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    Dear Editor:

    The other day I was talking to a friend of mine, and we spoke a little bit about the postal service in the United States, where we both live. I told him, “Maybe my memory isn’t so great, but did the postal service always deliver mail to the wrong addresses so often?”

    And he said, “No, the same thing’s been happening to me, Reb Yidel. It used to be that the USPS would maybe make one mistake a month, and that ‘s understandable. But yesterday, I had four neighbors’ mail arrive at my house, and it wasn’t the first time!”

    Is it just us? How is this acceptable?


    R Yidel Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: Who still uses the post office? Who can I blame when my e-mails end up at the wrong address?



    Dear Editor:

    I really enjoy The Vues. I’m just wondering why in the world it publishes all the TV shows, especially the ones for Saturday. Thanx for your great work!

    Jay Samuels

    Editor’s Note: Do you have anything else you’d like featured instead of the TV listings?




    Dear Editor:

    Judging from the “no penguins, no measles” comment from the anti-Semite in Costco, much of the anti-Semitism in today’s day and age results from the anti-vaxxers who make a chillul Hashem by spreading disease. Although anti-Semites are responsible for their own actions, it is still our duty to prevent our own people from feeding the flames. What can we do to stop the anti-vaxxers?

    Your humble servant,

    Nathan. M. Berman

    Editor’s Note: I guess we need to keep on educating people and convince them that a myth is just a myth and no one has autistic children because of these vaccines.





    Dear Editor:

    Actually, if you look at the pure data, there hasn’t really been an increase in violent incidents. They are just more pronounced because we get the news faster and the criminals have bigger guns. 

    If you count wars, the rate of violence has actually decreased significantly.


    Reb Yossel

    Editor’s Note: It may have decreased in numbers in totality. However, the violence impacts a much greater amount of people these days. There are so many mass shootings that affect so many innocent bystanders.




    Dear Editor:

    I heard there was a disagreement between Reb Malkiel Kotler and the Novominsker Rebbe at the Agudah Convention. Want to shed some light on this?

    Chaim Dorfman

    Editor’s Note: No. When Gedolim disagree, it’s between them and has nothing to do with us.




    Dear Editor:

    Trump strikes me as a funny guy. He does not believe his own administration’s findings about climate change. What does he think?

    Josh Moskowitz

    Editor’s Note: I guess Trump is of the belief, “Don’t confuse me with the facts!”



    Dear Editor:

    I understand having discussions and even arguments about certain topics. I enjoy getting into a debate every once in a while too. But when it comes to a huge machlokes, among Jews, that isn’t just a run-of-the-mill fight but a fight that rips apart brotherhood and trashes giant people, about an issue that has nothing to do with me nor will I gain anything from the outcome- I will try to go in the ways of Ohn Ben Peles.

    Join me in a group which is no group, a side which takes no sides.

    Ohn ben Peles not (Peleg)

    Editor’s Note: I guess those of us who stayed home and went to sleep early, practiced what you just preached.