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    Dear Editor:

    Things are getting too extreme. In Lakewood they cancelled a Kumzitz for bochurim for Bein Hazmanim which included a siyum. I feel that we’ve got to give the bochurim an outlet. It is sad that some bochurim were arrested for protesting.

    Tuli from Lakewood

    Editor’s Note: Are you sure the Roshei Yeshiva were on board with the kumzitz?



    Dear Editor:

    I don’t get it how could the Democratic party defend the vitriol that comes out of that fresh (pun intended) congresswoman Ilan. She keeps on bashing everything this country stands for. She is a selfish disgusting person. I am just appalled at the Democratic party. I just hope that the people don’t forget this when 2020 rolls around. 

    Shany Rose

    Editors Note: You have no right to speak about her unless you are a woman, are a colored person, and a Moslem. Otherwise, you are just being a racist. If you don’t believe me ask AOC, she will explain it to you!




    Dear Editor:

    I was extremely disturbed by your article which appeared two weeks ago about vaccinations which are a halachic requirement according to Rabbi Asher Weiss. Since when the Rabbi, as great a talmid chochom as he might be, is an expert in epidemiology? Where did he get his information from? From the fraudulent and criminal CDC? The CDC purchases the vaccines from the manufacturers and resells them profiting 4.7 billions a year. For this amount wouldn’t you think that they be biased? They also own the patents. So from a public agency, it has metamorphosed into a for-profit-corporation. Does he get his information from pediatricians? They get all their information from the criminal CDC anyway and all they care is that they get paid about $14 per jab plus a reward from Blue Cross and Blue Shield at $400 per child. So if he has 1000 children in his practice for instance, and assuming 65% get fully vaccinated, he gets a bonus of $260,000 for following through on their standard. Ask any pediatrician to name three components in vaccines. Invariably they do not know. They have not seen the studies simply because THERE ARE NO SAFETYSTUDIES. If Congress removed any liability from the vaccine manufacturers, why in the world would they want to make any studies? It’s plain and simple, they cannot be sued. how can they state that “It is good for the child”? 

    There is a book called Miller’s review of critical vaccine studies that brings 400 important scientific papers that demonstrate that vaccine are damaging. 

    Dr. William Thompson is one of the greatest scientists at the Immunization Safety Office at the CDC and in 2004 he became a whistle-blower and this is what he had to say: “We have known for 13 years that there is a causal association between the MMR vaccine used in America and autism in children, and we have covered it up. We have lied.We have committed scientific fraud, in effect.” And he submitted 10,000 papers to prove it. He was ordered to destroy those papers but he did not. 

    Does the Rabbi know that employees at CDC do not vaccinate their children? Since Congress passed the national childhood vaccine injury act in 1986, the department of health and human services and the Department of Justice have shelled over $3.6 billion with a B to compensate for damaged children and this after the fact that they deny most of the claims. So if vaccines are so safe and effective, how come there are so many injured children? Has Rabbi Weiss ever read the warnings and scary dangers that are printed in the enclosed leaflets that accompany every vaccine? I could write a whole book about this subject, but in reality I am really writing a book about vaccines and toxic pharmaceutical drugs and any of your readers who is interested in getting my book by email when it will come out soon bH should send a request to drmichaelmarciano@zoho.com. Often people ask me what is my belief about vaccines and I reply that I do not have a belief, I only consider the facts. Follows a very small and partial list of dangerous ingredients and adjuvants included in the vaccines: 

    Beta Propiolactone which causes cancer in gastrointestinal system, in liver, in nerves, and in skin. Is also a respiratory and sense organpoison. 

    Gentamicin and Polymixin B (antibiotics) cause allergic reactions in the range from mild to life-threatening. Genetically modified yeast, contains animal bacteria and viral DNA. Can be incorporated into recipient’s DNA and cause genetic mutations and autoimmune diseases. 

    Glutaraldehyde. Is a poisonous substance and if ingested causes birth defects. Formaldehyde causes cancer, damages the G.I., the liver, the lungs, the immune system, the nerves and reproductive organs. Latex. Can cause life-threatening allergic reactions. Human and animal cells, pig, horse and sheep blood, rabbit brains, dog kidneys, monkey kidneys, calf serum, and cause leukemia and diabetes. MSG. Causes cancer, birth defects and infertility. Neomycin sulfate. Is an antibiotic. Causes epilepsy, brain damage and allergies. 

    Phenol and phenoxy ethanol is toxic to all cells and destroys the immune system.

    Aluminum hydroxide is directly linked to causing Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and seizures.

    Aluminum phosphate is directly linked to causing Alzheimer’s disease.

    Ammonium sulfate, an inorganic chemical compound used as a fertilizer and protein purifier known to cause kidney and liver damage and gastrointestinal dysfunctions and is a nerve and respiratory poison. 

    Amphotericin B is an antifungal, disinfectant and antibiotic, which damages the urinary tract, bowels and heart functions.

    Animal tissues (a causal element for all the various autoimmune diseases associated with vaccination): horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, pig blood, porcine pancreatic hydrolysate of casein. 

    Calf serum and fetal bovine serum (cow blood is recognized as a significant transmitter of mad cow disease)





    human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue) 

    hydrolyzed gelatine 

    polymixin B may cause life threatening allergies 

    neomycin (antibiotic) 

    neomycin sulfate (antibiotic). May cause life-threatening allergies.

    Phenol red indicator, a highly toxic disinfected die attributed to lung, kidney heart and lungs damage.

    Microorganisms peanut oil. This is the reason why over 2 million children are peanut allergic. 

    Phenoxy ethanol (antifreeze) proven to have neurotoxic side effects and capable of disabling the immune system

    potassium diphosphate

    potassium monophosphate

    polysorbate 20

    polysorbate 80, associated with infertility when injected.

    Residual MRC5 proteins.




    VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells linked to the

    SV-40 virus known to cause leukemia and cancer

    washed sheep red blood cells

    squalene which is known to damage the immune system

    nagalase, known to be a potent poison

    Thimerosal (Mercury)-a neurotoxin, the second most toxic substance on this planet linked to psychological, neurological and immunological problems especially autism. Nervous system damage (such as subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), brachial plexitis, post-vaccinal encephalitis, transverse myelitis and peripheral neuropathies), kidney disease, birth defects, dental problems, mood swings, mental changes, hallucinations, memory loss, and inability to concentrate can occur.

    Symptoms also include tremors, loss of dermal sensitivity, slurred speech, and in rare cases even paralysis and death. This addictive alone was the catalyst for another recent class action lawsuit organized by mothers of children born with autism and the many related behavioral disorders associated with it. Autism is now occurring at levels never seen before in history. Depending on the state, its rate is now between 1 in 67 to one in 150. Actually I sow somewhere one to50. The autism rates used to be one in 20,000. Thimerosal may also be associated with a significantly increased rates of senility and Alzheimer’s, which is associated with five or more successive flu vaccinations. Although most Mercury (thimerosal) has been removed from children’s vaccines, they still contain traces ten times above the allowed threshold and it still is in all flu vaccines at high toxic doses. Numerous doctors have testified that they can tell the difference inhealth status between vaxxed and unvaxxed children. The unvaxxed are much healthier, evidently. A child who got measles , will grow a strong immune system and will not get cancer. I got measles, so what’s so terrible? The problem is that the CDC are scare mongers What about all the children that might get hurt chas vesholom by this “psak”?

    All the people who might disagree with me, and I know there are plenty of those folks, should first study the science and the facts at depth before expressing opinions based on hearsay and impressions. 

    Dr Michael Marciano ND

    Editors Note: I am not going to debate with you about Science. Although I believe all these ingredients are ingested with a cup of Coke. What I can debate with you is the fact that a Rov has siyata Dishmaya and one can not question a psak of a Rov. As long as he is mevarer the halacha he will give the right psak and even if it is wrong Hashem protects the person. I can write a whole sefer on this but one who doubts a talmid chochom who is a posek hador is in the geder of mai ahani lei Rabbanan look in meseches Sanhedrin in perek Chelek. Vdai Lehovin





    Dear Editor:

    I am writing to you today to express my views on recent comments by 2020 presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke. Beto, as they call him, last week said that President Trump’s rhetoric is like rhetoric from Nazi Germany. I found this comment to not only be offensive but appalling. First of all, when you compare an administration that exterminated Jews for no reason to an administration that on a daily basis supports Israel like no previous American administration, is just ludicrous. It is literally comparing apples to oranges. It’s also offensive because comparing concentration camps where Jews and other races were beaten and murdered, to our current immigration crisis, is highly disgusting. Beto thinks that he is a superior, moral human being because he totally accepts illegal immigration. When Beto compares President Trump to Hitler Y”S, thats when you know that the Democrats have gone crazy. Beto’s comparison is just not true because Hitler was a ruthless murderer who hated Jews while Trump is the biggest fan of Jews. While Beto is preaching about morals, President Trump is saving our country. The migrant and border crisis is only enlarging and we need to find the solution immediately. That is exactly what President Trump is doing and will keep on doing. Beto is all talk and failure while President Trump is all action and success. Beto’s comments is not a new fantasy in the Democrat Party, it’s a fantasy that has been going on since President Trump announced he was running for president. Let us all remember, President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and because of his courageous move, many more countries are following suite. President Trump has recognized Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights to protect Israel’s security. Liberals seem to forget that President Trump was the one who deported the last living Nazi in America after the past 2 administrations refused to do so. This is definitely not our modern Hitler, this is the best Jewish supporting American President in history. So before Democrats begin to compare President Trump to Hitler, let’s remember all the things that President Trump has done that has elevated Jews around the world. There are also Jewish Trump haters that think Trump is an anti Semite, but remind them that he was the one that freed Rubashkin, a Jew. I don’t think Hitler would be proud of Trump’s actions. Sometimes when Democrats say these comments, people think they’re joking, but then you remember that they have been diagnosed with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Oh and if Beto is such a Israel and Jewish-loving person, then why was he one of 48 congressman and women (out of 435) that didn’t attend PM Netanyahu’s speech a few years ago!? Aren’t liberals supposed to be open minded and work with people that they disagree with!? After seeing this hypocrisy, you realize that this is not the same Democrat Party of your parents. Beto, my final message to you is who do you think you are to preach your morals when you can’t even be open minded and do I also have to mention the drinking while driving incident when you were a teenager? Stop your hypocrisy and get your comparisons straight!!!!
    Chag Same’ach,
    Donny Simcha Guttman

    Editors Note:  I could not agree with you any more.  The Democrats are looking to give the next election to President Donald Trump with a landslide victory.


    Dear Editor:

    We had just arrived at Columbia Hospital with a baby on board the ambulance.
    They stopped us in the hallway, made us put on masks, and waited for the entire ER staff to put masks on.The first question as we walked through the door was not what type emergency we have, but what zip code we are coming from.

    Three EMT’S and two parents were treated like contaminated people from a 3rd World Country, rushed into an isolation room, before being asked why we are here. Thank God we had a stable patient.

    I’m not blaming the hospital. I’m not even sure whom to blame for this. But all I know is that this was very very uncomfortable experience. I’m pretty sure that a non-Jewish EMS unit would not be asked what zip code they are coming from.

    So before you go in front of a camera and somehow try to turn your anti-vaxxers agenda into a religious thing or Jewish issue, think about the unstable baby coming into the hospital and treatment being delayed because of your actions.

    This is no joke.

    You are putting kids life’s in danger because of your selfishness.

    A Hatzolah member.

    Editors Note: It is a shame that there are a select few who cause all other people who disagree with them to be painted in a different light. Although the hospital is right. Unfortunately some of our people in our religion have made us into the laughing stock. So of course the hospital needs to take precautionary measures as we are the ones to blame for not vaccinating our own bodies. We are our own worst enemies.




    Dear Editor:

    So after Yachatz we do Magid and during the sometimes discussions, we are distracted and the youngsters are busy pulling off the “crime of the century”.

    We go to wash Rochtza, ready for Motzi – Matza, and discover that not only is the Afikomon missing, but ALL the matzos were stolen!

    At this point we already washed and can’t talk. The youngsters are laughing themselves silly.

    We make hand motions and lots of “nu! NU!” but the guilty youngsters play dumb about the caper!

    What should we do?!

    All the matzos are gone! The crime of the century!

    What is the shuyur hefsek?

    This is worse than those who chap all the kugel at kiddush!

    They chapped ALL the matzos! GEVALD!!

    Should we prevent this apocalyptic situation by locking up the matzos in the safe?

    Hiring armed guards over the matzos?

    What is the minhag in other homes that have these young criminal minds lurking at the seder ready to extort, create havoc and pull off robberies?

    Yisroel K

    Editors Note:  I feel that you should definitely walk over to your neighbor who is part of Shomrim or Shmirah and let them restore law and order.



    Dear Editor:

    After listening to some of the Anti-Vaxxers many are quoting from Rabbanim who are not from their community, In other words they have “Shopped for a Psak”

    Is it now OK to shop for a Psak if you want to be “more frum”?

    Boruch G

    Editors note: How do you know they aren’t in the community of the posek they cited?

    2. Even if they aren’t, how do you know that *their* posek holds differently?

    3. The pro-vaxxers also cite poskim many of the anti-vaxxers aren’t affiliated with. So the other side is doing no differently.

    Bottom Line a klal needs to follow the roiv.



    Dear Editor:

    The hit song Adama Veshamayim is in fact a Wiccan Avoda Zara chant. It was originally recorded by someone named Tony Wrench for a group named PRANA (the name of a hindu idol). It was called Tall Trees (googling Tony Wrench Prana Tall Trees brings up a remix of the original song – the original doesn’t seem to be on Youtube.)

    The original lyrics include the line “I feel it in my Body and feed it to my source” – a direct reference to Wiccan Avoda Zara worship! (The more recent English versions switched it to “I feel it in my body, I feel it in my soul”).

    While the original frum artist of the song did not know the origins of this song (he seems to have gotten it from an Israeli group called Sagol, who translated the innocuous version to Hebrew and included it on a very-much-not-avoda-zara cd that included many songs praising Hashem) the original is most definitely Avoda Zara and should not be played by our simchos.

    Yankel J

    Editors Note: You are right but most of the songs today come from non Jewish sources. I don’t know what is the answer.




    Dear Editor:

     I don’t understand the Democratic party. They are the biggest supporters of the #me too movement should not that automatically disqualify Joe Biden?

    Editor’s Note: Joe Biden has many other reasons to disqualify him.




    Dear Editor:

    The president spent a 50-year real estate development career gaming and cheating the system to make and keep as much money as possible. He did not serve in office or the military and did not trouble himself to learn about the U.S. system of government, much less American values and first principles.

    Buttigieg, young as he is, seems to understand all of that in his bones. His résumé is short but packed: Rhodes scholar who speaks seven languages, McKinsey & Company management consultant, Naval Reserve veteran who served in Afghanistan, eight-year mayor of South Bend. He’s the type of young person who gets approving nods from older persons.

    Most importantly for this campaign, his thoughts on challenges and policies sound sensible and unifying, as opposed to incoherent and polarizing. You hear it in the interviews Buttigieg has been doing nonstop, and you saw it Sunday in the kickoff rally — the type of event candidates use to define themselves.

    Buttigieg channeled both Barack Obama (“running for office is an act of hope” and as a gay man whose husband watched him announce his candidacy, how could he not believe in hope?) and Trump (“I do believe in American greatness,” he said. “I believe we can guide this country and one another to a better place“).

    I feel he should win the Democratic nomination.

    Suzy H

    Editors Note: It does not matter. Trump will beat him by a landslide





    Dear Editor:

    Whatever Trump tries the Democrats just rebuff. If the Democrats are so much for letting the immigrants in the Country why are they protesting the fact that Trump wants to send them all in sanctuary cities?

    John D

    Editor’s Note: They are like children who do the opposite all the time.




    Dear Editor:

    I was visiting Brooklyn and happened to pick up your paper and was wondering when will you send the Jewish Vues to Lakewood.

    Yermi from Lakewood

    Editor’s Note:  We are in the “Country” and maybe in the near future we will be in Lakewood.