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    Dear Editor:

    It’s ridiculous how people talk like this generation invented violence. Real life violence existed long before violent films and video games.


    A peaceful citizen

    Editor’s Note: It may have existed, but violence has exploded in our generation. If children are used to bombing and shooting on a screen, it is obvious they will be much faster to do so in reality.


    Dear Editor:

    I can’t believe that El Al, the Jewish Airline, would fool their passengers and say that they are going back to the gate and then take-off and endanger the shmiras Shabbos of all the passengers.

    Morris J

    Editor’s Note: Flying on Thursday is quite late when there is a very short Friday. My advice is not to fly at that time and then you won’t and can’t be fooled.


    Dear Editor:

    When it comes to Kashruth people are so meticulous. They are very careful with hashgachos and owners of stores. However, when it comes to flying, they are willing to take a risk. When Kashruth fails they blame the failure on themselves (Like when a butcher sells non-kosher as kosher and fools people) however, when flying close to Shabbos fails, they blame the airline and not themselves.

    If you are serious about Shabbos, you will not board a long distance plane on Thursday or Friday, especially in the winter

    Zahava Merenstein

    Editor’s Note: See note above.


    Dear Editor:

    With the Measels outbreak as bad as it is I can’t understand the anti vaxxers. Vaccinations “might” or “might not” make a child autistic. Having measles endangers a child and one is allowed to be mechallel Shabbos to treat a baby with measles. Where is the safek docheh the vadai?

    Yoel King

    Editor’s Note: I don’t think there are any mainstream gedolim who are anti-vaccinations. We also have dina d’malchusa dina to contend with in this conversation.



    Dear Editor:

    May a frum Jew become a pilot as a hobby? Is he putting himself into unnecessary danger?

    Yerachmiel Dietsch

    Editor’s Note: When a person enters a car he is putting himself into danger.



    Dear Editor:

    As a Jew and especially one who lives in central New Jersey I see many anti-semitic comments on social media; not from my friends, of course, but friends of friends. For instance, a couple of months ago such a person commented that we should go back to where we come from. I don’t know this person, but I decided to reply and said where were your immigrant ancestors from? Maybe you should go back there! She replied I just love my country and my president. I said I love my country too and part of loving a freedom-loving country is respecting the rights of people whose ancestors came here legally. I’m sure your freedom-loving immigrant ancestors would be ashamed of you! That was the end of that discussion.

    Yesterday, a friend of mine posted about shopping at Costco in Brick, NJ which was obviously slammed because of the coming holiday. Of course some people chose to use this post to jump on the nearby Lakewood community. One said, go on Saturday – no penguins, no measles… There were other comments of the same ilk. The question is, is there any point fighting with these haters on social media?

    Frumie Lewin

    Editor’s Note: There is definitely no use fighting on social media. It is imperative that every Jew make a Kiddush Hashem wherever they go. Social media is not a place to teach anybody anything.



    Dear Editor:

    It is amazing how close some elections were. So much money is being spent on these elections. There should be a law that if the election is too close to call there should be another vote only between the two top vote getters.

    Shloimie Davis

    Editor’s Note: There is a price to pay for democracy.