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    Dear Editor:

    Be very careful when you drive in the 66th and 70th precincts. The police are issuing summons for not using the right and left signals – which is $ 138 dollars plus it goes on your driving license record thanks to the mayor and the city council that has an annual budget of 85 billion dollars.

    Editor’s Note: The city will do anything it can to make money. Even if you keep the laws, they will always find new laws to ticket you with. Keep driving with your eyes open and drive safely.



    Dear Editor:

    There is a great difference between the Kurdish drive for independence in northern Iraq and the Palestinian push in Gaza and the West Bank.

    The Kurds in northern Iraq speak Kurdish, not Arabic, and for that they have been subject not only to severe discrimination but to actual genocide during the time of Saddam Hussein. The regional government of the Iraqi Kurds is now an island of law and order and democracy in an area where that is scarce. In addition, they have a history of western values.

    By contrast, the Palestinian Authority has a history of corruption, nepotism, and, in some cases, torture and murder. Furthermore, PA President Mahmoud Abbas is now in his twelfth year of what was supposed to be a four-year term in office.

    Unfortunately, Hamas, which controls Gaza, is even worse. Torture and murder under strict Islamist rule has been the policy for years and is unlikely to change.

    Recently Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told a delegation of visiting Republican congressmen that he is in favor of an independent Kurdish state in parts of Iraq. According to a source who took part in the discussion, Netanyahu expressed his “positive attitude” toward a Kurdish state in the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq, saying the Kurds are a “brave, pro-Western people who share our values.”

    It certainly would be wonderful to have a second pro-western democratic nation in the Middle East.

    Bracha David
    Editor’s Note: You bring out a good point although I don’t know what can be done about it.



    Dear Editor:

    The MTA is ready to roll out a new payment system to completely replace the Metrocard by 2023 — and riders will be able to start using the system by early 2019, according to details obtained by The Post.

    Within 18 months, a contactless system will allow riders to wave their credit card or phone near a scanner to pay the fare at 500 turnstiles and on 600 buses, the source said. Riders will be able to use the methods in all entryways to the system by 2020, they said.

    MTA officials hope to completely get rid of the Metrocard by 2023, said the source.

    The question arises what will happen with the dollar charge for metro card will it cost us a dollar just to charge our credit card or phone app?

    Claire Roth
    Editor’s Note: What happens to the people who don’t have a smart phone or credit card? Will there be a cash option? Worth discussing to hash out the problems. Maybe updated is not really better!



    Dear Editor:

    Why on earth is the city giving out these garbage cans and creating a new class of garbage of food scraps and leaves etc…. I’m sick of the corrupt city telling us what to do. They pound us with taxes and regulation even to fix a sidewalk which they give you a violation for then they require you to obtain a permit and pay for it!! or don’t fix it within 45 days and pay about 5x the amount of what it should cost because the city does it. this is absolutely ridiculous and I’m sick of it. The main reason we have these garbage cans is because someone gave Deblasio a nice donation for his campaign and he then feels he can use your money to purchase it for you. and while he did that he probably paid an insane price for cans probably 10x what it would cost if you went to a hardware store (support small business). I hope everyone votes for BO Dietel for mayor an independent running against the NYC sewer system.

    Editor’s Note:

    As an explanation for those who aren’t in NYC, the Sanitation Department is rolling out curbside collection of compostable materials, i.e. yard waste and food scraps. Presumably the point is reduce the amount of garbage going into landfills, as well as to provide compost to the Parks Department.

    When NYC started curbside recycling, they did it on the cheap. Most communities provided bins, but NYC just handed out stickers that homeowners were instructed to put on garbage cans that they would need to pay for themselves. I suspect that they decided to provide the brown bins because regular garbage cans containing food waste would attract various creatures. They haven’t rolled out the program in my neighborhood yet, but I’ve seen the bins in my travels for several months. They always seem to be tightly sealed, and I never see flies around them. My only concern is that they’re too small for yard waste in neighborhoods where people actually have yards. I also wonder about including bones and the like, which are usually not composted. Over all it would seem to be a nice idea unless the city decides to do another revenue stream and fine people who don’t do it.



    Dear Editor:
    To anyone who has the new garbage cans, you have my sympathies.

    If it’s really bothering you, you can vote our lovely mayor out of office. Or more accurately, you can’t…

    The liberals who don’t have a clue as to the volume of “organic trash” the average Yiddish Family generates, or what leftover fish smells like a few days after a three day Yom Tov, actually thought this was a viable idea. If I’d eat out more days than not, and only had to contend with a few eggshells and dry leaves, maybe I’d think so too…

    B”h my block hasn’t been so lucky – yet.

    As to the good news, I hear the containers inside can be very useful – and they’re free.

    Until the sanitation tickets start coming – but that’ll take a year or two. So enjoy your almost indiscriminate garbage pick-ups while you can…
    Editor’s Note: I am stocking up on the nose plugs… what a bunch of garbage!



    Dear Editor:
    I am not understanding what purpose is gained by those blocking traffic and protesting in Israel. Do they really think the Government will change their views based on these illegal activities. In addition, it brings a big chillul Hashem.

    Boruch Jacobs
    Editor’s Note: Some people need to express their opinion and that’s what freedom of expression is all about.



    Dear Editor:
    I think that part of the problem why there is so much talking in Shul is the fact that there is a lot of shlepping in Shul. People find a lot of down time and are bored so they turn to their friends and schmooze. If we would like for us to have the proper decorum in Shul we need to just daven and not give people down time Shul is not a club where we catch up on news etc.

    Isaac Stein

    Editors Note: Great idea. I think shuls should have time limits for the chazanim and no mi’shebeirachs.



    Dear Editor:
    Why is Carter trying to undermine Trump with his leftist agenda. He messed up enough while he was President we don’t need him doing any more damages.

    Yanky Hirsh

    Editors Note: The following song comes to mind, “Mr. Carter, what do you want from me….”