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Dear Editor:

I know you like to give a “smart answer” but in this case I think it should have been more serious. Aside from the law that we all should learn when we get our licenses to signal turns, it is a sakana and lack of derech eretz and could create sinas chinum.   We are not nevinim and cannot know when the car in front  of us is going to turn.

I’m sure nobody likes to slam on the brakes when a car in front decides to turn with no indication. I believe the law is to signal 100 feet before you turn, not at the last second.

The police are doing their jobs.

I see many cars of “frum” people cheating with covered license plates and illegal plaques on the windshield so they should not get tickets.

Others do it also, but when you can be identified as a “Jew” be lawful!

Ellie Weiner
Editor’s Note: You make a good point. However, you should know that most of these tickets are given to a driver who is on the left turning lane without a signal on. It is quite evident that he is making a turn, so that fact that he is not signaling isn’t so terrible. If it would really be a safety concern, they would concentrate more on giving tickets in places where people are cutting others off on highway. I am not so sure that turning signal tickets are truly a Chilul Hashem.  



Dear Editor:

The problem of talking in shul is also that people don’t have respect for their friends and obviously for the One Above. If you say there is “down time” in shul, which there never should be, then take out a sefer and learn, or say Tehilim. If someone turns around to talk to you, then just don’t respond. It is not that hard. Try it. I do it all the time.


CR Smiles
Editor’s Note: You are right.



Dear Editor:

When I heard about the new plan to phase out metro cards and have people pay via an app on their smart phone I thought, “This is another example of new does not necessarily mean improved.” What kind of silly plan is that? Why do people think that everyone has to have a smart phone and all that comes along with it? I hope this doesn’t happen. Sometimes I want to dial back the clock to a simpler time. Anyone have a token?

A. Stein
Editor’s Note: Remember, you can never turn black the clock. The time of putting coins on the bus is over. Look ahead and make the most of it.



Dear Editor:
This is a response to Animal Activists from Rabbi Avidor Miller Zt”L


Is there any reason to refrain from buying furs because it encourages the slaughter of animals?


I’ll explain as follows, I’ll paraphrase it. Is there any reason to refrain from buying a cotton sweater, because it causes people to plant more cotton in the fields? Now if you don’t need that sweater, then you have no good reason for buying it. Whatever is not necessary you should not buy. If you need it you should buy it, and Hakadosh Baruch Hu is supplying you with the cotton. Cotton is a miracle. What’s cotton? Cotton is nothing but carbon dioxide with a little other chemicals mixed in, I can prove it.

Take a ball of raw cotton and set fire to it, it’s white and fluffy before, now it becomes black and it’s carbon. It’s all carbon, with a little bit of other chemicals mixed in. Where does it come from? It comes from the air, carbon dioxide from the air makes cotton. You’re wearing a cotton shirt? It’s mostly carbon dioxide with some sunshine mixed in. Cotton stockings, carbon dioxide. You want to try it? It’s a little bit expensive! Burn your stockings with a match and it turns into carbon dioxide, into charcoal. So you see it’s all carbon dioxide.

Now, if you need furs, then you can put on furs, and anybody who has pity on animals because he doesn’t want to use the furs, has pity on them, it’s a misunderstanding. Hashem said U’rdu, mankind can rule over all the animals of the world, if you need them you can use them. Anybody who refuses to eat meat because he has pity on the animals is not a wise man. Why should he have pity on animals, why not have pity on plants? On fish? He doesn’t eat animals, he eats fish, it makes no difference. But if you need them, Hashem said U’rdu, rule over them, you have the right to use them.

So therefore if you need a fur lined jacket, you need it, if you can get something that doesn’t have to have a fur lining, or you don’t want to spend much money, so tovo olecha brocho, blessed should you be for not wasting money. But if you have to spend the money you shouldn’t refrain just because the fur will come from some animal.

Boruch Hirsh

Editor’s Note: The animal right activist only care about animal rights, not human rights.



Dear Editor:
There are many charity organizations who call me during dinner and mask their phone numbers.

Is there any way to stop these calls, It is so annoying.

Yanky Rosen
Editor’s Note: Just thank Hashem that you are on the giving end, not the taking end.



Dear Editor:
The anti-semitism that is going on in NJ is scary. I heard there was a town that did not allow an eiruv and explicitly said it was because of bias.

What can we do about it?

Yisroel Mendlowitz

Editors Note: Daven to Hashem for the geulah to come very soon.



Dear Editor:
It sounds like ISIS was beaten and they have no more territory. I feel that this would be a false sense of security as the battles they wage are not done with an army and they don’t need countries they can create havoc and damage with one lone wolf. We need to be aware of this.

Chavi Greenberg

Editors Note: You are right. We cannot become complacent. We don’t have the Taliban anymore! We have ISIS. When they are gone someone else  will take their place.



Dear Editor:
What kind of nonsense is this? Mueller has arrested two people of Trump’s former cabinet. This has nothing to do with the Russia probe. I wonder if they would investigate Mueller himself if they would not find him with the same crimes.

Yidel Weiss

Editors Note: You don’t get it. This is the way they are getting them to snitch on Trump.



Dear Editor:

I heard that Israel destroyed another tunnel and killed some Palestinians. It is amazing to see what lengths the Arabs will go by putting children near these tunnels and then blaming Israel for killing innocent children.

What a crazy world we live in.

Zohar Boruchov

Editors Note: You are definitely right. They are mechanech their children to blow themselves up so they have no value for life.