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    Dear Editor:

    I love reading the Jewish Vues, and with this new change it has some ups and downs, the Vues was always unique because of size of the magazine, but now it’s the same size as all other magazines. But don’t get me wrong, I really love the Jewish Vues but if it’s called the heimishe Vues how do u have interviews with ball players? 


    Editor’s Note: The definition of Heimishe can be interpreted in many ways.




    Dear Editor:

    I picked up the new Jewish Vues and read the letter “A Dangerous Psak”. This letter is loaded with “Fake News”, and utter nonsense.

    The printing of that letter was in itself so very dangerous and stupid! Some people may even believe some of the nonsense written in that letter!

    Maybe you printed the letter to generate some excitement in the hope that people will respond and continue to pick up this paper. If that was your intent, you really picked a bad way to do it.

    You owe your readership a major apology together with a rebuttal of that letter. Otherwise, I suggest that anyone with a brain boycott this publication.

    Zevi Wolf

    Editors Note: The same way we printed your letter we printed the other letter. We accept letters that are appropriate and love to encourage different views. As long as we can discuss things in a civil way we will be successful.





    Dear Editor:

    The gemoro you mentioned in Sanhedrin 99b about may ahanu lan Rabbonon brings four examples of apikorsus which all have the common denominator of a display of contempt. I would never dare to scorn chv”sh an important Rabbi. All I did is ask which are his sources. His psak  is only about medicine and I know with absolute certainty, after having studied in depth the scientific aspects of vaccines, and I can affirm with absolute certitude that they are a hoax and a scam. Mine, is not an opinion, it is only based on facts. The gemoro in Sanhedrin 6b eight lines before the end brings a din that a talmid who sees his Rebbi erring in his judgment, should not be quiet but rather should voice  the correct halocho and the source is the posuk “You should not be afraid of any man” (Devorim 1:17). The gemoro in Shevuos 31a four lines from the top brings this same memro but with a different mekor: “Distance yourself from untruthfulness” (Shemos 23:7). The gemoro there brings another case of a Rebbi who errs in din.The gemoro is replete with Maskif lo, Abaye questioning his Rebbi Rav Yossef, Rovo questioning his Rebbi Rav Nachman and numerous other cases and this is darko shel Torah about milchamto shel Torah. 

    I would like to bring verbatim the response by Rabbi Benzion Halberstam, a posek in Lakewood:

    The idea that someone may not challenge the psak of a Rov is incorrect al pi halacha, and by saying so, it would stifle the process of birur halacha and birur ha’emess. See Shu”t She’ilos Yaavetz 5 where he deals with this subject at length. He says even in regard to a talmid contesting the psak of his Rav hamuvhak, that not only is the talmid permitted to contest his rebbe, but he is actually obligated to do so. In the opening lines of his teshuva he states that it isn’t even a question at all and that the Gemara is full of such instances. 

    If vaccines were swallowed with a Coke as you say, it would be a much smaller problem because the body has an easier way to rid itself from the many toxins, but being that it is injected in the blood system, the body has a very hard time to rid itself from the numerous and dangerous toxins.

    There are two Italian scientists Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari (their website is StefanoMontanari.net) who, using advanced technology, discovered that vaccines are replete with numerous different very toxic heavy metals, and some of them in the form of perfectly spherical microscopic balls, which indicates without a shadow of a doubt that they are man-made. Since their discovery challenges the vaccine industry, the Italian government broke into their office and confiscated all their computers and their data.

    For some reason, when it comes to measles, public health officials and the media make it seem as though being sick is, in and of itself, a cause for hysteria, even though the absolute risk for death from that illness is almost nonexistent. The risk is only for people whose immune system is extremely compromised and in those cases, vaccines would be inefficient anyway.

    So, where is the evidence that measles is a catastrophic public health concern comparable to smallpox that warrants forcing all children to get vaccinated or be banned from going out in public?

    What’s more, let’s not forget that going through and recovering from measles confers natural lifelong immunity. The same cannot be said for the vaccine, which only provides an artificial immunity that can be temporary as health authorities found out in the early 1990s that one dose of MMR was not enough and now two doses of MMR are given. Measles outbreaks often occur even in highly vaccinated populations, so vaccination even with two doses is no guarantee the disease won’t spread.

    Plus, because MMR vaccine is a live virus vaccine, people who get it can develop vaccine strain measles infection with symptoms like fever and a red rash that looks a lot like wild type measles. In fact, a study published in 2017 revealed that when samples of blood from “confirmed” measles cases in 2015 in the U.S. were lab tested, 37.63% (73 of 194 cases) turned out to be vaccine strain measles, not wild-type measles.

    Measles Outbreaks Have Repeatedly Occurred in Vaccinated Populations

    By the early 1980s, about 95 percent of children entering kindergarten in the U.S. had received a dose of measles-containing vaccine but, in 1989-1990, there were outbreaks of measles among school-age children and college students.

    Public health officials responded by recommending a second dose of MMR vaccine for all children. In an article published in Clinical Microbiology Reviews in 1995, researchers stated:39

    “Measles, which was targeted for elimination from the United States in 1979, persisted at low incidence until 1989, when an epidemic swept the country. Cases occurred among appropriately vaccinated school-age populations and among the not immunized, inner-city preschool children.

    In response to the epidemic, measles immunization recommendations have been modified. To prevent spread among school-age populations, a second dose of MMR vaccine is recommended at 5 to 6 or 11 to 12 years of age.”

    Today, measles outbreaks are occurring even in populations that have received two or more doses of measles vaccine, and/or where vaccination rates are above the “herd immunity” threshold. For example:  

    • A 2017 measles outbreak in a highly vaccinated military population in Israel, ranging in age from 19 to 37, had received two doses of measles vaccine. A 21-year-old soldier, had documentation of having received three doses.

    • A 2014 study conducted in the Zhejiang province in China found populations that had achieved a measles vaccination rate of 99 percent through mandatory vaccination programs still experienced outbreaks far beyond what the World Health Organization expected.

    • A 1994 study looking at measles incidence in Cape Town, Africa, indicated that as vaccination rates increased, measles became a disease in populations where the majority of children had been vaccinated. The immunization coverage was 91 percent. The primary and secondary vaccine PROVED TO BE A FAILURE.”

    Despite the high vaccination rate in the U.S., it’s not enough to thwart outbreaks, and evidence suggest outbreaks would probably continue to occur even if vaccine coverage was at 100 percent.

    The answer is to take high doses of vitamin A.

    I assume Rabbi Weiss got his information from doctors. But doctors do not get any education about vaccines during the studies in medical school. They are only told that vaccines are safe and efficient. And this line is parroted also by all the drugs’ sales people.

    Do doctors know what VAERS means? Do they know what table of injuries means? And what about “passage”? And what about ACIP  committee? What’s VERBAC? What’s adversonomics? Do they know what foreign DNA is in there? The only thing that they have to do is memorize the schedule. But that is not called studying vaccines. Do they know what the ingredients are? No, they don’t know what they are.

    This is what Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, author of the book “Vaccine Illusion”, who is an expert epidemiologist, had to say about vaccines: “Once you start analyzing one vaccine after another, you will see that they are either unnecessary, or they don’t guarantee protection or they are very harmful. There is not a single vaccine that I could put my finger on and say that it’s necessary, safe and effective.There is none.”

    The vaccine industry’s greatest weapon against medical freedom and medical choice is fear and ignorance. More than marketing vaccines, the vaccine pushers are marketing fear, and it is irrational fear. If you think about the big manipulations of humanity throughout history, it’s always through fear.

    My final word: Always read the risks and collateral side effects in the enclosed informational leaflet or if you cannot get it, download it online and then make an informed and wise decision.

    Dr. Itaki

    Editors Note: Again I am not getting into a Scientific discussion. I will say and challenge you did you pick up a phone and discuss your grief with the Rav that gave the psak? How do you know that he has not spoken to other Doctors who have different opinions than you? That is my point you called the letter a dangerous psak I beg to differ I would call it a dangerous letter.





    Dear Editor:

    Today I am writing to you with the concern that the Democrat Party, one of the biggest political parties in America, is becoming more Anti- American by the day. The radical leftism that they are pushing for, can be demonstrated by their 2020 presidential candidates. These garbage candidates are becoming so left with their loony ideas that we need to take these threats seriously. They start with repercussions for Black Americans for slavery 150 years ago. Every American has equal rights in 2019 and when we subjugate them to these standards of repercussions, it does the opposite effect on them. Instead of elevating these Americans, we are just reminding them to what their ancestors were subjugated to, which brings backs terrible feelings towards each other. Aren’t we trying to erase these mistakes and memories!?! Well, aren’t the Democrats the ones that are tearing down Confederate statues because they claim it reminds people of America’s racist days?! So if they want to erase those feelings, then aren’t repercussions doing the opposite effect!!?? The worst part about these new ideas, is that each candidate tries to outdo the other. Then you have this whole criminal voting rights issue that Democrats are starting to subscribe to. It started with Senator Bernie Sanders that said he would be up to supporting criminals in jail to let them vote. Senator Sanders could have stopped there, but no he didn’t, he went further to say that even ‘terrible people as the Boston Bomber’ should be able to vote because voting is as Sanders said, ‘voting is an inherent part of democracy’. Senator Sanders is right about it being an ‘inherent part of our democracy’, but that right is to people that keep the laws of that democracy. When you have criminals and terrorists that totally violate democratic principals, you can’t give them  consideration in a discussion on the table of whether we should reward them with rights. How about talking about the Boston Bomber who took away peoples lives, forget about rights, he took away their life!! Senator Kamala Harris didn’t 100% subscribe to this, but she said that it should be a discussion that we need to have while she was nodding her head. So what she was really doing was saying yes, but in a refined, political-esque way. A few years ago, if you heard these ideas, it wouldn’t be taken seriously, but now it is!! These are scary times, and we need to realize what we are dealing  with. The Democrats also pursue identity politics on a daily basis. You are starting to see a trend that male Democrat candidates are promising that they will appoint a women, diverse candidate. It sounds like a nice idea, but when they do this, it is labeling people which is segregating people. The Democrats try to unite but end up dividing. This is the Anti-American approach to divide and to support rights for people that shouldn’t even be considered to be included. This is the Democrat party of today, the Anti- American party. The party that does one thing in one area, but totally contradicts it in another area. Is this the party that we want to govern us?? I don’t think so!!! Let us all support not an Anti- American party, but a patriotic party, The Republican Party!!


    Donny Simcha Guttman

    Editors Note:  Unfortunately we see what politics is all about. People will promise and pander to anyone that will listen to try to get a few votes. 



    Dear Editor:

    We are having a special election in Flatbush to fill Jumane Williams seat. I will not discuss all the candidates but I will saty that there is one candidate who is Jewish. It would seem that we should vote for that candidate expecially since sge promises she will fight on behalf of our Yeshivos. I just want to alert the public that this candidate did not hesitate to come out against a Kosher certifying organization for refusing a toeiva person from performing in a frum restaurant. Remember being a frum Jew means that you are opposed to any lifestyle that goes against the Torah. Unless this candidate does not publically come out and say she created a chillul Hashem by going to the newspapers and social media to decry that frum people are not tolerant of toeiva’niks. I wonder what she will say when the Yeshiva will teach Achrei Mos and Kedoshim and say that alternate lifestyles are not permitted if she will still fight on behalf of our Yeshivos. Better not to vote for a person who might make a chillul Hashem.

    Rabbi B Stern

    Editors NoteIf what you are saying were true, then I would agree with you. I wonder if the candidate was asked about it if she still feels the same way. Maybe he/she did teshuva. We can only daven for that person.





    Dear Editor:

    From before we were married my wife has been going away every year to Pesach hotels or what not. Her whole life she never knew anything else. Baruch Hashem we have the means to easily go away every year to all the top programs we have been to over the years, and we have just about been to them all. We have been there and done it all.

    Our kids are now all married and their families are growing. We decided that it was time to make Pesach in our house. We hired a private chef (who was on our program last year) and two waiters to take care of the food. My wife gave them her Bubby’s Pesach recipes that they blended with more “today” style food. We hired some more help to clean before Pesach. I have to say, being able to sit at my table this year, in my house, with my family, truly felt like malchus. No packing, no travel (yes even first class is a patchke with security and baggage) no tipping. I was able to sleep happily in my own bed.
    Some of my children grumbled in the beginning. But by the end of first days everyone was thrilled. For the first time we spent quality family time, the ladies stayed in their robes for the most part and didn’t have to do the whole showoff new wardrobe to the world thing like in the programs. I was able to daven normally in shul, didn’t have to worry about kashrus, and we even got to see Shwekey. So what exactly did we miss? The beaches we see a few times a year anyway?And you know what? The price of the shopping, extra help, chef and all was a fraction of the cost of the cheapest program we have been to. The money that I saved could sponsor a couple non pesach vacations!

    I truly feel bad for those who had issues with their Pesach arrangements this year. Maybe next year they will opt for the ultimate concierge pesach experience at home and save a ton of $$ to boot.

    Happy in Brooklyn

    Editors note: This letter is a great letter. I wish more people would try this and not spend so much money going to programs.



    Dear Editor:

    How sad it is that because of a few anti vaxxers all Frum Jews are now being scrutinized for measles. A family was held up on an airplane with all passengers witnessing it to have mosquito bites inspected. Are we going to need to carry our immunization cards with us to get on to planes?

    Yechezkel Davidov

    Editors Note:  Can’t blame the airline they could not take any chances. With today’s climate no airline can afford bad publicity.



    Dear Editor:

    Just recently, two pregnant women in Brooklyn were found to have the measles with the disease hitting a shocking 390 victims in New York City alone. While many debate the topic of vaccines, there is a group of victims that cannot speak up on the topic: babies and unborn children. The primary risk antivaxxers pose, is to pregnant women’s health, and newborns.

    True, there are other groups of people who are affected by the reckless decision to not vaccinate. People who are immunocompromised, those who did not have a booster vaccine recently enough, and others, those who cannot speak for themselves are most at risk. Measles can cause pregnant women to either lose their pregnancy or for the baby to be born with major health problems such as deafness or other major health problems. This is not a kumbaya situation where we can say:” well, why don’t we just agree to disagree”, this is a situation where a group is placing another group at direct risk. Intentions do not matter here. It is one group, risking the lives of others who are defenseless with science being very one sided on the matter.

    Sure, I have seen and heard the arguments of the antivaxxers; the distrust in big pharma, the anecdotal-hearsay “evidence”, and the desire to do things the “natural” way. I am not going to debate those. It is not for me to debate those. I am not a medical doctor. I have not dedicated 12 years of my life— or more— to study the human body, disease-prevention, and medicine. My wife, her mother, my aunt, and millions of others, have done so. Without any vested financial interest in this topic, they will tell you: MMR vaccines save lives. It’s not just them, the overwhelmingly vast majority of doctors will tell you the same. Period. Nothing more to it. Sure, can you find 0.001% of doctors who say vaccines are terrible probably. You can find that percent of engineers telling you never to get on a bridge or an airplane.

    Living in New York City, I am surrounded by bridges and tunnels. Whether it is the beautiful George Washington Bridge, the illuminated Lincoln Tunnel, the Triboro bridge, or the Verrazano Bridge, I deeply appreciate them all. They allow me to come in and out of my home island of Manhattan, plus minus the inevitable traffic. I have yet to have seen a car pull over, the driver look at the bridge and deem it unsafe, turn around and leave. Definitely not someone with a degree in music or philosophy. And yet, when it comes to measles and vaccines, there is suddenly a “debate”. Anyone is welcome to way in. Risking the lives and health of others, antivaxxers, shy away from no argument. While the majority are happy to argue back, silent lives are being lost and destroyed, and unthinkable damage is being done.

    Having on the one hand people who have dedicated their lives and careers to the study of medicine tell me how vaccines save lives and how lack thereof endangers the lives of others, while others with no medical backgrounds (sorry, some did have a degree in natural nutrition, psychotherapy, and other “experts” who were happy to way in on life-threatening issues) share something they saw once on Facebook, made judgment pretty easy.

    For anyone to be so callous as to endanger the lives of babies, to destroy viable pregnancies, to maim and injure innocent children, to inflict developmental disabilities on children who should have had every opportunity in the world open to them, is not “another side of the argument”, it is an unforgivable sin.

    As we mark on Passover our Exodus from Egypt and redemption from a Paroh who was on a mission to bring death upon the babies of the Israelites, let us counter that with the celebration of life, take all life-affirming measures recommended by health professionals, and may we all be blessed with the blessings of Shifra and Puah who saved the children of Israel. Right after Pesach as we begin saying slichos for Bahab, we will say a special prayer for illnesses that strike children. Diglei Am…hatzel minegef ve’al yi’hyu leshisuf”. The flags of our people, the dear children, please save from an epidemic so that they not be slain. Never did I think we would have to implore our own neighbors and friends with this prayer, but I ask you today to ask everyone you know, “Hatzel Minegef”, save them from an epidemic. Let’s make sure we reach %100 vaccination rates so that there are no more silent victims of measles, and that everyone see happy, healthy, and ehrliche children—doros yeshorim u’mevorachim.

    Rabbi Pupko


    Editor’s Note: Amen



    Dear Editor:

    I’m sure some of you opened up the Wall Street journal this week and saw the front page article about measles in the Orthodox Jewish population. If you turned on 880 or 1010 Wins on the radio, the lead story was about the measles outbreak in Williamsburg.

    THIS IS ALL PREVENTABLE. Myself and my family are vaccinated. I don’t have any children in Day camp. But I have no interest in the Department of Health coming into my bungalow colony. I would hate to see one of my friend’s children in an ICU on a respirator. (There are currently a few on a respirator now with measles). Vaccinate your kids!!! Encourage your friends to vaccinate their kids!!!
    You can mark your calendars. There is the potential to be a measles outbreak of unheralded proportions this summer in the Catskills. As we all know, there is a mixing of the neighborhoods over the summer, and kids of all ages are going to be in close contact. I am predicting that as soon as the first child in a day camp has measles, the Sullivan County Department of Health is going to close down that day camp for at least 30 days.

    Wishing everyone a healthy and joyous Summer.

    Ellie Bennett, MD

    Editors Note: Hopefully it won’t get to it.



    Dear Editor:

    Ad Mossai? How much longer will we need to suffer from these rabid anti-Semites who kill Jews for the sole reason that they are Jews? Hashem yinkom es Damam. This poor lady going to Shul to say Yizkor getting gunned down. Horrible.

    Mushky S

    Editor’s Note: All we can do is take the words of Vehi Sheamda to heart and rely on Hashem to save us from their hands.




    Dear Editor:

    Did you hear that Amazon will be shipping their stuff one day shipping instead of two day shipping. We are living in a society that we need instant gratification.

    Sury Gordon

    Editors Note: You are correct. We live in a throw away society. Easy come, easy go. I want something, and I want it now!