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    Dear Editor:

    The reason to stay on the phone with scammers is that when you waste their time, it takes away time that they could use for scamming people. The reason the scams are usually so successful is because they spend nearly all their phone time with the gullible victims–non-gullible people hang up right away, so the scammers don’t spend any time unsuccessfully trying to scam someone.

    Reb Yidel Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: That is very smart of you. It reminds of the joke where a guy had his wife’s credit card stolen and he refused to report it being that the person who stole it was spending less than his wife.


    Dear Editor:

    After years of investigations and wasting tax payer’s money Robert Mueller made a gutsy decision. He did not say that Trump committed a crime but also did not exonerate him either. For this you needed Mueller? I could have said that from day one. Every politician is crooked including AOC who owes a ton of back taxes etc. I love the way the Democrats are saying we will get to the bottom of this. It is interesting that Trump never went after Hillary despite the fact that his rally cry was “lock her up!” I believe that anyone who is a politician by and large had to commit crimes to get to that position.

    Yanky Davidson

    Editor’s Note: Finding a straight politician is harder than finding a zebra without stripes.


    Dear Editor:

    Chabad reaches out to all non-observant Jews. How do they deal with the fact that most nonreligious Jews in the US are actually nonJews because their mother was a nonJew. The vast majority of conversions in the US are through the conservative & reform communities that are not halachically valid.

    Chabad recently had a weekend in Crown Heights for Jewish teens from all over the US, the only criteria was that you consider yourself Jewish. Aren’t they promoting intermarriage by bringing together boys & girls, Jews & non-Jews?

    Are they putting tefillin on non-Jews? Giving Shabbos candles to non-Jews?

    Yenti Weiss

    Editor’s Note: This sounds like a cop out. Better not do kiruv because some of the people you do kiruv to may not be Jewish. Speak to people who deal with kids OTD and they’ll tell you their success rate is less than five percent yet it does not stop them, to the contrary, saving one Jew’s life physically or spiritually is the equivalent of saving the whole world.



    Dear Editor:

    We are in need for a good cholent on Thursday night where should we go?

    Yossi W.

    Editor’s Note: You have many options between Boro Park and Flatbush. Check out our ads in the paper for specials etc.


    Dear Editor:

    I heard a radio show from David Lichtenstein outlining the she shidduch demand from boys in Eretz Yisroel. What can we do to alleviate the situation?

    Sori Perlman

    Editor’s Note: In economics there is a rule that everything goes with supply and demand. As long as there is a supply and demand of people willing to put themselves out for it, it will not stop.


    Dear Editor:

    I saw this letter posted on Matzav and was looking to hear your take on it.

    Dear Matzav,

    I have spent the past week crying on and off and I don’t know if I will ever get over the embarrassment of what happened to me.

    I am a 19-year-old girl and I just started shidduchim a few months ago, ready to look for a ben Torah to build a bayis ne’eman b’yisrael with. I may be a little naive, but I was very surprised when a shadchan asked for a photo of me to show boys’ mothers. I was told everyone does this and it’s considered the norm in this day and age.

    Despite all the cajoling I turned down the request because I felt that it was a breach in tznius.

    A few months later (a few weeks ago) I was redt a boy who looked very promising. He went to top Yeshivos and all his references raved about his middos. After giving a yes we waited for a response with bated breath. When we received a negative response we were only told that the family said we were “not for them.”

    I was disappointed but I moved on.

    Unfortunately, it got back to me that what happened was that the boy had gotten hold of a picture of me and decided I didn’t look “his type.”

    Now I am completely devastated. Besides for the incredible busha of knowing a family looked at a picture of me and turned me down, I now know that there is a photo of me that is being passed around to prospective mother-in-laws for them ogle at and judge.

    How could bnos Yisroel be treated in this manner? After an entire upbringing of being taught that kol kvoda bas melech pnima and that it is our essence and middos that are of importance, me and my fellow Bais Yaakov graduates are made to suffer this indignity that is more dehumanizing than anything I ever experienced. Why are mothers requesting pictures and why are boys comfortable with looking at pictures as well?

    Why is no one standing up for our embarrassment?

    A devastated Bas Yisrael

    Editor’s Note: I am speechless. I don’t believe anyone should have to suffer such indignity. The only consolation is that such type of boys don’t deserve a girl like you. Hashem should help you find the right one soon.