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    Dear Editor:

    There’s something truly horrible running rampant throughout our Yeshivos in Flatbush. No, it’s not problems with the Board of Ed, or the Measles, or even climate change. No, this is even worse than that. I’m talking about the terrible Middah of Sheker. Yes, I’m finally going to talk about that terrible disease that has filled the conversations of our bachurim for years. How can the words of our holy Torah come from those same mouths that spew lies about grisly sports injuries that somehow manage to heal overnight, or faraway western family mansions! The lies that are told by bachurim nowadays are simply unbelievable (literally)! Why would somebody even lie about something that it is impossible for it to be true, such as telling others that he has a license when he is still unable to legally get one! These “mild” exaggerations are dirtying the Kadoshdike mouth that we learn and daven with! I hope that someday soon the yeshivos will pick up on this terrible issue, and Sheker will become a thing of the past.

    Woefully yours,

    Dmitriy Borislav

    Editor’s Note: I guess we can call this the “foot in mouth disease.” Sometimes people have to open their mouth to change their feet. Even if said in jest, it is still a lie and therefore forbidden.



    Dear Editor:

    The Freezer opened  & 100’s of boys will begin searching for their zivug. The majority got very little prep about what’s important & what’s trivial for their situation. The rush is on to be the first to announce you’re a chosson with a k’nockidik shidduch. The results are telling. Lakewood has now become the main frum marriage counselor destination. Dr. Wikler, Dr. Yaakov Salamon, & others have relocated their offices to Lakewood to deal with the increasing marital strife going on. Broken shidduchim & divorces are on the rise.Our boys sat in a 3 month freezer amassing lists of potential girls to marry with no information about what they need for marriage.
    Please take a look at the shiur given by R’ Akiva Tatz about this subject titled ” choosing a marriage partner ” available on hidabroot.

    Sadie J

    Note: I think it is unfair of you to assume that Lakewood has any more issues percentage wise than any other community. There happen to be more people living there today, therefore there will be more couples looking for guidance. As far as preparing boys for marriage, where are their parents in this picture? They should be guiding their sons and daughters as they grow up so they will be successful marriage partners.



    Dear Editor:

    My letter was about what was written in it, which, like I said before, did not in any way endorse giving the state any control over education.

    Reb Yidel Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: Now that we have established that nobody thinks the state should have control over education in private schools, enjoy your coffee.



    Dear Editor:

    Why is it so difficult for otherwise intelligent people to accept that something is seriously wrong with our dating system if it’s leaving thousands of girls single?
    We are B”H so ingrained that shidduchim are min hashamayim that we assume that we take no responsibility for this situation.
    I believe this phenomena is so difficult for some people to accept it puts them into a state of denial.

    Joe K

    Editor’s Note: People are not in denial. Many people have brought up this point and have been trying to address the situation. Hashem in his infinite wisdom will bring a yeshua for all of those waiting.



    Dear Editor:

    When will this govt. shut down stop? It is crazy that the Democrats and Republicans can’t come to an agreement. It is crazy how politics gets played on the backs of plain people.

    Yanky T

    Editor’s Note: It’s a good thing most people have short memories. By the time 2020 comes around nobody will remember that this happened. When they are a promised a tax cut they will come vote.



    Dear Editor:

    Just days after reading the Matzav report about the “nanny” who allegedly suffocated a Jewish infant she was to be taking care of, I wish to share with you my own shocking story. It’s not much of a story actually.

    Simply put, my infant baby’s nurse gave my 4-year-old child treif.

    I was horrified. I immediately asked the nurse to leave. Her reaction revealed that she knew that she had given my child something that was not kosher.

    Her evil smirk betrayed her. She had done it on purpose.

    She had the container of Utz Pork Rinds in her own personal bag. Maybe she had it with her during the days prior. I don’t know. But she was clearly hiding it until I find my 4-year-old daughter munching on something.

    “What is that?”

    She didn’t answer.

    “Who’d you get that from?”

    She pointed to the nurse, Gabby.

    [By the way, I am truly concerned about whether this evil woman, who had evil intentions, may have traifed up my house. The evil look in her eye told me I shouldn’t assume otherwise. My husband has been speaking to rabbonim about this.]

    Readers, I have learned my lesson. Never again. I will not bring a nanny or nurse into my home ever again. I can’t afford the timtum halev of my child. Their neshamah is too precious.

    The question is: Why was I so foolish in the first place?

    First a child is almost suffocated. Now a child, a Yiddishe neshamah, was given tarfus. What’s next?

    I am sharing this story with you for a purpose: Let this be a lesson to everyone out there.


    A Mother Distressed

    Editor’s Note: Thank you for sharing your personal story. It is frightening to think that some heilige families are putting their holiness at risk.


    Dear Editor:

    There are a couple of new congress people with very anti-Semitic views and progressive agendas. It is extremely disturbing the direction our country is heading to. Sedom Ve’amorah were destroyed because of this. We need to be mispalel that a catastrophe should not befall America because of all this to’evah.

    Yankel Miller

    Editor’s Note: Prayer to one above is the only way to go. In addition, show up at the voting booth come November.