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    Dear Editor:
    The war in Israel is escalating fast. We all need to say Tehillim and have in mind our brothers in Eretz Yisroel.

    David Jacobs

     Editor’s Note: Most definitely we should be davening much harder and hopefully by showing proper decorum and respect in our shuls, more respect will be shown to Eretz Yisroel.



    Dear Editor:
    With the election results being neither all Democrat nor Republican, what can we expect to happen the next two years?

    Ruchie Greenberg

     Editor’s Note: I guess not much. Politics is a cyclical process and people will continue to be divided and vote according to their own opinions.



    Dear Editor:

    Pediatricians put out a warning that spanking kids brings long-term harm and children become violent. How do they know it’s due to the spanking and not due to violence on TV or in the street? Parents spanked their children 100 years ago and those people didn’t turn out violent. I’m not saying I agree with spanking, don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying how do they know for sure what they’re saying is true?

    Sadie Mittleman

     Editor’s Note: We don’t know for sure. However they say two wrongs don’t make a right. In addition to cutting down on spanking, people should not allow their children to watch violent things on the screen.




    Dear Editor:

    Does “Eisav soneh Liyakov” apply only to Eisav (as opposed to Yishmael, Lavan, and the rest of the world) or to all enemies of Yaakov?
    [If you say it applies only to Eisav, maybe the reason everyone applies it to other enemies as well is because “Ba Sancheirev uvilbeil es kol ha’olam”?

    Yishai B.


    Editor’s Note: There is a phrase, “Ein chacham k’baal nisayon.” Enough said.




    Dear Editor:

    I feel that Verizon wireless is doing a disservice to the community. They are phasing out 3G phones hereby causing more people to go and pay out of pocket for a new 4G phone with Internet capabilities.

    Yair Fine

     Editor’s Note: We need to find a lawyer who will take this case and make a class action suit against Verizon.



    Dear Editor:

    There seems to be more Anti-Semitism creeping up. What can we do about it?

    Lipa Feldman

     Editor’s Note: This is a tough question. If you wish to know what you can do personally, have a long conversation with your Rav. Remember, “Hinei lo yanum v’loh yishan shomer yisroel.”