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    Dear Editor:

    This month’s ZMAN magazine features a whole article about the doctor who falsely claimed that taking the shot for the Measles causes autism. Hopefully the Anti vaccinators read the article and come to their senses! Thank you ZMAN for the much needed article.

    Yankel P

    Editor’s Note: There’s no ZMAN like the present to alert the oilam about the importance of vaccinations.


    Dear Editor:

    I feel like not so long ago (’80s), when I was growing up, everyone had a schedule for sleeping. They would go to sleep at a normal hour every day and get up at a normal hour every day.

    Nowadays, even parents with a few kids have erratic hours. They can go to sleep at 2 and get up at 9 or go to sleep at 11 and get up at 7….note the long sleep! When you’re not on a schedule, that’s what happens. And that causes people to get super tired during the day. That didn’t happen when I was growing up.

    I’m not saying everyone’s like this, but there are definitely a lot of people like this. Even working people who have to show up on time every day, either show up late, or come with their belt unbuckled and hair in curlers. (Figuratively speaking)

    What changed? I chap people are probably lazier nowadays, but fixing a normal schedule should be easy.

    Sury G

    Editor’s Note: I almost fell asleep while reading your etter since I did not get enough sleep last night.


    Dear Editor:

    Upon seeing “Yankel P”’s letter, at first I, the person he referred to as Reb Yidel Schwartz, wanted to tell him to firmly acquaint his facial features with one common construction material, one that is known for its typical reddish hue and its rectangular prism shape. After all, who is he to tell me how to spend my time?

    However, I now pity him. For if there is any pursuit less worthy of its time spent than my letters to the editor, it’s his letter about my letters. If I were he, it wouldn’t bother me, but clearly, he cares a lot about that 

    kind of thing.

    (For the record, I would like to state that I take only a couple of minutes to write a letter, and I do spend the rest of my time doing more productive things.)


    Reb Yidel Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: I don’t believe Yankel has a clue to what you are referring. So when you are not bored, please write back to us less cryptically.


    Dear Editor:

    Why do people request advice and then say, “Thanks in advance”?

    Isn’t it appropriate to thank someone after they’ve tried to help you, not before?

    Any insights are greatly appreciated.

    David F

    Editor’s Note: People thank in advance since they are paranoid that they may forget to thank later. Better earlier than never.


    Dear Editor:

    Should the rich have higher taxes on gross income due to the deductions they end up getting? I know the free market hackery disguised as crony capitalism. I believe in free enterprise. But what happens is that the middle class gets taxed at unfair takes leaving them with little money to invest.

    Malky J

    Editor’s Note: That would depend upon who you ask. If the person is rich, they’d say NO. If a person is financially lacking, they’d say YES.


    Dear Editor:

    I got to see the new Crockpot show. I loved it I feel every Yid who is bored should definitely watch it on YouTube.

    Zorach Sheyerovitch

    Editor’s Note: After watching this show, I’d rename it the CRACKPOT show. Agreed, it is funny.


    Dear Editor:

    Do you feel Trump will end up getting his wall? It seems like the Democrats will do everything to stop him. With all the negative publicity he got for shutting down the Government it would be a shame if he did not end up getting the wall. Look at Gaza it helps.

    Wake up America.

    Editor’s Note: Trump would be off the wall if he’d give up on his wall right now. Despite meeting a wall of defense from the democrats, no holds should be barred when it comes to fighting immigration.