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    Dear Editor:

    I’m so impressed with the crockpot show! As the editor’s notes said last week that it is great that we have these forms of kosher entertainment instead of the dangerous web. And who knew singers could also act?! It is great that people are using their talents that Hashem personally gave them and are using them to the fullest!

    Nissen Levine

    Editor’s Note: I couldn’t agree with you more.


    Dear Editor:

    Rabbi Student’s argument regarding the prophet’s criticism of the Jews having a king, that was because in those times, the Jews had such a close connection with Hashem, that it was a sin that they wanted a king of flesh and blood, so Hashem said you want a king, I’ll give you a king & there were even special commandments for a king. So from then and on, Klal Yisroel had kings, so you cant say that the concept is wrong – you have to follow in Navi what happened next.

    Thanks for printing my words.

    Rabbi Matt Brody

    Editor’s Note: This is the editor, not Rabbi Student. You are correct, but you also have to realize that Chazal held it against Bnai Yisroel for asking for a king. It seems that it was not the correct thing to do at that time. Once it was established there were commandments that were connected to the king.


    Dear Editor:

    Question to Jewish Democrats. Are you still supporting the Democrat Party, after it’s obvious that this party is the party of anti-Semitism or are you gonna lap up the yeshiva funding speech by self-serving askonim?

    Shani B

    Editor’s Note: Do we have a choice in NY City? In this city, a Republican is doomed to lose even before the election begins.


    Dear Editor:

    Women are required to do all the mitzvos of Purim: They must hear megillah, they must do mishloach manos and matanos la’evyonim, and they must eat seudas Purim and say Al Hanisim. What about the chiyuv of Ad D’lo Yada?

    Drinking is not a real issue for women (out of tznius concerns), because they are m’chuyiv in Daled Kosos (which is enough to bring someone to the state of Ad D’lo Yada)! They are not exempt from that drinking!

    But using the rule of: puk chazi my ama dbar (go see what Yidden do), we see that women are not keeping this chiyuv.

    My question is why? And maybe there should begin a campaign to adhere to this chiyuv of women doing ad d’lo yada! Lchaim!

    Sori H

    Editor’s Note: I am not sure if you were sober when you wrote this letter. If a woman would like to be mekayeim this mitzvah, she may do so – by taking a nap.


    Dear Editor:

    I would like to relate a story someone told me recently that I found very interesting. A man was called for information recently about a boy and his family (lets call him Dov). He was asked a series of questions and just went on raving about how awesome the boy is and how exceptional the family was. He stressed how the chinuch was so perfect and that the harmony at home was so serene and just continued with endless praise.

    When the man inquiring the information realized that he was offered this ‘dream shidduch’, he felt obligated to ask his friend the following, ‘ I’ve been listening to you for the past few minutes and it seems that these people have absolutely no faults whatsoever. Nobody is perfect! Surely there must be SOME FLAWS along the way, just tell them to me, we are good friends’

    ‘No’, replied Dov, ‘I can’t think of anything negative, eh, actually the father is not always so ‘yashrusdik’.

    Dov turned all colors and realized how he ‘slipped’ the truth and might have ruined a chance for this shidduch to happen. His friend thanked him for his co operation and put down the phone.

    For the next few weeks Dov was very depressed and couldn’t help but feel responsible for blurting out something that he felt could have been avoided.

    A few days later, Dov gets a call from this very friend who inquired the information a few weeks earlier.

    ‘ I get a Mazel Tov , Dov, I made a shidduch with my daughter’, he said

    ‘Mazel Tov’ Dov replied with a sense of relief, ‘who’s the lucky boy?’ he continued,

    ‘THIS BOY I ASKED YOU INFORMATION ABOUT’, he answered ‘and I just want to tell you that the second you admitted the truth about the father, you clinched the shidduch. I dont need a ‘tzaddik, fin a tzaddik antloif ich, I am not one either and I feel that people who are super yekkish are not compatible with us, thank you so much’

    Dov was in complete shock yet felt such satisfaction , realizing that the TRUTH, even if not so impressive can open doors!

    Moshe M

    Editor’s Note: Just because you did something wrong and good came out of it does not mean it is the right thing to do. Please learn Sefer Shemiras Halashon of the Chofetz Chaim to see what you may say and what you may not say.


    Dear Editor:

    It’s too late. You see the cop motioning to you to pull over. What strategies can you employ at this point to avoid a moving violation or at least ensure the best outcome?

    Malky G

    Editor’s Note: First of all, don’t speed. Second of all, if you do, face the consequences like an adult. Act courteously to the policeman who is doing you a favor by giving you a ticket and thereby saving your life and possibly some other people’s lives as well.


    Dear Editor:

    The democratic party is not anti Semitic, it’s just few weirdoes on the sidelines who make a lot of noise. and yes the funding for yeshivos and kollel yungerleit is very important for Klal Yisroel as a whole. That’s besides for the fact that there are many republican anti Semites.

    Yudi N

    Editor’s Note: It’s interesting to note that these people on the sidelines were not around last year and the year before. It seems that the Democratic party is shifting to the progressive left. Just remember: too right or too left in politics results in anti-Semitism.