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    Dear Editor:

    I really just wanted to thank Mr. Borislav for his amazing letter. I hate to say it, but every single part of that letter is true. How can people just not care about telling lies at all?  I see it happen all the time. Even the most basic lie, such as somebody saying that they’re already on their way when they’re really not is a terrible Aveirah. Take a look at Crooked Hillary, for example. The amount of lies that came out of her mouth on the campaign trail was simply astonishing! Kudos to Mr. Borislav for bringing up this topic, and may we soon see that terrible middah be erased from this earth.

    Many thanks,

    Penina Strauss

    Editor’s Note: Truth be told, lies don’t have legs to stand on and therefore do not survive.



    Dear Editor:

    Riddle: What’s the most rude thing in today’s society? Solution: While sitting with another person and the latter not only answers his cell phone without excusing himself, but doesn’t even bother to step out for his conversation, but speaks in your face.


    Editor’s Note: I can think of many more rude things that people do; however, you are right – two wrongs don’t make a right.



    Dear Editor:

    To Reb Yidel Schwartz: instead of arguing with the editor of The VUES, go open a Gemara and / or do something productive! A person who looks at you sees a bored soul.

    Yankel P

    Editor’s Note: We appreciate everyone who corresponds with us here at The Vues. We also promote spending time productively.



    Dear Editor:

    If you are a newbie to real estate investing and are investing your life savings, is it safe to buy a fixer upper in an alleged up-and-coming Jewish community?

    Has anyone bought such a property and unfortunately the community never grew to the size that people are hyping it to be?

    Thank you – serious question – looking for advice


    Nochum J

    Editor’s Note: If this money is your life’s savings I would tell you not to invest it. If you have some spare money that will not affect your lifestyle if you lose it, then you may as well go for it! Hatzlacha raba!



    Dear Editor:

    I remember that when I was growing up (which was really not that long ago), almost no matter what shul or city one would find themselves in, one could safely assume that Shachris would take about 45 minutes and Mincha/Maariv would take about 15 minutes each.

    However, this no longer appears to be the case. These days, all the minyanim for Shachris that I go to either take 35-40 minutes (usually for the MO or “baalabatish” minyanim), or 50-55 minutes (usually for the “yeshivishe” or chassidish minyanim). The same holds true of Mincha/Maariv – I find that some minyanim always take much shorter than 15 minutes, and some always much longer; but a normal, average minyan is getting harder and harder to come by.

    Will the “normal” minyan become another victim of the immoderation and partisanship that is overtaking the Orthodox world, with those on the left moving ever further to the left and those on the right moving ever further to the right?

    Moshe H

    Editor’s Note: I think you can find a shul that you like and the speed fits your preference. There is no need to paint everybody with the same brush.



    Dear Editor:

    Do girls have more homework than boys and need more study time at home for a full Sunday off? (This is besides for already being off on Shabbos with a half day on Fridays.)

    Do you think/feel boys should also be off on Sundays? On the East coast, boys elementary schools sometimes go until 5:00pm on Sundays. Do you think this is wrong?

    Why shouldn’t girls also have school on Sundays? What is your opinion?

    Malky K

    Editor’s Note: Girls are boys should not be compared at all. They have different schedules because they have different needs and obligations. Girls do not have a chiyuv to learn Torah and therefore do not have a need to have school on Sunday.


    Dear Editor:

    Schools have begun to give midwinter break. Do you disagree on account of bittul torah or do you agree on account of kids deserving a break after all the hard work they put in day in day out. If you agree that there should be a break how long do you think this break should be?

    Ruchel G

    Editor’s Note: Mid-winter break is a newish invention. The children do not NEED a break. They definitely enjoy a break.


    Dear Editor:

    It seems like Trump lost and caved in regarding the “Gov’t Shutdown.” He still does not have his wall and Schumer and Pelosi got the better of him.

    Seymor Trenchovsky

    Editor’s Note: There is an expression in Yiddish, “A naar veizt nisht a halbe arbet.” We will add, “Und far a kluge oich nisht.” This is because, you may win the battle, but it doesn’t mean you’ll win the war. Let us wait and see what happens…