editor’s Note: We definitely should be mispallel on the president’s behalf just like throughout the ages we’ve always been mispallel for the benefit of the leaders of the country the Jews lived in.


    Dear Editor:

    Why do we have gun control 

    to enforce it.

    Boruch Kranz

    Editor’s Note: What makes you think the laws are not enforced? Like all laws, they are enforced to the best of the ability of the government.


    Dear Editor:

    Now that Elizabeth Warren (quote unquote) proved to the world that she is an Indian based on the fact that her DNA has 1 out 1024th Native American, do you think that she should have gotten ahead in admittance in College based on affirmative action? I think that affirmative action is racist against the regular whites. But even if you want to justify affirmative action, would this case be included?

    Fraidy Leiser

    Editor’s Note: Wow. You just stirred a hornet’s nest.


    Dear Editor:

    Trump promised 1 million dollars if Elizabeth Warren tests positive that she is from Native Americans. She did, albeit 1 out of 1024. A deal is a deal. Mr. Trump, cough up the money.

    Sadie B

    Editor’s Note: I would think a compromise would be that Trump should give 1/1024 of a million dollars. That comes out to $976.60.


    Dear Editor:

    I heard that Police said the Boro Park beating was not a hate crime since someone hit the guy’s car and he thought it was the guy walking by. I have two points to make: number one, since when is it okay to beat someone up for walking by and hitting a car with a hand. Number two, if the guy is screaming curse words in Arabic, why is that not a hate crime?

    Confused in BP

    Editor’s Note: I am not sure what the police are thinking. Hopefully, sanity will prevail.


    Dear Editor:

    It is so scary that there is no more Toys R Us and now no more Sears. What is next? Amazon, your day will come when the next phase knocks you out.

    Shaindy First

    Editor’s Note: Yes, what goes up must come down. The world is round.