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    Dear Editor:
    In response to your response last week 

    Unfortunately, the time between shootings is never enough to allow us to discuss calmly.

    Robbie Y

     Editor’s Note: Hopefully this time there will be plenty of time and we should not hear about any more shootings another time.



    Dear Editor:
    I feel that there are a lot of Yidden making a chillul Hashem by refusing to vaccinate their children. It is not right to put their children’s life in danger and causing anti-Semitism by saying that Jews don’t vaccinate. Jews vaccinate period

    Shaya Freund

     Editor’s Note: I couldn’t agree with you more. In half the cases the parents are vaccinated and with their twisted logic endanger their own children.



    Dear Editor:

    Disclaimer: I personally vaccinate my children.
    The chances of you or your children catching a bacteria or virus due to the decisions of anti-vaxxers is extremely unlikely. They represent a very small percentage of the population & there’s plenty of herd immunity without them.
    Even if Chas Veshalom a vaccinated person catches a sickness, it would be a much milder case & non life threatening or something of permanence.
    Calling these people Rotzchim & other nasty names points to a state of paranoia that some people are experiencing right now.
    Talking & texting is much more unsafe than the unvaxxed child in school, yet almost everyone does it.
    Speeding, overeating, alcohol, lack of sleep, are all much greater risks to life & limb than the small percentage of antivaxxers in the world.
    Let’s stop the paranoia! The fear & anxiety this is causing is more dangerous than the miniscule chance of catching a sickness.
    You are safe! your kids are safe! & go drink some herbal tea until this paranoia passes.

    Chaim Juravel

     Editor’s Note: We have a rule, “Kol yisroel areivim zeh lazeh.” We worry about every single Jew. We don’t just think about ourselves.



    Dear Editor:
    Who thinks all these bombings are a conspiracy?
    After all, Rabin killing was a left wing conspiracy!
    The reason I’m thinking that – because no one was killed or injured.
    And it’s right before an election & the first bombing was by Soros (maybe a test run). Would he want to make the right-wing look bad?!?

    Conservative guy in Flatbush

     Editor’s Note: It is very possible that you are part of the conspiracy of the Right to blame the Left. Then again, maybe it is true. We’ll never know.




    Dear Editor:

    I just heard a shiur on how when moshiach comes, women will (most probably as there is room lichalek on its nightly obligation), be obligated to wear Tzitzis! 

    Since the moon will shine like the sun, the mitzvah of Tzitzis will apply at night too which removes it from the category of a mitzvah shehazman grama, hence its application to women.

    Why will it be applicable at night? The reason why its only a chiyuv by day now is because the mitzvah is uriisem oso. Since at night out is dark, the mitzvah doesn’t apply then. However by moshiach as above-mentioned, the moon will shine too. So we will see the Tzitzis by night too and will be mechuyav to wear by night.

    Mushky W

    Editor’s Note: My question is, how will we ever sleep?



    Dear Editor:

    The Kinnus hashluchim was a very inspiring event. I especially enjoyed listening to Matt the rapper. May Hashem give all the shluchim strength to continue in their holy work.

    Menachem Mendel K

     Editor’s Note: AMEN!




    Dear Editor:

    Is calling 311 mesirah if someone is blocking your driveway?

    Shloimie B

     Editor’s Note: Tough question. This needs to be answered by a rabbi. To be safe, don’t block someone else’s driveway!