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    Dear Editor:

    Thank you for printing my letter on neurodiversity. It was hard to write, and I’m sure it was hard for some readers to open their minds to the concept that autistic people are also valid human beings. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize the rights and humanity of people of all neurotypes, and all people deserve respect, both despite and because of the challenges they face.

    Best regards,

    Nechama C. Berman

    Editor’s Note: It is our pleasure. You keep on writing, we’ll keep putting it in.




    Dear Editor:

    “Everyone should sign their kids up for public school ASAP,” is the constant refrain. Indeed a great idea. Curious as to how many did it or are planning on it, I asked around and 0% of those asked had done it.
    What are we waiting for?
    Why isn’t Rabbi Bender from Darchei and Rabbi Schechter from Chaim Berlin and Rabbi Brudny from Mir urging the parent body to sign up for school? And what are YOU waiting for?
    Go on. You can do it. Bring Andy to his knees.

    *I didn’t sign my children up, due to not being a parent of a school student. But what are YOU waiting for?

    Sruly Millstein

    Editor’s Note: It is easier said than done. We are fortunate to live at a time when our children can receive an excellent all-around education. We wouldn’t want to play around with that.



    Dear Editor:

    Is there no middle ground between zero education and the new rules? That seems a bit silly.



    Editor’s Note: Yes, there is no middle ground. You cannot have an outside influence running our yeshivos and telling what they can and cannot do.



    Dear Editor:

    Does it make sense or is it helpful to call both Shomrim and Shmira simultaneously in case of an emergency requiring their services?

    Yechiel Gordon

    Editor’s Note: That would be like calling hatzolah and ems at the same time. You have to pick one or the other, not both. Otherwise you are wasting resources.



    Dear Editor:

    So we are very very eagerly awaiting the new Bingo to open in Lakewood on route 70. Last I heard it was under construction.

    Any updates on ETA? My grand kids can’t wait to shop there.

    Sadie Gelbfisch

    Editor’s Note: It is so nice that Bingo has opened up in Brooklyn. It helps keep the prices down. No updates on when it will be opening in Lakewood.




    Dear Editor:

    I think the juxtaposition of the latest “anti-draft” protests and the tragic deaths of two Nahal Charedi soldiers is stunning and to be sure, disgusting. I think that the protesters owe apologies to these boys’ families or at least acknowledgment that these soldiers died in their stead. (True — I have sensitivity to this issue as my son just finished service in Nahal Haredi. Of course, I feel lucky/blessed that he came out unharmed from the service). And while, I believe that there is room for the government to make political deals with the Charedim with respect to army service, at very least, there should be an acknowledgment by the Charedi leadership, the lay people and the yeshiva boys themselves that they belong serving – and to the extent that they are exempt, they should be grateful and humble.

    Sara Vinegray

    Editor’s Note: Why do you feel that the protests have anything to do with those who died? Do not mix apples and oranges. It is a tragedy when any Jew dies. On the other hand, it is also a tragedy when you take boys out of yeshiva and risk losing them to secularism in the army.




    Dear Editor:

    Why is Mesaches Shekolim, the only masechta from Yerushalmi, included in the Daf Hayomi? I think because it reminds us of the geulah. The Kaftor Voferach brings from Rav Chaim Miparis that he wanted to sacrifice a Korban Pesach in the beginning of the 6th hebrew millenium. The Chasam Sofer and Rav Akiva Eiger discuss in great detail how to overcome all the difficulties, but why wasn’t he makriv a Korban Tamid? They answer is that it needs shiklei tzibur which is currently not available only when the Beis Hamikdash will be built.

    Yanky Perlman

    Editor’s Note: I believe we have meseches shekolim to encourage people to learn Yerushalmi. It is unfortunate that most people never learned Yerushalmi in their life. I think everyone should try to learn Yerushalmi.