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Dear Editor:
Flouride in our water is not a waste as can be seen by families I know who lived in Brooklyn for quite some time and then moved to Lakewood. They noticed that the children who were raised in Lakewood had more cavities than their older children who were raised in Brooklyn. There is definitely a reduction in tooth decay in areas with fluorinated water.

Editor’s Note: I believe there
may be more candy eaten in

Dear Editor:
How does “if you hate your country, leave” combine with not allowing people who hate their countries (because they are bad) into ours?

Reb Yidel Schwartz

Editor’s Note: I am baffled and do not understand your letter.

Dear Editor:
This past week has been one of the most divisive weeks of politics between President Trump and “The Squad”. Last week, President Trump on Twitter said that lawmakers that hate America should leave our nation. He also pointed to Representative Omar that if she doesn’t like our nation, then she should go back to her former country, Somalia. Immediately, President Trump was labeled a racist. However, if you look up what racist means in a dictionary, it will say that it means, ‘one who feels that another race is superior to another’ or ‘someone who discriminates another race’. If you look at President Trump’s words, it has absolutely nothing to do with race, all it had to do with was AntiAmerica, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel statements that these congresswomen have made. President Trump said that if these Congresswomen don’t like our nation then they should go somewhere else. Trump is 100% factually correct. These congresswomen have a history with controversial statements, and beliefs. Starting with Congresswomen Omar’s statement that “some people did something” about 9/11 at a CAIR event a few months ago. She totally undermined America’s enemy
by softening her language of our enemies. She was also responsible for asking a judge to have compassion on 9 people who were going to join ISIS. When I say ISIS, I mean the terrorist organization that kills hundreds of Muslims and non-Muslims. Ha! Isn’t the hypocrisy funny?! But no, President Trump is a racist despite the fact that his military tactics are the reason why ISIS’s territories have been completely destroyed. Congressmen Omar said last week that people always associate America with the word ‘great’, therefore they say “America: The great”. She went on further to say that the label is not right because the people of our nation don’t live by those values. America has never and will never be perfect, but to say that about the people of this beautiful nation
like that, is Anti- American. Omar also introduced a bill that would guarantee moral
support to people boycotting Israel because there are many practices done by Israel that
are similar to Nazi Germany. This bill is motivated by antiSemitism and Anti- Israel rhetoric. She also one time in a tweet said that Israel has
hypnotized the world! These
quotes are from a United
States Congresswomen,
where was the outrage then?!
Rep. Rashida Tlaib was a
congresswomen- elect when
she tried to repudiate the US
presidency by calling the
current US President a curse
word. If you look at AOC’s
ridiculous comments on migration camps being concentration camps, it is all a bunch
of lies about America and our
people. One of the most racist comments actually comes
from one of the “Squad”
members themselves, her
name is Rep. Presley. She said
last week that if you are not a
black voice or Muslim voice
then don’t come to the table.
What does that mean? Does
that mean that if we don’t
agree about a certain point
that you believe in, we are just
people that are disqualified
from defending civil rights?
These remarks got almost no
attention from the press or
any Democrat. The Democrats in less than 48 hours
got a resolution to condemn
Trump’s “racist comments”.
But when Ilan Omar make an
Anti- Comment saying “It’s
all about the Benjamin’s!”,
Democrats took a few days to
get a resolution, they watered
down the response to Omar
and they refused to directly
condemn Omar. Republicans
on the other hand, have condemned their own Representatives when the time was appropriate. When Republican