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    Dear Editor:

    For some reason, I made this discovery yesterday.

    Count 28 years from beginning of World War 2. 1939 to 1967 – you get the 6 day war. Count 28 years from the end of World War 1. 1945 to to 1973 -you get the Yom Kippur war.1973 plus 28 years you get to 2001. World trade center attacks.

    Chinese civil war in 1927. Add 28 years you get the Vietnam war.

    Count 28 years from the end of the Vietnam War, 1975 to 2003, you get the Iraq war.

    Zecharya F

    Editor’s Note: So when is the next war? And where will it take place?


    Dear Editor:

    I watched episode two of the crockpot show. I was very unimpressed with the bal tashchis. What are we teaching our youth?

    Shani F

    Editor’s Note: The gemara says “bal tashchis of the guf is more important than bal taschis of food.”


    Dear Editor:

    I love Crockpot show. It is so funny. It is nice to see the talents of our generation used in a technological way.

    Much success to them in the future.

    Boruch Goldberg

    Editor’s Note: It would be great if we had more of these types of shows rather than our youth watch the garbage that is out there on the internet.


    Dear Editor:

    My son came home talking in a funny way. He says his r’s with a w. He says that meal mart is fwesh. What is this from?

    Shuli Wein

    Editor’s Note: Check out The Crockpot Show with Pinchos Lurkowitz and you will understand. I hope your son is not too fwesh with you.


    Dear Editor:

    Who were the worst Presidents of the 20th century, from absolute worse to least worst?

    I’ll start and the rest of you folks can continue…

    • Jimmy Carter

    • Bill Clinton

    • Lyndon Johnson

    • Franklin Roosevelt

    • John Kennedy

    • Woodrow Wilson

    Yankel G

    Editor’s Note: Anyone who would like to answer this question should contact us and write in!


    Dear Editor:

    Gun Control in a nutshell. Want to stop drunk drivers from killing innocent sober drivers? Ban sober drivers from driving….. That’s how gun control works

    Mindy Perlman

    Editor’s Note: I find this explanation rather hilarious. If only the far left would see it this way.


    Dear Editor:

    I listened to the David Lichtenstein show and was appalled at the shidduch situation in Israel. Is this why we have so many people come from Israel to collect money in America? What a disgrace.

    Mechy Teichman

    Editor’s Note: Don’t be quick to condemn. You must realize that things are not so simple as they may seem on the surface.