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    Dear Editor:

    Rumor has it that the Five Towns Vaad did not permit grocery stores to open before chatzot/midday on Tisha B’av. This happened last year as well. What about those who become ill as the day progresses, and want to shop fresh food for the day, before they weaken as the day progresses? What about those who don’t have to fast, either halachically or because they are not Jewish? What’s your opinion?

    A Tisha B’av Grocery shopper

    Editor’s Note: Would you say the same thing on Shabbos? If Shulchan Aruch says one may not do melacha before chat- zos, the stores should be shut. There are plenty of stores where one can get food. In addition, every- one has enough food in the house to survive for just a while longer.


    Dear Editor:

    Your magazine is amazing, but why during the nine days did you post ads of meat venue?

    Sincerely, Ellen Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: There is life after the nine days.


    Dear Editor:
    It hurts to see many advertisements related to the dairy foods we eat during the 9 days. The 9 days are days of sorrow on all what we have lost. Hashem’s house has been destroyed for the sins we have done. We are in galus together to reconstruct our connection to Hashem. Is it proper for restaurants and Take-outs to display ads of a 9 day ‘dining’ menu/headquarters etc. Are these days of celebrations? What are we trying to portray? The days of which the churban occurred is a reminder for all of us to remember what we have lost and to work on our middos and character to bring the long awaited, everlasting geula, may it be very soon.

    As per the country vues point; a heimishe news- paper should take more precaution when placing ads/pictures in their publication.


    Editor’s Note: What ads CAN we put in?


    Dear Editor:

    Up until now, I have believed that the best way to defeat Donald Trump in 2020 has been to focus on advocating for the federal government to do more to help the lower and middle classes with their economic and financial struggles to survive and to pay their bills. So, I have largely ignored his hateful, dumb, stupid, and ignorant remarks in which he de means, degrades, insults, bullies, and disrespects all minority groups, women, and immigrants. I have done this partly because I have believed from day one that this has all been a big ACT, that he is a master manipulator and con- man who really doesn’t believe the ridiculous, idi- otic, and moronic things that he says, and that he cleverly figured out that he could win the Presidency by pretending that he believes in what he thinks that 51% of the American people believe in hate. But his hate-talk has now become too dangerous. He is playing with fire. This big ACT and GAME has to stop.

    I call on all of the good- hearted conservative- Republicans in the USA who have a conscience to join Nikki Haley and to call out Trump and for all of the Republicans in Congress who have been silent about this evilness to also call-out Trump on this hate-talk. The people who he has insulted and disrespected don’t de- serve to hear any more of his brutality. He might have already damaged our country beyond repair.

    Stewart B. Epstein

    Editor’s Note: I guess you are entitled to your opinion. Seeing that there are Anti-Semitic cartoons published on a daily basis with and without retractions I think I will stick with Trump.


    Dear Editor:

    How does the gemara’s principle of Nashim Da’atan Kalos apply today? What can we learn from the gemara’s principle. For example, in my business, my employees need to keep secrets in a very strict sense. Must I worry that by having female employees, their lightheadedness may result in their revealing my corporate secrets to family or friends? (Women do tend to socialize more.)

    Boruch H

    Editor’s Note: There is no rule I know plenty of women who can keep a secret and plenty of men who can’t, so I guess your premise is wrong.


    Dear Editor:

    If you haven’t paid attention lately, the price of kosher meat is way too high. The stores know we can’t buy not kosher meat, so they keep

    on raising prices. In most Jewish neighborhoods, there are a lot of rich people whose lives aren’t affected by these price increases, so the gravy train keeps on rolling.

    I say, go vegetarian to protest these ridiculous prices.

    Sruly J

    Editor’s Note: Uh Oh. I have a feel- ing that vegetable prices will go through the roof.


    Dear Editor:

    Elon Musk has pushed ahead his schedule for commercial sales of an “always on” self-driving vehicles that will be programmed to make pre-set stops on a circular route in urban areas. Could some variation of such a car be certified by The Institute for Science and Halacha as appropriate for use on Shabbos? Would additional passengers force the motor to “work harder” as was a concern with early Shabbos Elevators?? I such a concept even theoretically feasible under halacha?

    Shaya F

    Editor’s Note: It would fall under the category of taking a city bus.


    Dear Editor:

    We’re so used to being fed secular ideology telling us that the Holocaust was a man made event caused by out of control anti-Semitism, we start believing it.

    We are maaminim bnei maaminim; the Holocaust was a gezeirah min hashamayim. Different reasons have been given by Gedolei Yisroel why the Holocaust happened, but all agree it wasn’t a gezeirah. The way to annul gezeiros is through teshuva, tefilah, & tzedaka, not through politics.

    It’s possible we’re supposed to make hishtadlus to minimize sinas Yisroel & oppose anti-Semitism ,but that’s a tafel not the ikar.

    Trump took office. Stop and look at the real cause. Did you notice which movie topped the box office the weekend of Aug 2-4? “Hobbs & Shaw,” a movie promoting violence. Hollywood should take some blame for constantly producing such violent fare. In addition, it seems that our health system failed to identify some mass shooters and give them psychiatric treatment. Third, we should blame the makers of video games that glorify death and gun violence. If you put these types of games in the hands of sick minds, what do you think will happen?

    Tom H.
    Editor’s Note: Well said!


    Dear Editor:

    Please allow me to express my disappointment, following a vote by Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Dist. 12) to vote “No” on a resolution condemning the movement to boycott Israel. Our congresswoman was the only member of Congress from New Jersey to vote against this resolution, which received overwhelming sup- port in the House of Representatives in late July.

    There is, of course, no easy path to peace in the Middle East, but at- tempts to intentionally hurt Israel, the only democracy in that part of the globe, is troubling to me. This Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign does nothing to encourage peace and prosperity within that entire troubled region. International efforts to isolate Israel are a continuing pattern of anti-Israel bias that we often see at the United Nations and from nations whose own human rights records are deplorable.

    But unlike most other nations,

    Israel’s very existence has been under threat ever since its founding 71 years ago. Many of those behind this movement are those who failed to destroy Israel militarily and now want to destroy it economically. In that context, the international BDS movement must be opposed by all those who support Israel’s right to exist, even if they don’t necessarily agree with the policies of its current government. I will continue to make my voice heard in support of Israel.

    Shoshy K

    Editor’s Note: Please welcome the new Democratic Party which preach- es anti-Semitism and even tries to in- filtrate the Republican Party.


    Let’s remember that the Holocaust was a gezeirah from Hashem & all gezeiros are wakeup call for teshuva. The ADL, Simon Wiesenthal, Askonim etc. won’t stop a Holocaust, only we can, by our own actions.

    Chaim K

    Editor’s Note: You are a hundred percent right. Although, if we save one Jewish life, the fight is worth it.


    Dear Editor:

    I am very curious if anyone has heard perspective from our Gedolim with respect to the re- cent shootings, and specifically the issue of Gun Control. Obviously, these are disturbing incidents that are part of a frighten- ing trend, and I feel that Klal Yisroel needs be directed to the proper Hashkafa.

    Mushky J

    Editor’s Note: I am sure that daas Torah is against mass shootings. How to protect yourself they may differ as do the politicians.

    Dear Editor:

    After the two mass shootings, it did not take long for some elected officials to start calling out President Donald Trump. Let’s face it; these incidents have gone on since well before