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    Dear Editor:

    As many will likely be aware of, there is a very important and a very heated election going on in Borough Park. Yoni Hikind, Kalman Yeger and Harold Tischler are all in the race to replace David Greenfield in the City Council. Regardless of whom you support or don’t support, there is a way to make your voice heard. On October the 18th, there is a debate planned at the Boro Park Y between the three candidates and there is a way to send in questions to be considered for the debate. Just email cd44debate@gmail.com with your questions. 

    (Thanks to Yossi Schlussel for sharing this information on twitter.)

    I personally encourage anyone and everyone to send in questions and concerns. Who knows – your question just might get picked! Please note that the site and date of the debate are subject to change.

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for sharing this with us. We all know how important it is for all of us to do our civic duty.



    Dear Editor:

    The weather is beautiful. We thank Hashem that we had warm weather on Sukkos. I hope that everyone enjoyed the Yom Tov. I would just like to remind everyone as the weather is changing that we should dress accordingly. Most colds come when the weather changes.

    Thanks for letting me give advice.

    Yaakov D.
    Editor’s Note: Good advice! The gemara says that everything is in the hands of Hashem except for colds and heat strokes.



    Dear Editor:

    I am confused as to why some people wear tcheilas on their tzitzis and some don’t. Who can educate us on this topic.

    Berel G
    Editor’s Note: This is a topic which needs to be discussed with a rav, not in a magazine. There are many opinions on this topic and you will find it fascinating! Just find someone who can help you out in your research.



    Dear Editor:

    After the Las Vegas massacre I believe that the time has come to out law guns. What exactly are we worried about? If Trump says that the constitution does not give everyone the right to have health insurance then the same constitution does not give everyone the right that they can have guns.

    Yidel Stroli

    Editor’s Note: On the other hand, gun control would not help protect people. Criminals do not usually buy guns legally. However, the time has come to definitely curb the use of high bullet weapons.



    Dear Editor:
    Why is Trump starting up with Iran? First he should take care of North Korea. It seems that he will cut off his nose to spite his face. Just because Obama finalized the agreement, does not mean he needs to destroy it.

    George G
    Editor’s Note: Trump may be trying to avoid two North Korea situations. Let’s not wait until Iran gets a weapon. We should nip it in the bud now.



    Dear Editor:
    Trump came out against people protesting during our National Anthem. If there is a right to protest then the protest can be done at any time. If there is no law against protesting during the national anthem, then Trump has no right to impose his personal feelings as the Commander in Chief and mislead the public and say that athletes have no right to kneel during the national Anthem.

    Archie Y
    Editor’s Note: The same right they have to protest affords Trump the same right to protest what they are doing. The constitution does not say that a president may not speak out his opinions.



    Dear Editor:
    We had B”H had such a beautiful Yom Tov and I am still trying to get the house back in shape after the guests left. I just wanted to share with you readership that we had an amazing experience on Chol Hamoed when we took our family to Diggerland. It was a family friendly, fun trip that occupied all the age brackets in our family. If you don’t know where to take your family on the next outing, this one is worth a try!

    1. Feld

    Editors Note: I dig it! Thanks for sharing.