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    Dear Editor:

    Mr Erekat, Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), you blasted US Secretary of State Pompeo, and wrote: “Mr. Pompeo, do you think that Arabs have a neon saying stupid in their foreheads?”

    Yes, Mr Erekat, you and your followers are all egregiously stupid..

    You see, I am the daughter of a Palestinian.My mother was a Jew.  Her mother was a Jew.  They were called Palestinians.  That is what the world called the Jews who lived in Palestine.  The Arabs were called Arabs and your leaders hijacked the word “Palestine” to try to create a people as they enriched themselves and their bank accounts now amounting to billions of shekels, billions of dollars, overseas real estate and titles of power and fame, whilst your poor have never benefited.

    Yes, you are stupid because the whole world knows that Israel is a Jewish country, has been and will always be. You are stupid because your propaganda is all lies and you really think that the world believes this propaganda to be true.

    Trying to claim the holy city of the Jews, Jerusalem as yours?  What about the moon – is that yours too? 

    Yes, you really believe that the fake news promoted by Al Jazeera can change history?  You must be stupid because the Nazi era is still fresh in the world’s memory and the only people who believe you are those who hate Jews, hate people of colour and hate anyone who is different to themselves.

    Look in the mirror and see the word “stupid” in bright neon letters on your forehead. 

    Am Yisrael Chai – the people of Israel live!  We believe in life, and you believe in death. You send your people to their deaths, just as the ancient Philistines threw their children into the fire thousands of years ago.

    Indeed how stupid. But also, how sad.


    Editor’s Note: Unfortunately people have very short memories. There are plenty of Nazi deniers. There are plenty of people who will believe these Palestinian claims as well. We need to keep saying the truth and spreading the word to those who will listen.




    Dear Editor:

    The Jewish Community, together with the entire community at large, is devastated upon hearing of the untimely death of firefighter Steven Pollard. We mourn his passing and wish to express our sincere condolences to the Pollard family, as well as his fellow brothers in arms. In just his year and a half of service, Steven, a 30-year-old probationary firefighter with Ladder Company 170, exhibited what it takes to be one of ‘New York’s Bravest’. Steven took the call of duty very seriously and did not hesitate to rush to the aid of civilians who were injured in a car crash on the Brooklyn’s Belt Parkway Mill Basin bridge on Sunday, January 6th, even though his heroic act caused his ultimate passing. Pollard is survived by his father, 32-year FDNY veteran Raymond Pollard, his mother, and fellow firefighter brother, Raymond Pollard Jr.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all firefighters and first responders for their dedication and service.

    Shea R

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for representing us and expressing our feelings so aptly. We need to show our hakaras hatov to the FDNY while they are alive also.



    Dear Editor:

    For some it is merely a piece of paper that you give in to take your midterms / finals. What is it? Don’t know, don’t care. But for others it is something that strikes fear into the hearts of the young and old. The yeshiva system (with the exception of a few) use something called admission cards to squeeze money out of parents. A couple of days before the midterm or final exam the principal walks in and tells the class: if you don’t have a addmisson card you will not be able to take the  midterm / final and you should ask your parents to contact the office to get one. The innocent naive kid then goes home and informs his parents and his parents are forced to scramble together money (while they are barely makeing it from paycheck to paycheck). However sometimes the kid knows exactly what is going on and will  not tell his parents.

    The day of the midterm/final

    The principal enters the classroom (many of his classmates know why the boy/girl did not receive a addmisson card) and calls the kid out into his office, he then tells him/her that he/she should call his/her parents and tell them that they need an admission card or they will not be allowed to take the test.

    In point this kid is EMBARRASSED BI’RABM A ISSUR DORAISA  yet no one stands up for him his principal knows the hanhala knows. But money talks so no one will say anything. Now you may have a greater defense the yeshiva needs money. If the yeshiva needs money let them sell the Sifrey Torah and lein from a Chumash rather than embarrass a kid bi’rabim. Where are the Rabbanim, Roshei Yeshivos, Askanim. Flatbush, Boro Park or any other place in the world should say NO and not let this terrible child abuse happen. Would Sarah Shnerir, Rav Moshe Feinstein or any other of our previous or current gedolim let this happen NO. The following incident occurred with Rav Moshe Feinstein ztl in Mesivta Tefres Yerushlayim: there was a boy whose parents clearly had the money to pay tuition yet did not want to the hanhala wanted to exclude the boy from certain activities when Rav Moshe Feinstein ztl hear this he gave them a resounding NO (Rav Moshe Feinstein ztl on other incidents also opposed this method). Just because a kid’s father doesn’t have money it is not an excuse to treat him like dirt 

    A kid in a prominent Brooklyn yeshiva


    Editor’s Note: You make a valid point here, however, the yeshivos are not wrong. How are they supposed to collect tuition? It is obvious that they are in a very difficult position if they end up causing children embarrassment. Their rebbeim and staff are also put into embarrassing situations when they cannot pay their rent and other basic expenses. Don’t make this into a flat and one sided issue that seems easily solved by not giving admission cards. It is a multi-dimensional and difficult issue.



    Dear Editor:

    The only reason the whole educational problem happened is because of a guy who started YAFFED. Why did he start this “organization”? Because he didn’t get a good education in Belz where he went as a young Chasidishe boy.. Instead of fighting the whole attack we should think, hey, maybe we are really doing something wrong… And maybe TORAH UMESORAH should approach the Chasidishe Yeshivas in Boro Park and Williamsburg and help them make sure that the kids know basic English, and yes, when the commissioner gave these rules it was intended for the Chasidishe Yeshivas. Just this week I spoke to a 15 Year Old Chasidishe Bucher, I was telling him about a co-worker of mine and he asked me WHAT’S A CO-WORKER! Now is that normal? THAT’S WHY OUR YESHIVAS ARE UNDER ATTACK! Let’s not put ourselves into denial! And don’t think I’m the guy who started YAFFED. I’m just a simple Boro Park resident who is bringing out a sore topic. 


    Editor’s Note: Are you stating that YAFFED messing around with the education system and putting yeshivos who do teach English into a tough spot was the right thing because there are some Chassidishe yeshivos who don’t teach English? It is the parent’s responsibility to select the yeshiva that is right for their kid. If somebody you met does not know what co-worker means, what does that have to do with my sons and daughters in schools that teach English? What does that have to do with the intelligent conversations that take place at my table and the encouragement to read and broaden knowledge that my children receive from their parents?



    Dear Editor:

    I never said anything to indicate support for government control in education, yet you responded as though I had.


    Reb Yidel Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: So then what was the point of your letter last week?




    Dear Editor:

    I was just wondering how you feel regarding a Mesivta in the Monsey area promoting and having a fundraising event featuring cigar rolling and wine tasting. Posters have gone up with a large photo of a person with a cigar and in small letters it says benefiting Yeshiva…..These posters are hanging in local shuls.

    I spoke to the administration of the Yeshiva and they told me “there is nothing wrong for a Yeshiva to promote such an event as it is for adults only.” They told me that “smoking is entirely fine and Mutar and if I have a problem with it…well..too bad.” I asked them are they concerned that the posters may send a bad message to children and they said “This is an adult event.” I responded saying that it is hanging in shuls. Kids and teenagers go to shul and perhaps the message may be that it is OK to do these things.

    Is it in poor taste? Is it sending a message to kids that this is OK?

    Or is it a situation of live and let live?

    Thank you.

    Yankel B


    Editor’s Note: It is completely distasteful. I would hope that not every fundraiser would feel the same way as the one you spoke with. Let some decency still exist!



    Dear Editor:

    The Southern Wall why are the democrats against it?

    Is it because the country can’t afford it? Or is it – that they want an agreement on their radical agenda, eg. 70-80% tax hike on the richest people in the US? Or they think that Trump will be blamed for the Shutdown & Not them (this will have an effect on the next general election)?

    Bluma D


    Editor’s Note: I hate to break it to you. If Trump would come out tomorrow stating the we should open the borders and let everybody in, the Democrats would take the opposing view and take action to the contrary. It’s all politics all the time.