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    Dear Editor:

    The anti vaxxers are still at it, despite a raging measles epidemic that has already cost some children their lives. Is it even an exaggeration to refer to those people as murderers?


    Nechama C. Berman

    Editor’s Note: I believe it is an exaggeration. The anti-vaxxers should take the welfare of their children into consideration.


    Dear Editor:

    Now that the government shutdown stopped all the legal action against Trump I have a feeling that Trump will keep the govt. shut down even longer. The democrats who need the money will have to give in. Trump can survive without the $1 salary he receives. I think Trump is brilliant.

    Gary T

    Editor’s Note: You sound like you are part of the liberal left. What’s the difference to Trump if they start the legal action now or a week from now? We know the government won’t be shut down forever.


    Dear Editor:

    It is important to note the distinction between those on the outside who want to force ridiculous education rules on yeshivas, and those on the inside who happen to want to improve the system. It’s no secret that there are a handful of yeshivas where the education is severely lacking. I personally know people who, after graduating from such a yeshiva, had to work very hard to catch up to high school level on their own. It isn’t fair to the children. It isn’t about the parents and the state–it’s about the child


    RebYidel Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: Those people who went to school that do not teach secular studies have their own issues. Making a blanket statement that includes those schools with others who do teach English subjects makes no sense. Some of the yeshivos teach their students on a higher level than public school. You can’t take a single brush and paint everything the same. It has to make sense.



    Dear Editor:

    My name is Shimonn. I just wanted to say that I read that if everyone would register their children in the public schools, we could change the crazy system. The problem is once you register a child to go to public school they have to go and they are out of your hands, education wise. Thank you very much.

    Shimon W

    Editor’s Note: If all the Jews would register their children in public school, they would not be able to handle it and would then have to work something out. Your child would not be forced to stay there.



    Dear Editor:

    I am getting sick and tired of all these uplifting psukim set to music, as if Yiddishkeit is just about having a good time, about kol chosson vekol kalla, about Moshiach, etc.

    It is time to set psukim that end in mois yumos, or begin with arur, to music and to play these at chassunes to remind the couple and all guests that ours is a life of responsibility and following rules.

    As a great gadol, one who is so holy that he rarely sees the light of day, once said: “Yiddishkeit iz nit nor gefilte fish in bagels. S’iz skila, sreyfo, hereg in chenek!” (Judaism is not just gefilte fish and bagels. It is lapidation, immolation, supracervical amputation, and asphyxiation.)

    A Yeshiva Man

    Editor’s Note: Your letter does not sound like music to my ears. It actually is not harmonizing and it will not bring us in concert with one another. The ticket to Jewish music is in the sound of the ear-holder.


    Dear Editor:

    Leah’s letter last week was only referring to those who have illegal spots so I don’t understand your retort that many are legal. Who was talking about them?

    Boruch M

    Editor’s Note: How does she know whether they are legal or not?


    Dear Editor:

    Is there an inyan with respect to electronic or “virtual” shaimos? Clearly, we would not throw any papers or hard copy documents containing the name of Hashem or lines from Tanach in the trash but would set aside for proper disposal as shaimos. Also, many follow the practice of double wrapping tapes and CD’s containing divrei Torah and shiurim before disposing into the trash or recycling bags (so called ” kli besoch kli”). But what about disposal of a hard drive or flash memory card that may contain documents or files which we would clearly consider as shaimos in hard copy?? What if we receive an email or file attachment containing the name of Hashem or other words from Tanach….can we press the “delete” or “junk” button without any concerns?

    Yaakov Goldstein

    Editor’s Note: I’d like to give you an answer but think you should rather email your local Orthodox rabbi.