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    Dear Editor: Last week I was walking down the street I saw another stand with a paper the name was the views at first I thought why is the Jewish views coming out with another paper when they all ready have this great paper then to my disappointment I realized it was a another paper I don’t mind another paper but why would one yid do this to another one I find it really disgusting to use someone else’s name why can’t you just be original and come up with something new not that we need another paper the Jewish views gives us plenty of good reading.

    Signed really disappointed

    Editor’s Note: As you know Coke does not care about Pepsi. We are the oldest newspaper around and I guess you could say imitation is the best form of flattery. This does not excuse the other publication from stealing our name. We are proud to be the Jewish Vues of Brooklyn.

    Dear Editor, First of all I would like to compliment you on the new and upgraded views. In my view your weekly is on a whole new level. I enjoy the article. The new size makes it alot easier to read. Whilst sharing my view, I want to say, It’s very troubling that a heimish business can take your name that you worked up after so many years and lift rip it from you. How ironic it is, last weeks parsha Shishi starts with .לא תסיג גבול רעך Wishing you all a Kesiva Vachsima Tova.

    A proud 25 year advertiser

    Editor’s Note: Please see above response.

    Dear Editor I really think that the new paper in Boro Park, the Boro Park View is wrong for stealing your name. You guys have been in Boro Park under The TV Vues, The Vues and now the Jewish Vues. How can they steal your name? Bracha Cohen from Boro Park Editor’s Note: Please see above response. Dear Editor Did you guys open a new paper in Boro Park? You just changed the format before Pesach and my entire family loves it. Why would you change your format again? Meilich Singer from Boro Park Editor’s Note: Please see above response. Dear Editor If a new magazine wanted to open in Boro Park, why do they have to take your name? I really hope they don’t take business away from your paper. My family has been reading The Vues for over 40 years and we look forward to it every week. It’s just wrong. You would think that a frum publication would not do something like this.

    Chanie E. from Kensington

    Editor’s Note: Please see above response.


    Dear Editor: I am a long time reader of The Vues and always appreciated a different kind of voice in the Jewish community, but reading this past week’s letter (Sept 4 – 10) I was absolutely shocked and embarrassed when I saw a vulgar 4 letter word almost clearly being written in the paper. Yes, we have to write news about the unfortunate anti-Semitic attacks that are happening at an alarming rate, and the right job is to quote the event accurately, even things that may seem controversial, but to go against halachah? How can we do such a thing?! If the scenario includes something inappropriate (such as this one) what’s wrong with saying (expletive) instead of hinting at this horrible word? Now, as a Jew I am obligated to judge favorably, and I will do so, maybe the editor misjudged, or overlooked, but in the future please be careful with your printings, my children could be seeing this!

    Signed, An open minded and pretty liberal Jew

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for bringing it to out attention. We will try to not make these types of mistakes again.


    Dear Editor: They say that in America, all kinds of dark humor are acceptable, except jokes about mass shootings. Why? Because it’s always too soon.

    Mottil J

    Editor’s Note: This joke sounds like a shot in the dark.


    Dear Editor: Why does it seem that no matter how obvious it is that smoking is a bad idea, each generation still makes the choice to smoke that first cigarette? Reb

    Yiddel Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: It is as my Rosh Yeshiva used to say: that we are convinced that there is a chevra of people who die, but I personally don’t belong to this chevra. This mistake can be fatal.


    Dear Editor: Am I the only one who sees the absurdity in this? Vision Zero in NYC. Unsafe driving must be reined in. Bicyclists? Not so much. On September 2, there was a report about pedestrians being hit or killed by bicycles. After giving some statistics and suggestions, it ended with: of course, the main cause of [everything] is cars and trucks. A while back, a bicyclist driving recklessly was hit by a truck in a way that the driver could not possibly have seen the bicyclist. Was the mayor’s reaction to enforce safe bicycling? No, we must increase enforcement against unsafe driving. Vision Zero. Story in (Sept 2) news: A man stops someone in the act of attempting to break into his SUV. The perpetrator slashes a woman nearby and escapes on his bicycle. The man, in a rage, gives chase in his SUV, pins the perpetrator against a parked car, killing him. He then rams several other vehicles and is arrested. He is charged with murder. Then the clincher: This is the twentieth bicyclist killed on city streets this year. Why is this the last sentence in this story? This was not a bicycle accident! This was totally unrelated to the other 19. Here is my suggestion. If you want to ride your bicycle on city streets, then you need to have a bicycle license. In order to get that printed on your NYS ID, you must take a 1-hour course on safe cycling. If a cyclist goes through a red light or stop sign, or rides against traffic, a cop should pull him over and issue a summons. Too many summonses and the bike is impounded.

    ZF, Kew Gardens

    Editor’s Note: Here is another opportunity for the city/state to charge more money for licensing on bikes.


    Dear Editor: Someone in my neighborhood was walking around with a petition to save baby eagles. Everyone agreed and signed. As soon as they signed he pulled out another petition to protest late term abortion and save babies from being killed. All of a sudden people said they can’t sign. What a topsy turvy world, where animals’ lives take precedence over human lives.

    Boruch K

    Editor’s Note: Sounds like the city of S’dom and Amorah.


    Dear Editor: I always think about how there are so many places in Tanach where people daven to be bentched with children. I’m wondering if there are any places where people daven for a shidduch. Is this a new nisayon? The only one I can think of is Leah davening to not marry Eisav.

    Sora K

    Editor’s Note: We find that both Avraham and Eliezer davened for Yitzchok’s shidduch. The Baal Haturim says that Yitzchok was mesaken Mincha which is a good time to daven for shidduchim.


    Dear Editor: The internet is a tremendously powerful tool which can destroy a person if used incorrectly. But let’s not just demonize the internet. Let us appreciate the chessed Hashem for creating the internet for Klal Yisroel. I would speculate that the main source of parnassah for Chareidi Yidden entering the business world is based online. Kollel people without even a high school education are earning a respectable living by selling online primarily on Amazon. When the internet is used correctly with a filter & yiras shomayim it becomes a tzinor of shefa & brocha for Klal Yisroel. Let’s not be kefuyei tova to the Ribono Shel Olom by demonizing this gift he gave us. Let’s use it responsibly.

    Chaim L

    Editor’s Note: This may come as a shock to you children, but people got along fine before the internet. People bought and sold goods. They followed the news. They invested. They entertained themselves. They even knew how to communicate in writing and by talking to each other. If you want to discuss an invention that really improved life, consider antibiotics, anesthetics for surgery, indoor plumbing (toilets), and refrigeration.


    Dear Editor: What is the biggest issue about having a smartphone? Why are filters not good enough? Do you think in 15 years smartphones will be commonly accepted among frum Jews? Srully J Editor’s Note: Even if you have a good filter it is still distracting. Smartphones also run out of battery and need to be charged in middle of the day. Dear Editor: Instead of the NYS Board of Education being busy with the Yeshiva curriculum it would be smarter if it would abolish the Common Core curriculum where people become as ignorant as possible. Enough is enough. Let’s respect the Yeshiva system that teaches our children to think and to be functional in society. Enough of picking on the private schools’ work and maybe get to work getting the public school kids up to par.

    Shmuel Y.

    Editor’s Note: Well said!


    Dear Editor: The NY Times is at it again. Trying to rewrite History. They are trying to make out America as a country founded on slavery. There are a few problems here. Number one, the US was one of the first countries to abolish slavery. Number two, all countries of the world had slaves so I really think it is unfair to attempt to rewrite History and make our country look bad. This is all liberal leftist garbage.

    Editor’s Note: It’s time for the truth to come out. The Democratic Party needs to be taken back to the regular moderates, not the progressive left. Let us all support moderate Democrats.


    Dear Editor: Is Deblasio planning to refund the city his salary for all the time that he did not work? He is a typical progressive ready to take our money in taxing the rich, but not to cough up his own money that he is earning for doing nothing. I wonder how long he would last in the private sector.

    Editor’s Note: Thank G-D there are term limits, otherwise we would be stuck with him for more terms. Look at his accomplishments: spending New Yorkers’ money on free things so that more people can stop working and look to live on free hand outs. Remember, the more you spend and the more you tax the rich, the less money you will get because the rich will move out and you will get everyone looking for free handouts. This is why Communism and Socialism do not work.