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    Dear Editor:

    To what extent does the government’s ability to enforce gun controls, as in the current law, actually reduce crime?


    Editor’s Note: This question needs to be asked of a police officer. I would venture to guess that things would be a lot worse if there would be no gun control.


    Dear Editor:

    How does the dating system in Eretz Yisroel favorably compare to the American dating system? In Eretz Yisroel the guy and gal meet at a mutually agreed location whereas in America they follow the practice adopted from the goyim of the guy coming to pickup the girl.

    Which is better?

    Shaina Becher

    Editor’s Note: How about accepting the fact that was is normal here may not be normal in Eretz Yisroel and what is normal in Eretz Yisroel may not be normal here. Whatever setup helps the continuation of Klal Yisroel is the way to go. Different locations call for different sets of rules and customs.


    Dear Editor:

    I wanted to share with you why there is so much fighting between Jews and Muslims. When brothers fight they fight harder than anyone ( heard from the mouth of R.Shimshon Pincus ZT”L)

    Yanky Perlman

    Editor’s Note: With brothers like these, who needs enemies?


    Dear Editor:

    Can a genetic test tell you if you’re Sephardic, Ashkenazi, etc?

    Recently, two people told me that they took a DNA ancestry test. The test told them that they are a percentage of this (e.g. Irish) and percentage that (e.g. Melanesian). BUT… even if a test tells you that your genetic ancestry is from Egypt, or Germany, E-MAIL: editor@thevuesonline.com

    you can still be an Ashkenazi Egyptian Jew or a Sephardi German Jew. Also… the genetics cannot tell you whether the line is maternal or paternal (I think)… so my guess is that a genetic test cannot verify if you’re Sephardi or Ashkenazi.

    I am wondering if anyone reading this has gotten a DNA ancestry test. What’s your opinion on being tested and/or interpreting your results?

    Thank you.

    Bracha Davidson

    Editor’s Note: What difference does the test make? You already know that you go according to your father’s minhagim and lineage. It may be a curiosity thing, but it has no bearing on anything substantial.


    Dear Editor:

    Are all the Roshei Yeshivos at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath considered to be an equal to each other, insofar as their position as RY is concerned?

    I was slightly surprised that the new Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein shlita, gave his inaugural shiur kloli in a fluent Yiddish given his familial background. Does anyone know if Rav Yitzchok maintains similar shittos/hashkafas as his esteemed father zt’l or his esteemed grandfather zt’l, as YTV in general differs from many positions of RIETS, where they were leaders.

    A YTV alumnus

    Editor’s Note: Who are we to judge Roshei Yeshiva? I am sure Rabbi Lichtenstein will do a great job.


    Dear Editor:

    I believe that playing the Lotto is a lack of bitachon. If Hashem wanted you to lose two dollars he could make it happen without you playing lotto.

    Yoily K.

    Editor’s Note: Maybe this is part of your hishtadlus!


    Dear Editor:

    Regular cell phones make calls better than smart phones. Even if you want a pocket computer, you still might want a cell phone in your other pocket.

    Chani Gewirtz

    Editor’s Note: Would you buy a car without air conditioning?

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