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Dear Editor:

I hope that everybody is aware that Sullivan County is being very
strict this summer about allowing anybody to work or stay upstate if
they cannot prove that they are properly immunized for the measles. As
a 45 year old woman who works at a camp upstate, I went to Simcha
Felder’s office for a free blood test to check if I am still immune
from my shots I received as a child. I could not believe it when I got
a call from the lab telling me that my antibodies are at 28 and to be
considered immune it has to be over 32. I am now scheduled to get a
measles shot so I will be fully immune. Please don’t waste time and
get yourself tested today.

Malki Feller

Editor’s Note: Testing, testing, 1-2-3. Kol Hakavod for being on top of it.


Dear Editor:

With elections coming up in just a few weeks, I’ve been watching the
Queens DA race with great interest. One frontrunner candidate in
particular – Tiffany Caban – has been making campaign pledged that
challenge the very foundation of justice and law and order in this
City. For example, she promises to use her discretion to decline to
prosecute many serious offenses, including drug use. She also
committed to giving shorter sentences to felons, because “There is no
evidence harsher sentences make communities safer; all they do is keep
more people in jail longer and waste resources.” (Yep – that’s a
direct quote from her website!)
Even worse, she has “proudly” accepted the endorsements of Linda
Sarsour and Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, who are both BDS supporters and
anti-Israel. Caban has refused to condemn BDS, and is a member of the
Democratic Socialist Party, which believes in the destruction of
Israel as a Jewish state.
Imagine my surprise to learn that Comptroller Scott Stringer has
excitedly endorsed this woman for DA. Scott Stringer, who claims to be
a supporter of Israel and New York’s Orthodox Jewish community, hasn’t
even officially announced his candidacy for Mayor, and he’s already
showing that he’ll throw us under the bus if it means getting the
support of his precious progressive friends.
Spineless Stringer blows in whichever direction the wind does. Now
he’s endorsing Tiffany Caban’s insane, anti-justice ideas. I’m scared
to know what ridiculous progressive garbage he would implement as


Editor’s Note: Just remember that we seem to forget easily.
Unfortunately Jews vote democrat even if they are detrimental to What
Jews stand for.


Dear Editor:

In the past few days, more Democrats keep on joining calls for
President Trump’s impeachment. Their claims are always based upon the
lie that President Trump committed obstruction of justice by the
Mueller investigation. If you look up in a dictionary what obstruction
means it will say, “Committing the offense of hindering a legal
process.” Therefore, according to Democrats, President Trump
deliberately hindered a legal process meaning an investigation.
Usually when you hinder a legal process, what you do is, is that you
trY to prevent the investigation from either existing or stopping from
achieving key documents and etc. However, Democrats keep on screaming
that President Trump has committed either “impeachable offenses” or
“obstruction of justice”. These are very general terms. When you
constantly use a general term in a argument without specific proofs
about your side, if usually means that your argument is baloney. This
is what the Democrats are doing. They say that Trump has either
committed a crime or undermine our democracy. However, if you take a
look of Trumps record about the investigation during the years that it
was going on, you will not see a ‘hindering of a legal process’.
President Trump has the power to direct himself or the Attorney
General to stop the investigation by firing Mueller. President Trump
never did that! He let this witch hunt go on for 2 full years. In
reality, this invention really went on longer as we are starting to
see evidence that this investigation might have been started by a
dossier that was biased and untrue. During the investigation there
were over 500 subpoenas, 2800 people being interviewed in connection
with Trump, unlimited grand juries available. Also, even President
Trump legal team were very transparent with Mueller. They overturned
over 1 million documents to Mueller and his legal team testified in
front of Mueller’s team for over 30 hours. This is not ‘hindering a
legal process’, this is supporting our legal systems. This
investigation caused division in our country and coast taxpayers over
35 million dollars for this investigation. When the report came out,
Mueller concluded there was no evidence of collusion between Trump or
anyone associated  with him and the Russians. The reporters even
mentioned that Russia did approach some campaigns workers to say that
they would collude for them if they wanted to and the campaign workers
rejected these people. This collusion point in the report should be
the only point that matter. No collusion! The End! All this ludicrous
outcry about obstruction of justice from Trump are lies. They can
never list specific examples of obstruction. Instead of praising Trump
and his team for cooperating with the investigation in him, the
Democrats decide to divide the nation by calling for his impeachment
for no other reasons except political.  A lot of Democrats debates say
that the lawmakers that want impeachment are just more of the radical
members of Congress, but that is not true. Around a week ago “moderate
Democrats” Katie Porter, Tim Ryan and Kathleen Rice gave their support
for impeachment. The impeachment goal is being spread among
“moderates”. Some who are reading this, are surprised to hear that one
of their own supposedly moderate congresswoman Rice, supports
impeachment. This shows that the Democrats have always been planning
for Trumps impeachment since day 1. Now it is time to make sure that
our congressmen and women don’t fall for this baloney Democrat
political trick. Tell your congressmen and women to be as the liberals
said last summer, “be a hero!!!”
Donny Simcha Guttman

Editor’s Note:  Their true colors are showing


Dear Editor:

I was taken aback to read a column by former Assemblyman Dov Hikind in
last week’s issue (June 12-June 18 ) of your paper (p.39), in which he
says that he joins with Jewish practitioners of anti-Torah immoral
behavior to stand against the ban they ran into when they wanted to
march in a Washington DC toeivah parade with a Jewish Toeivah Pride
flag (R”L) recently.

It is not our place to advocate for toeivah practitioners who want to
engage in forbidden conduct while identifying as Jewish, which is a
contradiction in terms, or an oxymoron, as the Torah stands strongly
against such behavior. It is analogous to a theoretical case of some
Jews calling themselves the Hebrew Porkers (R”L) wanting to
participate in a bacon and cheeseburger cooking and eating contest
while wearing stars of David, who were told that they may not do so.
Should we advocate for them? Resoundingly not! They are going where
they do not belong, in a way that is improper, and making a Chillul

The march organizers did them and Jews at large a favor with their
ban, by sending the (correct) message that Judaism and Toeivah do not
go together.

Now that the assemblyman has retired from political office, he should,
on the contrary, feel even more free to stand for traditional Torah
values, and not bound by false and fickle political correctness, or
the liberal flavor of the day.

Hoping that we will not see such errors again.

Sincerely yours,

Brooklyn Old Timer

Editor’s Note:  Amazing how toeiva became mainstream and therefore
even Yidden are accepting of it. We must remember to fight it with all
our might the world was not created for this. The proof is in the
pudding one can’t have children naturally via Toeiva.


Dear Editor:

If the city truly wanted to prevent drivers from speeding in school
zones, it would install rumble strips that cause vehicles to slow
down.  Cameras are not preventive; they are merely revenue collectors.

Martin E. Boxer

Editor’s Note: We all know, what liberal DeBlasio wants is our money.


Dear Editor:

Be careful: many of the small car rental companies in Yerushalayim
have started a new moneymaking scandal. Before the car is rented out,
the pictures or videos they take are purposely taken in an unclear
way. When the car is returned, they then claim damage to the car, and
charge exorbitant fees to fix it. The companies then pocket the cash
and rent it out again, often claiming from multiple people for the
same scratches! This has happened to numerous people I know.

I just wanted to warn the oilam, that if you rent a car in Israel,
rent from a large, well known company. If you have already booked with
a small company, make sure they fill out a comprehensive damages sheet
before the rental, ensuring they mark every small scratch, bump, dent
and loose paint.

Moishe Goldstein

Editor’s note: This happens everywhere – caveat emptor.


Dear Editor:

Is Credit Card “Shtick/Fraud” stealing?  Is it “yosher”? Does it fall
within the guidelines of “kedoshim tihyu” as defined by the Ramban?
Does it satisfy the passuk “Vehyisem Nekiyim”?

Nossen Gold

Editors Note:  It probably is, but even more so the Chillul Hashem
that comes out is much worse.


Dear Editor:

Which is a greater Maalah? Someone who knows how to dissect a gemara
but is very weak in Halacha, or someone who is strong in Halacha and
poskim but not strong in gemara?

Sender Bernstein

Editor’s Note: They are both important, and you need to learn both.


Dear Flatbush Neighbors,

Why do posters specifically and Israelis in general think that Israel
isn’t a part of galus? Case in point: the Chabad family that wants to
homeschool. One poster said

“This is what golus is all about. You made your hishtadlus now Hashem
wants you to leave.Pack your bags and leave while you still can. batel
retzoncha mipnei retzono. Maybe I should say that about the people who
don’t want to be a part of the draft

Editor‘s Note: Until Moshiach does not come everyone is in golus
including those in Israel who do not have a government based on Torah
and Halacha.


Dear Editor:

Rabbi Yoel Roth of Williamsburg has introduced a new concept of making
chasunas at his shul. He recently did this for his son and the entire
chasuna expenses, from beginning to end cost only $7000 (including
clothing jewlery etc etc) what do you think?

Editor’s Note: Would he give me his shul for my child’s wedding, or
just for his?


Dear Editor:

Does a convert adopted by frum parents have a bashert? Today he is a
man and wants to know whether he has a bashert that was decreed as

A baby was adopted by frum parents days after birth. Said infant was
taken by hospital staff from his birth mother, who relinquished her
rights, in the hospital after birth. The baby grew up in a frum home,
observing Torah. He officially converted to Judaism when he was a
teenager, per halacha. Today, he is a frum man. He is currently in the
shidduchim parsha.

Does he have a bashert?

Editors Note: Of course, if he is a ger he is a yid who has hashgacha
pratis. End of story.