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    Dear Editor:

    Kudos to you for changing and upgrading your paper. I have been
    picking up a copy of The Vues for at least 25 years now and I am very
    impressed with your new look. May you continue to grow and help the
    community via your wonderful articles, ads, and interesting content.

    Chani S.

    Editors Note: Thanks for the positive feed back.


    Dear Editor:

    Within the last few weeks both Camp Dora Golding & Camp Kaylie sent
    out letters saying that they are no longer allowing campers to bring
    screens to camp. No more Ipads, phones etc. Do you think a sleep away
    camp has the right in this day & age to not allow me to communicate
    with my child?

    Editors Note: Yes. Absolutely. And you have the right not to send your
    kid there. The camp has to do what is best for the camp.


    Dear Editor:

    I’m starting to feel it again. My kids are telling me that everyone in
    their class is going away for Pesach. We always stayed home for
    Pesach. The main reason is because we can’t afford to go away. But the
    other reason is that I always felt that staying home was the best way
    to really feel the Yom Tov. When someone else cleans for you and cooks
    for you, you really lose out on what Yom Tov is all about. What do you

    Editors Note: To each to their own. Everyone is entitled to do what is
    best for them.


    Dear Editor:

    I can’t believe that Kalmen Yaeger lost his position on a committee
    where Omar, the congresswoman, said anti-Semitic stuff and she gets to
    stay on her committee. What an outrage!

    Shoshy Klein

    Editors Note: We have to remember that we are in galus and not to
    speak out in a way that antagonizes people. We have been living with
    this double standard for years upon years.


    Dear Editor:

    I have just finished personal tax returns for my wife and myself as
    well as our two daughters and their families.
    Trump’s tax changes capped deductions for state taxes (property and
    income and sales tax) at $10,000.
    We all live in CT and have homes valued and taxed at values above 500K
    and less than 900K, We also have to pay property tax on cars, sales
    tax and state income tax. I ran the returns using the new tax laws and
    software used last year.
    Each daughter’s taxes increased between 5 and 10K on similar income
    My wife and I are paying more 27K more than last year on the same income.

    I was ridiculed when I stated that I expected my tax liability would
    increase 20K+ under the new laws and that it would reduce my
    charitable giving.

    I have just gone through my list of secondary and tertiary charities
    and reduced or eliminated donations planned for the rest of 2019.

    With the changes done to the ACA (Obamacare) our medical expenses have
    also gone up dramatically putting a further squeeze on disposable
    B”H I am not crying poverty, BUT the dire predictions I made about
    Trump’s tax and insurance rules have come true.
    I do not know anyone in my community who has realized a true tax cut
    under the plan. I guess none of us are that 1%.

    Moshe from Connecticut

    Editors Note: You have to understand Trump knows where his votes came
    from. Anyone in the Northeast got killed in taxes since they are
    Democratic States. Until this does not change expect more of this to
    happen to the North East and California.

    ELECTION 2020

    Dear Editor:

    Are you on the fence regarding election 2020?

    -Historical Democrat concerned about anti-Semitism/anti-Israel
    messages from some Democrat in leadership positions

    -Still concerned even though Democrat was somewhat reprimanded by
    Democrats after comments were made.

    -Never ever imagined voting Republican

    -Aren’t some Republican leaders are anti-Semitic/anti-Israel too?

    -Want to approach this election weighing each side – rather than
    simply aligning with a party?

    -Still need to find out who the Democratic candidate it too?

    Anyone have non-polarizing thoughts?

    Thank you

    Shneur Davidov

    Editors note: There is still a long time before the elections – a lot
    can change and yes, we all have short memories.


    Dear Editor:

    On special occasions, like my birthday or our anniversary, my husband
    asks me to sit at the head of the Shabbos table, in his usual place. I
    am wondering if anyone sees a problem with this since I never saw this
    anywhere else? Also, if we have guests that particular Shabbos, do we
    need to “explain” that this is an exceptional Shabbos – not to be
    “maras ayim” of being feminist c’v?

    Shirley G

    Editors Note: It will be dependent upon if your husband is considered
    king then it would be inappropriate.


    Dear Editor:

     There is a newish product on the market called Grape Juice light. I
    can’t figure out why anybody would actually buy watered down grape
    juice. It would be a lot cheaper to just buy regular grape juice and
    add water yourself.

    However, what many might not realize, this product is not considered
    grape juice according to most poskim.

    Reb Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l rules that watered down grape juice
    becomes shehakol, and can not be used for Kiddush or the four kosos on
    Pesach. Reb Shmuel Kaminetzky shlita paskens the same way.

    It seems that many people are buying this unaware that it cannot be
    used for its intended purpose according to most poskim.

    Boruch D

    Editor’s Note: Did you consider the possibility that maybe “Grape
    Juice Light” is not just watered down grape juice and perhaps that’s
    why people use it instead of watering down grape juice?


    Dear Editor:

    The Chasidim are generally makpid to always wear a hat and jacket when
    outdoors rain or shine; hot or cold; young and old. This is so whether
    they are a Rov, Ben Torah or even a poshut chosid. However, among the
    Litvish this isn’t always so. The rabbonim and Bnei Torah generally do
    adhere to this hanhaga. Among their hamon am this is mostly not the

    Why is this so? If you look at the old pictures from Lita you
    generally always see even the hamon am wearing a hat and jacket
    whenever outside.

    Zushe K

    Editors Note: There is no halacha one must wear a hat and jacket
    outside. On the other hand when it comes to davening we need to look
    into the halachos…


    Dear Editor:

    I have a problem with congestion pricing. I come in to work from NJ
    and I get tolled crossing the bridge. Why should I get tolled twice?

    Zecharya M

    Editor’s Note: It is a money maker for the corrupt MTA so their
    salaries can go higher.


    Dear Editor:

    My wife thinks that dust is chametz. What should I do?

    Sam Goldberg

    Editor’s Note: Live with it at least she is doing something for Pesach.


    Dear Editor:

    What right do the Democrats have to demand Trump’s tax returns? If the
    voters voted him in without seeing the tax returns they have no right
    to impose their will on him.

    John H

    Editor’s Note:  The Democrats feel horrible they could not impeach
    trump with the Mueller Report so they are trying hard. It will
    backfire, as the voters will see how petty the Democrats are.